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Install Shelves That Make Your House Look Windy

These shelves throw caution to the wind. They’ll blow you away. They’re a breeze. Can’t. Stop. Puns. Everywhere. Look, the point is that paper scattering in the wind is a great motif for shelves and these are super pretty. OK? Fine.

Corniche Shelves Are Slices Of Nature To Hang Your Stuff From

These Corniche Shelves are quite nice. They’re like little pieces of nature that you can slap on the wall.

Moveable Magnetic Shelving Is An Amazing Storage Solution

This magnetic storage concept by Benoit Bayol is half art, half practical furniture: neatly arranged on the wall it’s reminiscent of a Mondrian painting, but it also offers an incredibly versatile storage solution.

Mount This Flexible Felt Shelving System However You Want

Tired of IKEA’s instructions telling you exactly how you should assemble and mount your shelves? Fight back against the company’s illustrated tyranny with this felt “Organize” shelf that’s flexible in more ways than one.

This Stackable Angled Shelf Just Made Bookends Obsolete

It’s a sad day for the once thriving bookend industry. Already reeling from the fact that consumers are buying less and less printed books every year, suddenly this brilliant angled shelf comes along and does away with the need for bookends altogether.

Adorable Fire-Escape Shelving: For When Your Knick-Knacks Need A Smoke Break

No one ever wants to consider the possibility of a fire ripping through their home. But you always prepare for the worst, and with this Urban Shelf your tiny potted cactuses and various knick-knacks have a safe way to escape the flames.

Installing This Axe Shelf Looks Incredibly Easy And Dangerous

With a brilliant design incorporating two axes, Köln International School of Design students Yanik Balzer and Max Kuwertz have created a shelf that makes installation an absolute breeze. You just need to find an open space on your wall, wind up, and hope that at least one side of the axe heads makes contact with a stud.

Tiny Smartphone Shelf Holds Thousands Of Books, Photos, CDs And Movies

It might seem like a waste of time to install a shelf that’s barely six inches long. But damned if this magnetically enhanced Plank doesn’t seem like the perfect place to stash your smartphone and keys when you get home every night.

Always Be Gaming: A Stylish Donkey Kong-Inspired Shelving Unit For Your Home

If when you close your eyes each night in bed you see visions of pixelated arcade apes performing game-like quests, you can be sure you are a true gamer at heart. And now that we’ve cleared that up, you might as well embrace it, and indulge yourself with a little Donkey Kong-inspired interior decor.

The Infinitely Arrangeable Wall Shelf

An accordion, staircase, or paper fan — this shelf can be arranged in many different configurations to make it resemble anything you want it to. It’s so versatile, it becomes as much a decorative piece, as a functional one.

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