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The IRS Says It Stopped A Hacker For Once

Somebody tried to hack into the IRS last month, but don’t worry because the tax man caught them. Nice!

Hacker Publishes Personal Details Of 20,000 FBI And 9000 DHS Staff

A hacker has published the personal details of 20,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and 9000 Department of Homeland Security officers online.

You Can Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage Today

Want some more space for your documents? Of course you do. Well, you can grab 2GB of extra capacity on Google Drive for free today. Here’s how.

You'd Never Spot This Skimming Device Found At A Supermarket Checkout

Skimmers have been growing ever more advanced in recent years. Do you think you’d be observant enough to notice that this checkout front-plate was about to gobble up your card details?

Apple's iPhone 'Error 53' Is A Security Feature, Not A Bug

Earlier today the Guardian reported on mounting “fury” over a mysterious “Error 53” appearing on iPhones repaired by unauthorised repair providers. The report includes a quote from an unnamed “specialist” journalist (whatever the hell that is) who claimed that Error 53 will “will kill your iPhone”.

NSA Plans To 'Act Now' To Ensure Quantum Computers Can't Break Encryption

The US NSA is worried about quantum computers. It warns that it “must act now” to ensure that encryption systems can’t be broken wide open by the new super-fast hardware.

New Hacker-Proof RFID Chips Make Great Gifts For Paranoid Friends

Credit cards and passports are filled with microchips brimming with your personal information — and give off radio waves to any nearby sleazebag that wants to steal your identity. A new generation of those chips stands to stop hackers in their tracks.

Creepy Bear Toy Creepier Than You Could Even Imagine

A new internet-connected stuffed bear capable of learning a kid’s name shipped with some scary security flaws. Researchers found holes that could let creeps steal children’s personal info.

Wendy's In The US Is Investigating A Credit Card Data Attack

Been eating at Wendy’s? You might want to check your credit card statements: the restaurant chain has admitted that it’s investigating a credit card data breach.

A Health Insurer Lost Six Hard Drives Holding Data From A Million Customers

The US health insurer Centene has admitted that it’s performing an “ongoing comprehensive internal search” for six hard drives. Sadly, those hard drives contain personal details about 1 million of its customers. Oops.

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