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Great White Shark Breaks Into Diver's Shark Cage, Terror Ensues

Harrowing new video shows a large great white shark lunging for a chunk of tuna — and then wriggling its way inside a shark-proof cage with a diver inside. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the video is as horrifying as it sounds.

A 400-Year-Old Shark May Hold The Cure To Ageing

If you’re counting on technology to radically extend your lifespan, you’ll want to pay close attention to what’s happening with the Greenland shark. According to a new scientific paper, this mysterious deep-sea dweller can live up to 400 years, making it the longest-lived vertebrate on Earth.

Dang, Look At This Huge Whale Shark

Video: To be fair, whale sharks don’t come in any size other than “huge”. That’s kind of their thing, being that they’re the largest fish species on Earth. How huge are they? How does approximately 12m long and 20,400kg strike you?

What Kind Of Scary Creatures Are Hiding Deep In The Ocean?

Video: The deep sea is home to creatures that are sort of normal but then have some sick twist that make them monstrous and so creepy you want to peel your skin off. A squid can’t be just a squid, it has to be a giant squid the size of a school bus. A shark can’t just be a shark, it has to be a goblin shark with a jaw that protrudes out of their face. A giant isopod looks like the world’s largest cockroach and zombie worms are freaking called zombie worms. Life is scary down there, man.

This Is What A Sonogram Of A Pregnant Shark Looks Like

You’re looking at the first-ever sonogram of a pregnant tiger shark. The baby sharks inside the mother shark’s belly have been highlighted in the footage below so you can see them more easily. But even without the added outline and colour, you can very clearly see the sharks’ heads and their very frightening rows of teeth. Amazing.

Holy Crap, This Is A Lot Of Freaking Sharks

Video: Smithsonian Channel’s Secrets of Shark Island is a wonderful documentary about the ecosystem in the waters around the Revillagigedo Islands, a group of four volcanic islands 386km off of Mexico. Because it’s “the only natural juncture for miles” in the Pacific Ocean, there’s a lot going on around there. Most scarily, a shit ton of migrating sharks. My God, just look at all them.

Drone Catches Incredible 70-Shark Feeding Frenzy

Video: This footage, captured above the appropriately named Shark Bay in Western Australia, shows what happens when 70 sharks come across a whale. It involves rather a lot of blood.

Jason Statham Versus A Giant Shark Sounds Like A Great Time At The Movies

Forget that movie where Blake Lively hides from a shark on a rock. Give us, instead, Jason Bloody Statham going up against a bloodthirsty, 18m-long Megalodon that’s somehow been chilling in the Mariana Trench for millions and millions of years. We’re gonna need a bigger boat… full of popcorn.

A Great White Shark Menaces A Terrified Blake Lively In The Shallows Trailer

Video: In The Shallows, a great white that has no business being so close to shore menaces an extremely unlucky surfer (Blake Lively) who’s been stranded on a rock tantalisingly close to the (deserted) beach.

Australian Lifeguards Are Getting A $250,000 Drone To Spot Sharks

Drones are slowly but surely becoming part of the equation for emergency services for jobs like search-and-rescue or avalanche prevention. Australia’s taking things a step further, thanks to the introduction of a long-range helicopter drone to help with a very Australian problem.

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