Apple Just Acquired Patents That Could Put Siri In Charge Of U.S. Homes

While we were all focused on sensors that fit on our wrists, Apple was quietly winning 38 patents for a system of sensors as big as a house.

iOS 7.1 Is Here With More Australian Siri, Faster UI

iOS 7.1 is here! That means you’ve got a more Aussie-sounding Siri, faster animations and several UI tweaks. We made a little comparison between the two so you can hear the difference.

Here's What Microsoft's 'Cortana' Virtual Assistant Can Do

Microsoft is looking to hone and sharpen its search capabilities in its Windows 8.1 app, and out of a bid to improve the friendliness of its operating system, Cortana seems to have been born. Here’s what Microsoft’s new virtual assistant can do according to a new leak.

Microsoft's Cortana Could Combine The Best Parts Of Siri And Google Now

Microsoft is late to the game when it comes to putting a digital assistant on its phones, but the wait might be worth it. Sources close to the project have revealed some of the specifics of Microsoft’s upcoming “Cortana” service to The Verge, and it could be the very best of Siri and Google Now.

Siri To Sound More Naturally Australian In iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1 is on its way, with Beta 5 seeding to developers recently. Included in the update looks to be a tweak to Siri to make her sound more Australian.

Wow, Siri Does Not Like Being Asked About Spike Jonze's Her

Is Her a beautifully rendered near-future vision of what life will be like when we start falling in love with artificial intelligence? Not if you ask Siri. She doesn’t like Her one bit, and she’ll let you know that in no uncertain terms.

Her Review: Loneliness Never Looked So Beautiful (Or Futuristic)

On my way to the theatre, I asked Siri about Spike Jonze’s new movie Her, and she got confused. “What kind of businesses are you looking for?” Siri replied in her always off-kilter robotic murmur. I barked back some line about Siri being stupid. She cracked some stupid joke. And my phone went back into my pocket.

Watch 50 Siri And Google Now Voice Commands In Action

Not sure which virtual assistant/life-partner to entrust with your personal well-being? PhoneBuff newest videos should make that choice at a least a little easier, showing you 50 different commands using both Apple’s Siri (above) and Google’s Google Now (below).

Can Siri Answer Questions Asked By The Movies?

And here we thought we’d done every gimmick we could with Apple’s Siri personal assistant. Not so. This time, Siri is answering questions posed by movie characters for no reason whatsoever.

Has Jetstar Fallen Into The Uncanny Valley With Ask Jess?

In an age of virtual assistants running our phones, it makes sense that brands would plant a robot of its own into its website to help customers, but has Jetstar entered the uncanny valley with its new tool, Ask Jess?