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Big Shark Eats Little Shark In Aquarium

Video: It doesn’t get any badder than the savagery that is a big sand tiger shark eating a little banded hound shark even though they’re both being properly fed because they were both inside an aquarium in South Korea. There’s food and yet cannibalism.

Researchers Want To 'Build' Their Own 3D Shark With Beastcam

The giant blue crab that is swooping down on that gecko is known to the people of the University of Massachusetts as Beastcam. It can scan a car in 45 seconds flat. Hopefully it can scan a live shark in less.

Check Out The Newly-Described 'Ninja Lanternshark'

It’s scientific name is Etmopterus benchleyi, but when it’s all-black, lurks in the depths of the ocean, and has the ability to glow, why limit yourself? Researchers call this guy the “ninja lanternshark”. Learn all about it.

Cookie-Cutter Sharks Have Been Known To Attack Submarines

Cookie-cutter sharks were once known as cigar sharks, because nobody yet knew just how they ate. Once a biologist discovered their secret, it explained the mysterious deep holes made in the equipment of nuclear submarines.

Sharks Can Sense Electricity, And That Might Save Them From Extinction

Anyone who has ever gone fishing knows that you don’t always catch what you’re trying to catch. In industrial fishing, that problem is called “bycatch,” and it can have grave consequences.

The Biggest Shark Ever Filmed Is Basically The Size Of A Blimp

Hey look, it’s Jaws in real life. Which should scare the bones out of land dwelling ol’ me but the sheer size of this giant monster great white shark is so ridiculously huge (I mean, it’s more blimp than shark), that I can’t help but laugh. Look at it dwarf the entire cage and treat that daredevil of a scuba diver as some peon fish not even worth eating.

Video: Aussie Surfing Champ Mick Fanning Attacked By Shark

This is terrifying. Chilling, even. Aussie-born surfing world champ was attacked by a shark at the Jeffreys Bay (J-Bay) Open, and the video is too real.

A Beached Great White Shark Is Still Scary As Hell

Even when we have home field advantage, a beached shark is still not something you want to see on a relaxing trip to the playa. Because, for one, the shark baring its teeth and whipping its tail is still scary as hell even though it shouldn’t be able to reach you. But, more importantly, because we’re humans with hearts and some semblance of a soul, we would want to rescue the shark which means we have to bring it to their territory — back to the ocean.

Terrifying Great White Shark Attacking A Cage Is Like Real-Life Jaws

Oh. My. Holy. Bananas. This shark attack video from Hillary Rae shows a 3.5m shark biting and gnawing and trying to rip open an underwater cage with such fury and abandon and ferocity that it looks like the killer beast might actually break through. You get an up-close view of the razor sharp teeth and feel the enormity of the monster.

Here's What's Going On Inside A Mermaid's Purse

Reef-dwelling catsharks wrap their fertilised eggs in leathery box-shaped cases commonly called “mermaid’s purses”. The tough, collagenous wall of the purse protects the developing young until it’s ready to hatch — anywhere from a month to a year after it’s laid, depending on its species.

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