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Google Swears Android Auto Isn't Spying On You (That Much)

The era of car computers is upon us, and it’s a little scary from a privacy perspective. Look no further than the recent controversy of how much data Google is collecting about drivers using Android Auto. We know this much: Google is probably collecting more data than you realise.

4.6 Million People Hacked In Data Theft From Retail Brokerage Firm Scottrade 

St. Louis-based retail brokerage firm Scottrade has been hacked. The social security numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and other sensitive information of at least 4.6 million customers has been stolen.

Hackers Dump Entire Database Of Artist Crowdfunding Website Patreon Online

It’s been a bad day for online security. Patreon, a crowdfunding website designed to let fans pay artists, has just had 15GB of its user’s data — and the site’s source code — dumped online.

US Cybersecurity Policy In One Sad Cliche: 'People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Rocks'

The US doesn’t have a problem punishing foreign hackers. The government killed an ISIS hacker with a drone in August. It quickly sanctioned North Korea following the Sony hack. So why hasn’t the United States retaliated against the OPM hackers?

This Might Be The Most Secure Android You Can Buy, But It'll Cost You

Worried about your smartphone privacy? Creating a truly snoop-proof phone is impossible, but Blackphone 2 is trying to get as close as possible. The newest version of Silent Circle’s security-focused smartphone is available today.

Hilton Investigating Claims Of Hotel Sale Register Hacks

If you’ve stayed at a Hilton hotel this year, you may want to check your bank records. The hotel chain admitted on Saturday that it was investigating claims that hackers have compromised sales registers in Hilton Hotels and a number of its franchises.

Hackers Stole 5.6 Million Sets Of US Federal Employee Fingerprints

The US Office of Personnel Management hack keeps getting worse. We already know over 21.5 million federal employees had their personal information hijacked from the OPM’s servers. And now the American government agency admits that 5.6 million federal employees had their fingerprints stolen.

Symantec Issues Rogue EV Certificate For

On Friday, Google reported on its online security blog the faulty issuance of a certificate for and by Symantec, a prominent Certificate Authority.

Company Offers $1 Million For iOS Hack, Will Probably Sell It To The NSA

A cleverly-named security company has a clever idea. Zerodium will pay you $US1 million if you find a zero-day exploit in iOS 9. Then, if history is any indicator, it will turn around and sell that intelligence to a despotic regime like the NSA.

Apple Is Cleaning The App Store Of Its First Major Malware Attack

Apple cleaned the App Store of apps containing malware today, having discovered a long con that saw developers using infected software tools, inadvertently turning their legit apps into data-collection tools for hackers.

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