Giant Goliath Fish Swallows A Shark Whole In Just One Bite

Sometimes the shark plays the role of David. Especially when it goes up against the giant Goliath Grouper who looks more like a swimming Godzilla than a fish. And in real life, David the shark doesn’t have a shot against the Goliath fish because the ginormous creature can swallow the 1.2m shark whole in one bite.

Confused Sharks Keep Trying To Eat Google's Undersea Data Cables

Laying fibre optic cables down on the ocean floor is a massive undertaking in its own right. But now, Google actually has to go back and reinforce some of its thousands of kilometres of undersea cable — because hungry sharks keep mistaking the world’s data lines for lunch.

Sharknado 2 Is On Foxtel Right Now

It’s happening. Sharknado 2: The Second One is airing on Foxtel right now, as part of the subscription TV network’s promise of bringing the cult hit sequel to Australia within minutes of the US.

Enjoy A Great White Russian With This Shark Tumbler And Shot Glass

The perfect cordial to down along with your Sharknado 2 viewing is up to you — the Bloody Mary, the Fin & Tonic or the Screwed-diver are all great choices. But the perfect glass is without a doubt this detailed tumbler featuring a great white ready to strike.

Sonar Buoys Help Spot And Recognise Sharks Before It's Too Late

Believe it or not, even with films like Jaws in existence, some people are still willing to swim in shark-infested waters. Spotters and underwater nets help provide some level of safety, but these new sonar-equipped intelligent buoys being developed could finally make it safe — or at least safer — to go back in the water.

Mystery Solved: This Is The Monster That Ate That Great White Shark

It wasn’t the Kraken. It wasn’t Godzilla. And it wasn’t even a rabid killer whale. The mysterious animal that had killed and eaten the 2.7m great white shark and had stumped scientists turned out to be a super predator feared by even apex predators like the great white shark. So what was it?

Aussie Scientists: A Mysterious Animal Ate An Entire Great White Shark

Scientists in Australia tagged a healthy 2.7m great white shark as part of program to track these animals. Four months later they found the tracking device washed up on a beach. Something – something really big — had eaten this apex predator. But what creature could dine on such ferocious prey?

This Shark Likes To Be Pet Like A Dog

Meet man’s best friend of the ocean, the shark. Wait, what? It sure seems like that in this video. Watch as this adorable (?) Caribbean reef shark waddles its way over to the scuba diver as if it’s asking her to pet it. And, when she’s done petting, the shark wants more!

This Is The Closest We've Ever Come To Recreating Shark Skin

Shark skin is famously sleek and dragless, the envy of swimsuit designers. Perhaps less famous is what shark skin’s oddly rough surface looks like up close: an eerie matrix of microscopic tooth-like scales. Now, scientists are 3D-printing artificial shark skin in hopes of unlocking its swimming secrets.

Diver Fends Off Great White Shark In Frightening Encounter

Video: Not what you want to see, even when you have a spear gun to hand — this diver was taking a dip off Florida earlier this month when he saw a great white shark materialise then disappear into the cloudy waters. Cue some tense moments as the shark circles, getting closer, until finally being fended off.

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