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Run Simplenote As A Clean And Simple Stand-Alone Browser

Mac only: We like Simplenote for its simplicity, and the head honcho here considers it the Holy Grail of text capture. But not everyone loves the desktop options, or the website design. Split the difference with a single-site Fluid app for Simplenote and a deliciously cleaned-up style.

Simplenote For iPhone

There are apps you enjoy and there are apps you rely on. For many of us at Giz, Simplenote is the latter. Clean, quick, flawlessly synced notes, on any device you happen to be using.

Simplenote Adds Tags, Collaboration, Version History

Simplenote, the plain-text note-taking service that’s at the centre of my holy grail of plain-text capture, released a significant update today (to both their website and iOS app) with new features including tagging, version history, sharing and collaboration and more.

I Like Simplenote

Adam Pash reminded me of this notetaking app. It basically records text and syncs them across almost any platform you’d use. That’s it. But it does it flawlessly. And without a yellow background and annoying font.

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