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The World's Biggest Auto Shredder Eats 450 Cars An Hour

In case all the missing copper didn’t tip you off, scrap metal is in exceptionally high demand these days. To help meet that demand, End-of-Life vehicles are broken down into their base materials for easier recycling by a car shredder so gigantic it isn’t measured in tons but rather acres.

Every Office Should Come Equipped With This Industrial Shredder

The men feeding SSI’s shredder had way too much fun making this video. Everything gets gobbled up – even, bizarrely, tampons and sanitary pads. All set to a totally bodacious ’80s soundtrack.

Takumi's Bridge Turns Any Bin Into A Shredder

You don’t have to chuck your $US500 Eames bin (into another bin?) when you purchase a new shredder, if it’s Takumi’s shredder bridge. Placed over any receptacle, the battery-powered shredder is perfect for small offices. [Takumi via DesignBoom]

Black & Decker iShred: Pretty, But Doesn't Do CDs

Finally, Black & Decker answers the question: What would Steve Jobs’ paper disposal system look like?

A Hamster Shredder Isn't As Grotesque As One Might Think

The “Hamster Shredder” is just a sculpture by artist Tom Ballhatchet, but I’ll hand it to him, a paper shredder attached to a rodent cage is actually a pretty practical idea.

Massive 900HP Shredder Consumes Gadgets in It's 7-Foot Jaws

Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the largest electronics recycler in the US, has unveiled a 900HP, 54 ton shredding system that can consume 9 tons of gadget waste per hour in its 7’x6′ foot jaws.

Paper Shredder Reinvented In Sculpture-Like Paper2Dust Concept

Paper shredders are usually simple and utilitarian-designed boring boxes, which may be why Bluelarix Designworks went to town on this reimagining of the machine. Paper2Dust is bizarrely sculptural, and works by having a “fast turning cord” spinning inside the top that literally rips the paper you slide into it into dust. The glass lid of the machine lets you see how pulped the paper’s getting—when you’re satisfied you simply release the power button, and the dustified paper slips down into the machine’s leg. There’s the usual safety features of course, but if it ever made it into a real product I think its selling power would be the therapeutic value of seeing hated paperwork being vaporised. [Yanko Design]

IBM Laptop Concept Features Built-In Scanner, Shredder

Whether you are a spy or a shady CEO, this laptop concept by Nicolas Lehotzky has features that will fit the bill. I’m not crazy about the giant protruding lock / finger scanner, and the USB slots hidden behind a lockable metal cap may be a bit of a nuisance—but I love the built in scanner and paper shredder to archive and / or eliminate incriminating evidence. I’m sure a product like be snatched up lightning quick by corporate America. [Coroflot via The Awesomer via Ubergizmo]

Spy Pen Writes with Invisible Ink, Illuminates with Ultraviol, Then Shreds Messages

Ever get caught passing a note in class? Instead of swallowing the evidence, you droogs can just shred that little piece of your personal life, and your privacy will be intact with this ultraviolet spy pen with a message shredder built in. Ultraviolet? Yes, the pen also writes messages with special ink that can only be read with an ultraviolet light, conveniently nestled within this useful $US9 instrument. [Spycatcher, via Oh Gizmo]

Recycling Paper Shredder Design Concept

This paper shredder design by Hong-Li Zhuo Roy may look like a regular shredder at first, but it’s actually supposed to be “Green”. We’re not sure how the innards are supposed to work, but it takes your crappy credit card applications and transforms them into Post-It Notes. Quite cool if they can actually pull it off, but until then we’ll just keep on feeding our shredded papers to our neighbor’s dog after we lace it with Rohypnol. [Yanko Design]

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