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Update Your iPhone: Apple Just Patched A Big Security Hole

NSO Group, a company that sells hacking services to governments so that they can spy on journalists and dissidents, exploited gaping security holes in iPhone software, according to a report by Lookout Security and Citizen Lab. But don’t worry: Apple just pushed a fix.

US Department Of Homeland Security Investigating Leslie Jones Hack

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating the cyberattack on Leslie Jones, according to a report by the LA Times.

Hackers Could Make A Killing After Finding Vulnerability In Medical Device Tech

A kind of insane and unprecedented thing has just happened in the world of ethical hacking.

Australia's Government Is Copping Flack For Its 'Digital Identity' Plans

“Digital Identity is having the ability for the government to trust that you are who you say you are,” is the explanation the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) gives for the establishment of a singular digital profile that will allow you to access various government services.

But trust has to go both ways, and the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) has expressed “serious concern” about federated identity, stating the process has been “seriously deficient” and conducted “in a context of increasing distrust of government” (Census, anyone?).

WhatsApp Betrays Privacy Stance, Will Share Data With Facebook

It was going to happen soon enough: WhatsApp will now start sharing user data with the company that owns it, Facebook.

Leslie Jones Hacked, Nude Photos Leaked

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has been hacked. Images seen by Gizmodo include multiple nude photographs of Jones, and photos that appear to show the star engaging in sexual acts. The leak also includes scans of her passport, as well as of her California driver’s licence.

Two Easy Tricks To Improve Your Online Security

There’s a lot of misinformation about security online. The truth is that by taking a few simple steps you can make yourself much safer. Here are two basic, super easy ways to do it:

Call For The Establishment Of A Volunteer 'Australian Cyber Corps' To Defend 'Cyber Space'

Professor Greg Austin is a researcher at UNSW Canberra, and he has an interesting proposal for the Government. The establishment of a new branch of government service in Australia — closer to ASIO and ASIS in approach than to the ADF, Border Force or AFP.

A “cyber reserve force”, similar to the Cyber Defence Unit of the Estonian Defence League, would essentially be a “neighbourhood watch” for “cyber space” set up under the Minister for Communications consisting of a Director General and 100 volunteers.

Deals: For Just $52, You Can Secure Your Browsing Activity For Life

Looking for a premium internet security solution? The kind that protects you from hackers, eliminates annoying ads, and avoids logging your browsing history? Then you need Windscribe VPN, which features these protections for one low price. This week Gizmodo readers can purchase a lifetime subscription at a savings of over 90% off the retail price.

Watch What Happens When You Try To Steal A Rolls Royce's Hood Ornament

Video: Have you ever wondered why you don’t see people wearing Rolls Royce’s hood ornaments dangling from a necklace? It’s because the Spirit of Ecstasy, as the hood ornament is obnoxiously called, is protected by a brilliantly over-engineered mechanism that causes it to retract and disappear if tampered with.

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