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Queensland Cops Abandon Their Segways

You’re not about to catch any Queensland Police officers riding dirty on their Segways any time soon: the state’s Police Service has suspended the use of Segways.

Celebrate TRON's 30th Anniversary With The Best In TRON-Inspired Tech

TRON was released to over 1000 screens in the US on this day 30 years ago. Now on TRON‘s 30th birthday and with a successful sequel under its belt, it’s time to take a look at some of the best real world creations the TRON franchise has inspired over three decades.

Segways Are Now Legal In Canberra

Good news, nerds! Now you can ride your Segway legally in Canberra without falling foul of the fuzz.

Is This Really A 'Million Dollar Segway'?

Yesterday, you may have seen Giz catch Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee on a tricked out gold-rimmed Segway. Ridiculous as that was, we’ve now got video — and if you listen carefully, you can hear his assistant remarking that’s a “million dollar Segway”. Here’s hoping that’s hyperbole – not literal fact. We’ll let you decide.

Video: Cricket Cameraman's Epic Segway Crash

Here’s some cricket coverage even Giz can get behind (well, in a schadenfreude sort of way). As Australia came back from lunch to bowl against India today, this Channel 9 cameraman hit a helmet and stacked his Segway on live TV. So…apparently you can fall off a Segway, and who knew they had them at the cricket?

What Kind of Home Would Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Live In?

One without a whole bunch of ramps, surprisingly. The interior has living spaces and working spaces, housing both a lab and a crazy wooden maze of banisters and staircases.

Light Saber Jousting With Segways

Vice TV, going where no other news outlets dare: This time, it’s Segway instruction from an NYC weirdo named Itsy, then stage combat light saber lessons with the NYC Jedi Academy in Brooklyn. Then, fight!

Reader Email: Why We Should Stop Picking on Segway

Dean Kamen is brilliant, but I’ve always felt Segways were kinda for lazy people. Well, I did think that, until I got this email from Allen, a segway using reader with a disability. Doh!

Segway Shirt Clarifies Just How You 'Roll'

In case your obnoxious Segway weren’t clarification enough, this Segway shirt reading “that’s how I roll” should set things straight. Donning Dean Kamen’s matching denim pants/denim shirt combo also works. [ExBoyfriend via ShinyShiny]

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