This Helmet Knows When It's Too Damaged To Protect Your Head

Helmets made with a liner material called expanded polystyrene will protect your head during a ski accident, but need to replaced after the first major impact. Helmet liners made from expanded polypropylene, though, can endure multiple impacts before needing a replacement. Using a series of sensors inside its liner, POC’s new Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS helmet can actually tell you when it’s time to buy a new one.

This Audi Ski Lodge Is Being Eaten By A Glitch From The Future

The Obergurg-Hochgurgl ski area, in the Austrian Alps, is full of lodges just like this: rustic, charmingly worn, oh-so-cozy, and — wait — colonised by a bizarre parasite that spews red and white triangles across its facade?

There's An Airbag Hidden Inside This Lightweight Ski Jersey

Dainese has been developing a wearable airbag system the company hopes will help save skiers from broken bones and injuries after a wipeout on the slopes. And somehow, it’s managed to fit all of the hardware into a jersey that doesn’t look like it adds much bulk or weight to a skier’s outfit. Because after all, safety gear doesn’t work if you don’t want to wear it.

This Split-View Mountain Lodge Is The Ultimate Ski Shack

Somewhere hiding on a hillside northwest of Oslo, there’s a magical little lodge. Well, at 130sqm, this house, designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, is actually a pretty decent-sized lodge. And, boy, is it pretty.

All Olympic Skiing Should Be Broadcasted Like This Awesome Clip

Someone sent me a link to this awesome GIF of an stabilised GoPro skiing clip in the mail. Now I’m just thinking that every single skiing event should be filmed and broadcasted like it, just like they should do ski jumping like this.

Subtle Snowy Camo Pattern Helps Skiers Hide Bumpy Moguls Runs

We’ve already seen (or haven’t) the nearly invisible waterproof zippers that Columbia introduced on its sportswear designed for various Olympians competing at Sochi. But the uniforms designed specifically for the US moguls ski team have another hard-to-spot feature that could give them a small advantage in competition.

The Most Unusual Sports In Winter Olympics History

Everybody gets the gist of the Winter Olympics. Skiing, hockey, figure skating, various sled races — we’re all familiar with the classics. But did you know that dogs once competed in the Winter Olympics? Have you heard of the sport that’s a cross between hockey and soccer? The Olympics used to be weird, man.

This Skiing Backpack Turns Parents Into Sled Dogs

Being a parent isn’t always a glamorous job — in fact, it rarely is. But you’ll do anything for your kids, including serving as a human sled dog when you’re out skiing and your spawn are too tired to forge through fresh powder, thanks to the Snowmule backpack.

Briefly: GM's Wind Tunnels Aren't Only Used To Test Car Aerodynamics

General Motors’ wind tunnels aren’t only used to test the aerodynamics of the carmaker’s latest vehicles. Here we see a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team working to improve his tuck position so he’s as streamlined as possible as he streaks down a mountain. [FastLane]

Watch A Skier Zoom Through A Forest Of Trees At Unreal Speeds

If skiing isn’t enough of a thrill for you, why not up the ante and zoom through a whole forest? And if that’s still not enough for you, why not make it even scarier by going at warp freaking speed? That’s what Candide Thovex and Aziz Benkrich did. The GoPro footage from their latest ski run is a thrill ride that scares you senseless.