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$195 Million Budgeted For Australia's Cyber Security Strategy

“This initiative is not just about keeping Australia safe,” Scott Morrisson said of the Federal Government’s cyber security strategy in his budget speech this evening. “It is an important part of our economic plan for jobs and growth.”

$195 million has been set aside, building on the $38 million announced in the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Samsung's Smart Home Platform Is Full Of Security Holes

The “smart home” is a Jetsonian future concept in which all our domestic needs are automated. As it stands today, however, smart devices are buggy and often very easy to hack. The latest scary example of a security failure comes from a team of researchers at the University of Michigan who managed to hack one of the most popular smart home ecosystems in the world.

Report: The FBI Will Be Able To Use The San Bernardino Hack Again

Ever since the FBI opted for plan B and resorted to using the services of some third party to gain access to the San Bernardino iPhone, speculation has been rife about whether the hack could be used again. A new report suggests it can — but only on the same model of phone.

Creeps Are Using A Neural Network To Dox Porn Actresses

Earlier this April, a Russian photographer named Egor Tsvetkov used photos and an app called FindFace, a neural network that can link photos with social media profiles using facial recognition, to show how much information we wilfully give up online. Unfortunately the nightmare he was trying to warn against swiftly came true.

Hackers Who Got Caught By A Typo Were Trying To Take Over The World

The hackers behind a large-scale Bangladesh bank hack went further than simply stealing money. Now it turns out that they created malware that could compromise the internationally used SWIFT payment system.

Australia Will Spend $230m On Offensive Cyber Security

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to announce the government’s long awaited cyber security strategy today — a brand new four year program to boost Australia’s defence against online attacks.

A reported $230 million will be spent on the initiative, which will employ 100 new IT experts to liaise between government and business.

MIT's AI Can Predict 85 Per Cent Of Cyberattacks

Knowing a cyberattack’s going to occur before it actually happens is very useful — but it’s tricky to achieve in practice. Now MIT has built an artificial intelligence system that can predict attacks 85 per cent of the time.

This Hacker's Account Of How He Infiltrated Hacking Team Says A Lot About Digital Security

You may remember that last year, a hacker exposed the inner workings of Hacking Team, a company that makes spyware for governments. Now that the dust has settled down, someone claiming to be the hacker has posted all the details on how he did it.

Canada's Mounties Hold The Keys To Blackberry's Encryption

Blackberry — the financially floundering smartphone maker that prides itself on end-to-end encryption — may have finally met its match in the form of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Motherboard reports that the RCMP, as part of a criminal investigation, was able to intercept and decrypt more than a million Blackberry messages over the course of two years.

Microsoft Sues DOJ Over 'Unconstitutional' Secret Data Searches 

You might never know if police or FBI agents are reading your emails or files stored in the cloud, because the US DOJ frequently issues indefinite gag orders that block companies from telling you. Microsoft argues that this secrecy is unconstitutional — and now it’s suing the US government to stop it.

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