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Kickass Torrents Clones Are Going To Keep Appearing, Aren't They?

Yes, yes they will. If you absolutely have to get movies and books for free, make sure you’re doing it responsibly. I’ve received multiple emails since the alleged owner of Kickass Torrents (KAT) was arrested on Wednesday concerning new clones of the popular piracy website.

Police Want To 3D Print A Dead Man's Fingers To Unlock His Phone

Asking Apple to help break into an iPhone is so three months ago. Police have a new, and higher-tech idea: 3D print the fingers of a dead man and use those fingerprints to unlock the phone instead.

How To Check If Someone Else Is Using Your Social Media Accounts

If you’ve got a suspicion someone else has gained access to your social media accounts, it’s not difficult to check — and it could mean you’re able to apply a password change before any real damage happens. In fact, it’s worth checking these options regularly just to be sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are completely yours.

Pokemon GO Servers Reportedly Attacked Because It Was Bound To Happen

If you had trouble logging into Pokemon GO on Saturday, you might’ve blamed it on server issues that have been common since the game’s launch. However, a hacking collective is claiming responsibility for this particular slowdown, saying that it brought the servers down with a DDoS attack.

Phone Antivirus Software Is, At Best, False Security

One of the surprisingly common questions I’m asked in my day job is “do I need to buy antivirus software for my phone or tablet?” The short answer is no — anti-virus software for sale in the Google Play store or the App Store are at best pointless, at worst, outright scams. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t take steps to protect the very personal information on your phone.

US Federal Judge Won't Accept Incredibly Invasive Mobile Phone Tracking

For the first time, a US federal judge has thrown out evidence obtained by the warrantless use of a Stringray to track a mobile phone. This is a huge win for privacy.

Can Pokémon GO Really Read All Your Emails?

There’s no question that Pokémon GO has taken over the world in just a few short days. The app now has more users than Tinder, and single-handedly increased Nintendo’s market cap by $US7.5 billion ($10 billion) over the weekend.

VPN Pulls Out Of Russia Due To New Data Retention Laws

The Russian Government has passed a new law that mandates that every provider must log all Russian internet traffic for up to a year, and as a result VPN provider Private Internet Access (PIA) has immediately discontinued its Russian gateways and will no longer be doing business in the region.

Did You Install This Malicious Pokémon Go App?

But is it the real deal? (Image: AP)

People all over have been trying to enjoy the new Pokémon Go app, which released last week to so much fanfare that it’s experiencing massive server overload. The hype was so real that people were passing around APK files so that people outside the countries where it’s available could side-load it on Android, something I saw in my own friend groups.

Facebook Blew It On Messenger Encryption

Facebook says it’s going to implement end-to-end encryption into its extremely popular Messenger app. Unfortunately, the company is going about it all wrong. The encryption will be require that users opt-in to use the security measure, which bows to the the FBI’s wishes, and flies in the face of what experts consider best practices.

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