Dad Builds Kids A NASA Simulator That Would Make Chris Hadfield Jealous

Remember that fridge box you turned into a rocket ship as a kid, complete with crayon-drawn control panels and a fancy sparkle glue paint job? Yeah, that was an embarrassment to our nation compared to this NASA simulator that Jeff Highsmith designed and built for his sons.

Feel What It's Like To Drown With This Terrifying Simulator

Forget coffee. If you’re still in dire need of a little morning boost, we guarantee that nothing will be quite as effective as the adrenaline rush you’ll get from swimming for your life in this online drowning simulator. This is not for the faint of heart.

Amazing Arcade Flight Simulator Spins Players Completely Upside-Down

The arcades that dominated the 1980s and 1990s slowly died off as home video game consoles became more and more capable, but there are apparently still some good reasons to keep a pocket full of coins handy. Namely, this arcade simulator for a game called War Thunder that puts Afterburner to shame.

This Oculus Rift-Powered Light Cycle Sim Is The Ultimate Arcade Game

The Oculus Rift hasn’t even made it out of beta testing and it’s already changing the world for the better — at least for one dedicated developer. He’s integrated one into an incredible, full-scale Tron: Legacy light cycle replica. Strap on a headset and hop aboard, we’re going racing.

The Insane 1950s Flight Sim That Taught WWII Airmen To Refuel In Midair

Performing a midair fuel transfer between aircraft is among the most technically challenging maneuvers in aviation, especially when flying a prop-driven, WWII-era C-97 Stratotanker. That’s why neophyte pilots spent hours at the controls of this life-size simulator before they ever set foot in the real thing.

High-School Student Builds Surprisingly Capable Flight Simulator

Do you remember how you spent your high school years? Odds are you were more concerned with your social status than actually doing something useful with your life. Not Dominick Lee. Instead of parties and homecomings he designed, built and programmed an impressive low-budget flight simulator that’s going to all but guarantee him entry into any university engineering programming.

Hyper-Realistic Archery Sim Is The Safest Hunger Games Proxy

You don’t see a lot of first person shooter games that opt for a bow and arrow in lieu of a machine gun, but that’s probably because no one has created a bow interface as authentic as what Masasuke Yasumoto at the Tokyo University of Technology has developed.

Costco UK Will Happily Sell You This Awesome $115,000 F1 Simulator

What do you rely on your local Costco for? Gigantic boxes of nappies? Bulk packs of chicken fingers? In the UK, when you’re stocking up on bangers and mash, you can also go home with a full-size $115,000 Formula One simulator. Although, sadly, they’re not sold in bulk packs for bigger savings.

Grip Simulator Could Revolutionise The Feeling Of Weapons In Games

When it comes to making video games feel more realistic, Nintendo seems to be one of the industry’s leading innovators. First it introduced a vibrating rumble controller accessory for the N64, and then of course it made a buttload of money from the motion-controlled Wii. But a company called Tactical Haptics wants to steal Nintendo’s thunder with a grip-simulating motion controller that promises to accurately simulate how a sword or gun really feels in hand.

Dock Your AR Drone With The ISS And Teach A Spacecraft New Tricks

In an effort to improve autopilot systems aboard spacecraft, the European Space Agency has released a free iOS app that works with Parrot’s AR Drone and lets amateur pilots practise a simulated docking with the International Space Station.

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