A Microscopic Lens-Free Image Sensor Could Turn Anything Into A Camera

This tiny piece of glass may not look like much, but in fact its surface is cleverly etched to capture light, and it contains a small chip to process the incident light. Yep, it’s a tiny camera that could provide any object — however small — with the means of capturing images.

Apple Just Acquired Patents That Could Put Siri In Charge Of U.S. Homes

While we were all focused on sensors that fit on our wrists, Apple was quietly winning 38 patents for a system of sensors as big as a house.

14 Design Trends For 2014

Just as we did a year ago, I’m kicking off 2014 with a list of design trends I expect to gain ground over the next 12 months. The world of interactive design is an extreme fluid in terms of what’s determined as a staple of good design from year to year.

These New Sensors Will Turn Passenger Jets Into Flying Weathervanes

Despite our best efforts, accurately predicting the weather remains about as easy as accurately predicting the next winning Powerball numbers. But with the installation of a new type of humidity sensor, the fleets of commercial passenger jets that inhabit our skies could soon provide meteorologists an unprecedented look at the sky — in real-time.

A Hockey Stick Sensor Shows How Far You Are From Gretzkydom

When it comes to sports, they say it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, just how you play the game. And if hockey’s your thing, with the FWD Powershot sensor on the end of your stick you’ll know for sure if you played the game better than everyone else out there on the ice.

Monster Machines: MIT's 'Kinect Of The Future' Can Track You Through Walls

The ability to passively track people within a given space is every retailer’s dream (and every conspiracy theorist’s nightmare). Those dreams recently took a step closer to reality with the debut of a new people-tracking system from MIT.

Ford Kuga Australian Review: The Soccer Mum Car Dads Will Love

If you’ve got school-age kids, you know the worst thing about taking them to the land of learning is the veritable brigade of soft-roaders clogging the street. They all seem horrible and unnecessary, but the Ford Kuga is the first one you’ll actually want to buy.

Brave New Interface: A Fleet Of Dust-Sized Sensors Embedded In Your Brain

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a tiny micro-bot designed to be injected into a patient’s eye and controlled via magnet — a speck-sized eye surgeon. This week, a group of Berkeley researchers published a study positing a similar concept, except the ‘bots are inside your brain. And they’re the size of dust particles. It’s called neural dust. Of course.

Tiny Sticker-Like Sensors Will Let You Gauge Anything, Anywhere

Environmental sensors keep an eye on potentially dangerous industrial environments by monitoring CO2, temperature, dust levels or electromagnetic field. Smaller, cheaper and easier to install sensors allow more complete coverage, giving technicians a better sense of what’s going on.

New Graphene Camera Sensors Are 1000 Times More Sensitive To Light

Not content to just turn paint into a power source, revolutionise headphones, suck pollution out of oceans, bestow us with hyper-fast upload times and pretty much anything else you can dream up, graphene is at it once again. The supermaterial that keeps on giving is opening the door to better low-light photos in the form of an image sensor that can catch light 1000 times better than traditional sensors. Oh, and it uses 10 times less energy too.