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Remember Marvel's "One-Shot" bonus shorts? They used to be included in the home release of Marvel movies, and gave us things like post-Avengers weirdness, the best of pre-Agents of SHIELD Coulson, as well as our first look at Agent Carter. Marvel stopped doing them, but it looks like they might be returning to the idea.


Video: In 2247, time travel will be invented. Its only restriction? You can only travel back in time three minutes. It becomes a new safety feature for space travellers called Timedrive. Every ship will be fitted with it as a safety requirement. That's the plot of a great new short film called Exit Log, and while it sounds good in theory, it's a terrible idea in practice.


Not every Oscar-worthy film is a mammoth, Speilbergian effort. Small stuff's good too, and what better showcase than the Oscar nominated animated shorts. You've probably heard of Paperman, and the animation tech behind it, but another one, Adam and Dog has popped up on YouTube and it's worth a watch.


When I want to get my wife something, my mind usually wanders through the usual suspects: flowers, chocolates, a nice night out, perhaps. This demonstrates my failure as a husband, because if I really loved her, I'd do what fellow Aussie Neil Harvey did: I'd spend three months going through NASA's archival footage to make her an incredible short film.


Travelling, moving to a new apartment, working from home. At certain points in my life, I've lived in Nike's Tempo Track Shorts. Simply put, they're some of the best gym wear out there.