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Regular People Are The Biggest Threat To Aussie Business' Security

You might think businesses in Australia fear data breaches caused by offshore hackers, malware or outright scams. But it turns out most view human error as a larger threat to information security than deliberate theft or sabotage from a third party.

Human error or accidental loss by an employee is identified as the biggest source of a potential data breach. Despite this, almost a third of small and medium sized businesses and five per cent of larger organisations said they had either never trained their staff on information security policies or didn’t have these policies in place.

360 Million MySpace Accounts Leaked Online

Remember your MySpace account? The one you’ve forgotten your login to and hope no one ever finds because teenage angst should never be immortalised on the internet?

I’ve got some bad news for you; your login details have likely been leaked, along with 360,213,023 others.

How To Give Guests To Access Your Wi-Fi Without Exposing Your Network

Most of us have a steady stream of visitors to our houses — friends, family, landlords, pizza delivery guys, Airbnb travellers — and many of them are going to want access to your wi-fi at some point. The normal process would be to hand over the passcode printed on the back of your router, but there’s actually a much better option: a guest access point.

TSA In The US Is So Bad That Delta Installed Its Own Ultra-Efficient Checkpoints

To help alleviate long lines at Atlanta’s airport, Delta spent more than a million dollars to install a pair of new high-tech security lanes that can handle more passengers simultaneously. When even the airlines, who are happy to charge passengers extra to sit next to their family members, thinks the United States’ TSA is doing a bad job, you know there’s a problem.

Security Flaws Found In 7-Zip Could Affect More Than Just The Archiver

Your average user doesn’t pay much attention to security vulnerabilities in software, but when they affect something like 7-Zip, one of the most popular compression tools available, it has a way of cornering the raised eyebrow market.

There's Been Another Bank Breach Like The One Carried Out By The Typo Hackers

Earlier this year, a team of hackers tried to steal vast quantities of cash using vulnerabilities in the Swift international payment system. Now, another similar hack has occurred.

How To Search The Deep Web Safely

The deep web and its inner recess, the dark web — those less well-trodden parts of the internet beyond the reach of Google and Bing — are not for the faint-hearted or untrained. With the right tools, however, there’s little to fear and plenty to discover. Here’s how you can start exploring the deep web without having to worry about your digital well-being.

There's Been A Rise In Almost-Invisible Card Skimmers

Be careful where you put your card. The ATM manufacturer NCR has recently issued an alert to banks, warning them that there’s been a rise in the use of “deep insert skimmers,” which hide inside cash machines and are virtually impossible to spot.

$195 Million Budgeted For Australia's Cyber Security Strategy

“This initiative is not just about keeping Australia safe,” Scott Morrisson said of the Federal Government’s cyber security strategy in his budget speech this evening. “It is an important part of our economic plan for jobs and growth.”

$195 million has been set aside, building on the $38 million announced in the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Samsung's Smart Home Platform Is Full Of Security Holes

The “smart home” is a Jetsonian future concept in which all our domestic needs are automated. As it stands today, however, smart devices are buggy and often very easy to hack. The latest scary example of a security failure comes from a team of researchers at the University of Michigan who managed to hack one of the most popular smart home ecosystems in the world.

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