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Meet The Most Important Parachute In The Solar System

The Mars Curiosity Rover is now on the surface of Mars. During the seven minutes of terror that preceded touch down, all the stages had to work perfectly in sync, or the rover would have plunged into the surface. The first critical piece was the parachute.

The Most Spectacular Night View Of Earth Ever Captured By NASA

I’ve seen plenty of time lapse videos from the International Space Station. None of them were even near the stunning beauty of this one.

Solar Eclipse: Gorgeous Time Lapse Video

Cory Poole — science teacher at University Preparatory School in Redding, California, and Gizmodo reader — has composed this 60-second time lapse video made from 700 frames captured by a Coronado Solar Max 60 Double Stacked Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope. His words…

This Is How The US Navy Is Building Their New Nuclear Supercarrier Class

This is the Gerald R. Ford aircraft supercarrier. She will be the lead ship of the new class that will eventually replace the Nimitz-class supercarriers. She is also the first carrier to be entirely designed using three-dimensional modelling software.

Gizmodo Reader Gets Featured In The Simpsons

Back in February I featured Nick McKaig’s awesome work in Gizmodo. Nick used his amazing voice to create an a cappella version of The Simpsons. His video went viral and, finally, he got featured on the March 4 show:

Exclusive Video Of New Lord Of The Rings Lego

Lego had some really cool new stuff at their NYC Toy Fair booth. Of course, I jumped straight away to all the Lord of the Rings sets, which I was able to record quickly for your nerdgasmic pleasure.

'Most Amazing Earth Image' From The Other Side Still Crops Out Australia

NASA said that their Blue Marble 2012 was “the most amazing image of Earth ever.” Now they have released the other half, answering to popular demand.

Slow Motion Video Of Dogs In Cars Is Five Minutes Of Pure Happiness

I love dogs. I love dogs in cars. They are so happy, when they get their heads out of the window and enjoy the wind, the smells and the view. That’s why this video made me so happy this morning.

Every New York Time Lapse Fused Into One

This is beautiful, like an animated Monet painting of New York City.

The Best Portrait Of New York In Just One Minute

I never get tired of timelapses of New York City, but Rivers & Roads is particularly beautiful. It perfectly captures the arteries that carry the blood through this wonderful city in just one minute from just one point.

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