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Reasonably-Priced Bluetooth Buds That Don't Make You Look Like A Doofus

With its new Shadow Wireless headphones, reasonably-priced audio purveyor Sol Republic is tackling a problem no one else has gotten right yet: a compact, portable Bluetooth headphone that sounds good.

Watching Kids Discovering Their Own Shadow Is Surprisingly Fun

Do you remember the first time you saw your own shadow? I don’t. But apparently it’s a pretty shocking experience. I don’t blame these kids. If you really think about it, shadows are damn freaky.

Gorgeous Shadow Art Emerges From These Mundane Metal Boxes

With the lights off, Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli’s work looks like pretty but unspectacular — just metal boxes and scraps. But with the flip of a switch, a whole new world of light emerges. His sculptures are cut with a mathematical precision so that light spills out in beautiful, unexpected forms.

Aussie Team Captures Shadow Of A Single Atom

This isn’t a wallpaper design from the seventies, or a close-up picture of the sun. Though it might look a little garish in orange, what you’re actually looking at is the first ever recorded image of an atom’s shadow.

Motorola's Droid X (Xtreme) And Droid 2 (Shadow) To Drop July/August

Recent rumours are suggesting the Droid X will go on sale in July, with the Droid 2 Shadow the month after in August. Both Android phones will be exclusive to Verizon, and will run on 45nm Texas Instruments’ OMAP processors, at 1GHz. This should more than place them in-line with the wealth of Snapdragon-running phones. [Droid-Life via AndroidAndMe]

Motorola Droid Xtreme To Be Called Droid X?

These impending Motorola Android phones are getting rather tricky, aren’t they? So far we know the Droid 2 Shadow will be the successor to last year’s Droid, with a slide-out keyboard. The Droid Xtreme is the keyboardless phone which was found in a Verizon gym the other week, but is said (thanks to some spy-shots of Verizon’s marketing system) to be called the Droid X.

Motorola Droid Shadow And Xtreme Show Up On Verizon's System

More news from camp Verizon, concerning the upcoming Motorola Droid phones. The Droid 2 Xtreme and Shadow have appeared on Verizon’s inventory, according to photos sent in to Droid-Life, suggesting release is imminent.

Motorola Droid Shadow Found In Gym

The story goes that this phone was left in a corporate Verizon gym in Washington, but before it was remotely locked the finder saw a text message confirming it was “unreleased”. What is it? Why, the Motorola Droid Shadow.

Is This The Motorola Droid Shadow?

A user at HowardForums posted this shot of the set-up guide for a new, unidentified Motorola Droid in a Motorola Shadow pre-release thread. Is this our first look at the upcoming Motorola Droid Shadow?

Rumour: 8MP Motorola Shadow To Be Droid2

Those in the know have been tapping their noses wisely, whispering that the Shadow will be the successor to the Droid – the Droid2, if you will. Latest speculation includes the addition of an 8MP camera with 720p video capture.

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