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A Singer Gets Caught In A Fight Between A Dictator And A Rebellion

Video: “Centopeia” is a weird — in the best way — little short about a famous singer who accidentally ends up become the voice and face of a revolution… and then in the hands of the dictator. Whoops.

This Animated Short About A Chameleon Shows The Perils Of Blending In

Video: A junior high or high school dance is hard enough without stress causing you to literally disappear. That’s the premise of “Invisible,” a short film by Michael Trikosko and Andrew Wilson.

What Happens When A Stuggling Novelist Is Hailed As A Literal Prophet

Video: Khyan Mansley’s “The Ministry” is a short film all about the saddest sack of a writer, Henry, who has only ever published one novel. Once he discovers a cult that reveres his work as the coded words of god, things get a little weird.

Even When Artists Fight They Can't Help Making Something Beautiful

Video: In a bar in 1910 France, a fight predictably breaks out between different artists. Of course, since this is an animated short, it’s an art fight. A beautiful, beautiful art fight.

A Short Film Explores The Romantic Comedy Side Of The Apocalypse

Video: There’s a lot in Heather Jacks’ “Let’s Not Panic” that we’ve seen before, but it’s been arranged in such a fun way that it does not matter.

You Can Finally Watch An Award-Winning Short About A Man Struggling With Cannibalism

Video: What, you haven’t seen a fuzzy, stop-motion animation story about a man’s struggle with cannibalism told backwards through time before?

What It Might Be Like To Get Fired On Mars

Video: Losing your job sucks. Losing your job when you live on the Red Planet could really, really suck. This short imagines what it might be like.

And Now, A Man On A Flamingo Fights Mystical Black Sludge With Plant Magic

Video: In addition to having an amazing premise, this short from Naleb is downright beautiful to look at. And at a minute long, “Vestiges” in no way wears out its welcome.

Captain Phasma Has More Lines In This LEGO Short Than She Does In The Force Awakens

Video: Poor Captain Phasma, the Boba Fett of The Force Awakens. But where the movie itself failed to live up to Phasma’s incredible hype, this new goofy short from LEGO at least gives her a bit more to do.

What If You Accidentally Started The Robot Uprising?

Video: This is the face of a man who has just realised he’s doomed the human race.

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