Siri Gets Sassy If You Ask Her About Google Glass

Everybody knows that Siri gets silly from time to time and starts cracking jokes. Most of them are not funny (e.g. “Two iPhones walk into a bar… I forget the rest.”) But when Siri starts trash-talking Apple’s competitors, things start to get interesting.

Finally, An Apple iWatch Concept Built Around iOS 7

iOS 7 is finally on the cards for both iPhones and iPads, but all the iWatch mockups we’ve seen from talented designers have been trapped in the iOS 6 way of thinking. Gross textures abound. Until now. This ultra-fashionable iWatch concept runs iOS 7 and represents a the beautiful fiction we all hope to wear on our wrists one day.

Siri Actually Cares How Names Are Pronounced In iOS 7

In iOS 7, Siri’s voice is becoming less robotic and more human (we’ll have to wait and see if she’s more useful). One of those improvements will be how she pronounces names. Instead of butchering your name or choppily spelling out letters of your friends’ names, she’ll be able to be ‘taught’ what the correct pronunciation is.

Microsoft Is Using Siri Like A Hand Puppet Now

What better way to make a competitor’s product look ridiculous than to have it say stupid things, right? Microsoft has decided to use Siri as its own personal hand-puppet to advertise Windows RT tablets.

How Apple Is Taking Over Your Car

It’s no secret that late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was keen on bringing the company’s technology to the automotive world. In fact, according to longtime Apple board member Mickey Drexler, “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.” Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Shiller, echoed those sentiments during the company’s copyright infringement trial against Samsung, saying there had been discussion of Apple making a vehicle.

Apple Keeps Your Siri Data For Two Years

You thought that time you asked Siri about the weird mole on your toe was just between the two of you? Wrong. According to Wired, Apple hangs onto your Siri data for two years.

Retro Mac 512K Can Talk To Siri Too

Some hacks exist essentially just because they can. It’s not particularly practical or fast to use Siri to send files between a Mac 512K and an iMac. It’s kind of fun, though.

Holden To Add Full Siri Integration Into Barina CDX Hatchback

Stop the clock! Holden is about to cross the line in Australia with the first car in the country to include full Eyes-Free Siri compatibility, by sticking it into the already tech-laden Barina CDX hatchback.

Siri Becomes A Home Automation Master With The Help Of Raspberry Pi

With home automation being all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before Siri got her little, occasionally judgmental claws into the action. All it took was YouTube user Elvis Impersonator, a Raspberry Pi and enough trust in Siri’s goodness to believe she won’t devolve into a Hal 9000 wannabe.

Siri Was Going To Be A Droid Feature Until Apple Stole It Away

Way back in the mists of 2009, before Siri was even a twinkle in Apple’s eye, US carrier Verizon was planning to add the app to all of its Android smartphones. Sadly, that didn’t happen.