SMS BioSport Review: Earbuds That Read Your Heartbeat

Sensors are everywhere — in our phones, watches, and shoes. And now our earphones, too. The SMS BioSport heart rate-sensing earbuds aim to be the audio companion of choice for all you marathon runners, mountain bikers, and other hardcore athlete types who need to know your beats per minute on a daily basis.

Why Is A Cheap Colour Sensor Such A Big Deal?

We expect our devices to know what’s going on. Automatic doors, smartphones, temperature control systems and beyond all perform actions when they detect certain conditions. And it seems like it would just be convenient to put cameras on everything so devices could have eyes on all different situations. It would also be creepy, but we’ll leave that aside for now.

Australian Airports Getting High Tech Parking (But Will It Work?)

The Australian reports on the installation of what they’re calling high-tech sensors at Canberra and Brisbane airports that’ll allow the same kinds of parking automation you find in the average shopping centre. If it’s anything like my local shopping centre, expect chaos.

Nanogenerators Could Power A Bluetooth Headset With Your Pulse

Scientists have developed the first self-powered nanogenerators that scavenge energy from their surroundings. They could someday replace conventional batteries in small electronics.

The Air Force Wants You To Build A Sensor System For Desert Squirrels

Mohave ground squirrels and other desert animals are such a problem that the US Air Force wants someone to build an acoustic sensor system to track these elusive creatures.

Canon's Ungodlynormous Image Sensor Sees Undies In The Dark

A full-frame image sensor, like in the 5D Mark II or Nikon D3s, is the equivalent of 35mm. This image sensor is 300mm. This is how well it can see in the dark:

Winter Weather May Trigger Your iPhone's Moisture Indicator

Your iPhone’s specs explain that it should survive through temperatures from -20 to 45 C just fine. Good news? That appears to be true. Bad news? Cold temperatures may cause your iPhone’s moisture indicator to imply liquid damage.

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