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What To Expect From Apple's Big MacBook Event

Apple is having a press event on Thursday October 27 and you know what that means: New MacBooks! Finally. We’ve been waiting for this MacBook Pro overhaul for years.

The Exorcist Twist Confirms It's A Direct Sequel To Film

A somewhat surprising reveal from the latest episode of Fox’s The Exorcist confirmed it ties directly into the events of the first film. It’s perfect if you were curious to find out what happened after the end of the original flick, and maybe want to pretend like the sequels don’t exist.

Movie Review: The Black Magic Movie A Dark Song Flips Horror Expectations On Their Head

A Dark Song is about a woman who recruits a man to help her complete a very long and complicated ritual of black magic. If done successfully, she’ll get to right a terrible wrong from her past. If mistakes are made, the ritual may make her accessible to demons from all eternity. It’s quite the gamble.

Apple Forgets To Celebrate The iPod's 15th Birthday

Today is the iPod’s 15th birthday, her Quiñceanera if you will. While some tech blogs celebrated — the International Business Times even coined it National iPod Day — the most important people appear to have forgotten: Apple, the iPod’s own daddy. No press release. No tweet from the Apple official account, or Apple Music or Apple Support. No tweet from Tim Cook. Steve Jobs is too busy either hanging with the tech angels in future heaven to notice, or caught in a circle of hell where the fires are fuelled by Galaxy Note 7s, weeping for his sweet iPod.

Samsung Still Doesn't Know What Made The Note7 Go Boom

After continued reports of the phones catching on fire when charged, Samsung finally put the Galaxy Note7 out of its misery two weeks ago. But 2.5 million recalled devices and $3 billion in projected losses later, the company is apparently no closer to identifying what killed its flagship smartphone.

Exactly How Much Better Are The PS4 Skyrim Graphics?

Wondering if the special edition of The Elder Scrolls V is worth splashing your cash on? This video gives a nice side-by side comparison as to just how stunning Skyrim is, and exactly where the improvements have been made.

(Spoilers: It’s the grass. The grass is beautiful).

Meet Alcatel's New $99 Boost DEX Smartphone

Alcatel has launched it’s latest budget-friendly 4G smartphone, available exclusively through Boost mobile. With the music lover in mind, the DEX is preloaded with DJ software and high-quality audio, “premium” Alcatel headphones and built-in optimised Arkamys enhanced sound.

Gizmodo's Static Podcast: What Would Be Your Dream Gadget?

We rant about transitions in videogames, is it legal to hit your kids, the most surprising tech disappointments plus we answer your question: which life experience would you like enhanced by tech that doesn’t yet exist?

Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.

Some iPhone 7 Models Are 8 Times Slower Than Others

New test results show the 32GB iPhone 7 is a lot slower than the bigger, more expensive models — and some have dodgy 4G reception, too.

10 Apps To Help You Learn A New Language

Japanese, French, Afrikaans and Wiradjuri — here are ten of the best apps, games and courses for learning a language — and you can access them right on your phone or tablet.

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