Cost Of Living In Sydney Is Now Higher Than Tokyo

Legendarily unaffordable Tokyo is no longer the priciest metropolis in the world — it has been supplanted by another, far more inaccessible city. Want to take a guess who it is? It’s not New York. It’s not San Francisco. The world’s most expensive city is…

This Building By Luxe Auto Designer Pininfarina Looks Like A Ferrari

Pininfarina: you may know it as the high-end Italian firm that designs fast, expensive cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Now, for the first time, its designers are branching out into residential design with a condominium in Singapore. And it looks like the cars they design.

Singapore: BASE Jumping Off The World's Most Insane Pool

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel is home to one of the most-photographed and internet-beloved swimming pools on the planet. It’s atop a massive tower and looks seamless, like a levitating mirror. So why not leap off off it?

Giant Sea Sponge And Possible Eames Inspiration Rediscovered

Doesn’t this amazing sea sponge look like an Eames moulded plastic chairs? We can’t say for sure it was the design duo’s inspiration, but we do know that until it was recently rediscovered, scientists thought “Neptune’s cup” was extinct.

One Of Sony’s New Xperias Has 'Wet-Finger Tracking'

Sony has two new smartphones out at the CommunicAsia event in Singapore. The Xperia Ray is your average Android handset. The Xperia Active, a phone designed for sportier types, features a little something for slippery fingertips.

Welcome To Singapore's Most Baffling Tourist Attraction

Remember the haunted-hayride depths of Daoist Hell? Well, that was a cakewalk compared to Singapore’s Haw Par Villa. At this unique bemusement park, you can tour the annals of Chinese mythology, such as the 10 Courts of Chinese Hell.

Security Checkpoint Of The Future Could Mean You'll Get Groped A Lot Less

After all the touching and feeling that went down this past fall, international airlines have bee hankering for a way to get back into passengers’ good graces. This checkpoint, along with eye scanners and souped-up passports, might be the ticket.

MyCube Offering A Cool Six Week Paid-Internship In Singapore

Okay, this generally isn’t my thing, sharing details for competitions that don’t directly involve Gizmodo. But this six week paid-internship in Singapore sounds like it could use the help of a knowledgable Gizmodo reader. Plus if you win, you can bring me back shiny stuff from Singapore.

Vodafone Cuts Roaming Rates To NZ And Singapore, Still Too Expensive

Vodafone are the most global Telco Australia has, yet their global roaming rates have historically been obscenely high, just like their competitors. Today they’ve made a small dent to those charges by introducing standard local call charges for customers calling Australia from Singapore or New Zealand.

How This Philips Viral Ad Led To A Gun-Toting Bear Hunt

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There’s nothing a marketing department loves more than a viral campaign. Millions of impressions! All that BUZZ! But what happens when authorities think your video of a bear just chilling on a street corner is real? Men with guns happen.