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Holy Crap, This Is A Lot Of Freaking Sharks

Video: Smithsonian Channel’s Secrets of Shark Island is a wonderful documentary about the ecosystem in the waters around the Revillagigedo Islands, a group of four volcanic islands 386km off of Mexico. Because it’s “the only natural juncture for miles” in the Pacific Ocean, there’s a lot going on around there. Most scarily, a shit ton of migrating sharks. My God, just look at all them.

Drone Catches Incredible 70-Shark Feeding Frenzy

Video: This footage, captured above the appropriately named Shark Bay in Western Australia, shows what happens when 70 sharks come across a whale. It involves rather a lot of blood.

Jason Statham Versus A Giant Shark Sounds Like A Great Time At The Movies

Forget that movie where Blake Lively hides from a shark on a rock. Give us, instead, Jason Bloody Statham going up against a bloodthirsty, 18m-long Megalodon that’s somehow been chilling in the Mariana Trench for millions and millions of years. We’re gonna need a bigger boat… full of popcorn.

A Great White Shark Menaces A Terrified Blake Lively In The Shallows Trailer

Video: In The Shallows, a great white that has no business being so close to shore menaces an extremely unlucky surfer (Blake Lively) who’s been stranded on a rock tantalisingly close to the (deserted) beach.

Australian Lifeguards Are Getting A $250,000 Drone To Spot Sharks

Drones are slowly but surely becoming part of the equation for emergency services for jobs like search-and-rescue or avalanche prevention. Australia’s taking things a step further, thanks to the introduction of a long-range helicopter drone to help with a very Australian problem.

Big Shark Eats Little Shark In Aquarium

Video: It doesn’t get any badder than the savagery that is a big sand tiger shark eating a little banded hound shark even though they’re both being properly fed because they were both inside an aquarium in South Korea. There’s food and yet cannibalism.

Researchers Want To 'Build' Their Own 3D Shark With Beastcam

The giant blue crab that is swooping down on that gecko is known to the people of the University of Massachusetts as Beastcam. It can scan a car in 45 seconds flat. Hopefully it can scan a live shark in less.

Check Out The Newly-Described 'Ninja Lanternshark'

It’s scientific name is Etmopterus benchleyi, but when it’s all-black, lurks in the depths of the ocean, and has the ability to glow, why limit yourself? Researchers call this guy the “ninja lanternshark”. Learn all about it.

Cookie-Cutter Sharks Have Been Known To Attack Submarines

Cookie-cutter sharks were once known as cigar sharks, because nobody yet knew just how they ate. Once a biologist discovered their secret, it explained the mysterious deep holes made in the equipment of nuclear submarines.

Sharks Can Sense Electricity, And That Might Save Them From Extinction

Anyone who has ever gone fishing knows that you don’t always catch what you’re trying to catch. In industrial fishing, that problem is called “bycatch,” and it can have grave consequences.

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