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HTML5 In IE9 Isn't Going To Make Silverlight Go Away

At the Media briefing for IE9 yesterday morning, Microsoft tech evangelist Michael Kordahi admitted that the emphasis on HTML5 in Microsoft isn’t going to make Silverlight (or flash) go away any time soon…

Qtrax Free Music Download Service Offers Free, Unlimited Music Downloads (With A Catch)

Free legal music downloads. It’s the holy grail for both pirates looking to go legit and misers. Finally it seems to have arrived in the form of QTrax, a silverlight-based free music download service that – perhaps most surprising of all – is available to Australians. There is a pretty big catch though…

Hello Xbox 360 Apps? Silverlight's Coming To Xbox 360

Microsoft is looking for developers to work on Silverlight for the Xbox 360. Why does that matter? Because Silverlight is the same way apps are written for Windows Phone 7, and it runs on desktops too. Meaning: Apps.

Microsoft Menlo Is Actually A Prototype Mobile Phone OS

Microsoft’s Menlo prototype, previously believed to be a Windows tablet in the wake of Courier’s untimely demise, is actually a prototype mobile device, complete with 3-axis accelerometer and a digital pressure barometer. Yes, a barometer.

Download The New Firefox Beta That Doesn't Crash When Videos Do

Mozilla’s serving up a beta of Firefox Lorentz, a version of the browser that runs Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight videos as a separate processes. If plugin-caused crashes and stuttering YouTubes have you red in the face, Lorentz offers sweet relief.

Microsoft Turtle and Pure Dumbphones Run on Silverlight

With Windows Phone 7 out, everyone has forgotten about the other Microsoft handsets, the allegedly Sidekick-derived Turtle and Pure mobile phones. Someone got a peek into the firmware, which confirms some of the rumours about these “not-so-dumb” mobile phones.

Netflix Streaming Getting A 1080p Upgrade

Oh hey there, mixed messaging! As Netflix makes the case to Wii owners that they really aren’t missing anything by not streaming HD, word from CNET is that Netflix instant streaming is making the jump to 1080p, with 5.1 audio.

Rumour: Full Flash, Silverlight Coming To BlackBerry Browser

It’s pretty much a given that every major smartphone OS has Flash support in its sights, but BlackBerry and Adobe have been alarmingly mum on the subject. Today, Boy Genius, a certifiable BlackBerry nut, has news: It’s coming.

Microsoft Silverlight Now Supports GPU Video Acceleration

Download links are live for the latest version of Microsoft’s softly maligned not-Flash plugin, and they come bearing gifts. Ars breaks the new features down:

Netflix Lays Off 50 Tech Support Workers Because Microsoft Silverlight Is So Easy To Use

In today’s entry of “WTF Really?”, we have a Netflix spokesperson saying that they have to lay off 50 of their “technical specialists” because Silverlight, Microsoft’s Flash-esque video player tech, is so damn easy to use.

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