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A Great White Shark Got Caught Napping On Camera For The First Time Ever

Video: Do you know what a sleeping great white shark looks like? It’s never been seen before. Until now. A robotic submersible captured the first-ever footage of a great white taking a nap, and you can see it innocently catch some zzzs with its mouth hanging wide open. It looks maybe seven per cent less frightening than a great white that’s awake.

Watch A Hammerhead Shark Swim In The Ocean From The Shark's Perspective

The coolest thing about being a shark is that you can swim around all you want in the ocean and you don’t have to be afraid of, well, sharks. That’s only semi-true, but look at this hammerhead shark moseying about on the ocean floor and it passes by all its shark friends without a worry in the world. No one messes with it.

Big Shark Steals A Fish Right Off Fishermen's Line In Australia

Video: This man was fishing in Australia when he lured a massive fish in. Suddenly, a much bigger fish — a hungry white shark — emerged from the water to steal his catch right off the line. Far from being scared, the fisherman seems to be enjoying the scene — if it was me I would have to ask for a clean pair of pants.

Insane Close-Up Photo Of A White Shark Will Give Me Nightmares Forever

National Geographic is reporting on this amazing photo of a shark taken in Mossel Bay, South Africa, by 26-year-old art teacher, amateur diver, and photographer Amanda Brewer while working at eco-tourism company White Shark Africa.

Great White Shark Attack Captured From Every Possible Angle

Video: Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute recorded this video of great white sharks fiercely attacking their SharkCam, an autonomous underwater vehicle with several cameras inside pointing at different directions. It shows how they attack their prey in Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico.

Your Eyes Are Really Seeing This

Vote in the comments: Who do you think wins this fight, lightsaber-wielding Batman or giant angry shark? Pick your answer carefully; there are more variables than you think.

Picture: ©2010 Andrew Zubko,[Nerdcore via io9]

Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall, 15 People Injured

Remember that fake image of a flooded shopping mall with sharks swimming everywhere? Well, this one is not a fake. It happened for real in China, where a 33-tonne shark tank shattered into a thousand pieces in a shopping centre in Shanghai. There are several injured people, but nobody’s dead.

It's A Shark-Eat-Shark World

In the ocean, you’d figure that you’re either a shark, or something that’s fodder for a shark to eat, right? It turns out that not even sharks are safe from sharks.

Giz Tests A Remote-Controlled Flying Shark [Video]

Ah, sharks. Those natural predators of the air, known for their nesting habits, not to mention their habit of swooping through the air to attack their sky-based prey. OK, that doesn’t sound much like a shark. But what about a flying shark?

Yes, That's A Goddamn Flying Shark

It may not be a motherf*cking invisible shark but it’s a motherf*cking flying shark, remote controlled. I can’t wait for the summer to be back, to fly it low over Coney Island Beach.

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