Here's Why Sharks Have Two Penises

Cartilaginous fishes, like sharks and rays, are blessed with something called “claspers”, dual sperm-releasing tubes jutting from their pelvic fins. Why two? Thanks to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications, we now know more about the sea creatures’ mysterious double dongs.

This Tiny Shark Has Only Been Seen Once Before

This very small (and adorable) shark is only the second of its kind ever discovered, and he’s showing scientists how much we still have to learn about life under the sea.

Video: Terrified Fish Hides As A Gang Of Sharks Hunt Right On Top Of It

This clip from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s 2012 film Planet Ocean shows a parrotfish pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book to get away from sharks: it hides right next to coral while staying impossibly still as the sharks just swim right by it, over it and next to it while completely missing it. It’s the silly scene that happens in movies happening in nature.

Basement Lion Is What Makes Los Angeles Great

Hollywood’s very own mountain lion is trapped in a basement right now. It’s a bizarre wildlife vs urbanisation conflict, but it’s also indicative of what makes this city so special: its nature.

You Can Customise The Level Of Gore Detail On This Jaws Shark Bust

It wasn’t until Star Wars stormed through theatres in 1977 that blockbuster movies came with toys and collectibles in tow. And since Jaws was released two years earlier, there has never really been a decent amount of shark-themed collectibles available for the film. At least until Shark City Ozark created this wonderfully detailed 1:6-scale Bruce bust. Peer deep into its jaws and you can almost see Quint down there.

Which Animals Are A Threat In The US And What You Can Do About Them

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Do you really need to worry about animal attacks outdoors? Let’s look at the data and determine what you can do to fight them off.

They Made Shark Teeth Into An Actual Saw Blade

It’s every swimmer, surfer, and slow fish’s greatest fear, but to understand just how deadly a shark’s bite can be, researchers at Cornell University wanted to study the cutting power of various sharks’ teeth. So they did what any mad scientist would: build a saw blade covered in shark’s teeth, attach it to a Sawzall, and hack their way through a hunk of salmon.

Monster Machines: Australian Electric Fence Could Safely Segregate Swimmers And Sharks

Shark netting strung up in coastal waters to protect swimmers from the ocean’s apex predators has not worked nearly as well as we had hoped. But where these knotted nylon lines have failed, one Australian company hopes an electric field will succeed.

Video: Rare White Shark On White Shark Attack In Australian Waters

Video: The huge fish always eats the less huge fish: Witness the attack of a white shark against a younger one recorded on Neptune Island, 80km off the coast of Australia. Perhaps it was a mistake — the big one seemed headed to the bait when the small one crossed its path closer — but the final result is just the same.

Giant Goliath Fish Swallows A Shark Whole In Just One Bite

Sometimes the shark plays the role of David. Especially when it goes up against the giant Goliath Grouper who looks more like a swimming Godzilla than a fish. And in real life, David the shark doesn’t have a shot against the Goliath fish because the ginormous creature can swallow the 1.2m shark whole in one bite.