FreeviewPlus: Everything You Need To Know

After numerous delays and a lot of confusion, FreeviewPlus finally launches officially in Australia today. Is this Internet-enhanced catch-up service the future of TV viewing, or is it a case of too little too late?

Photographing The Perfect Plume Of Smoke Requires Thousands Of Tries

Talk about an ethereal subject. Pure smoke is about as intangible and unpredictable as anything you could think of putting in front of your camera. These beautifully frozen images were the result of literally thousands of attempts by photographer Thomas Herbrich.

This Mosaic Of Satellite Images Shows Antarctica Like Never Before

The picture above shows a top-down view of Antarctica, the freezing southern end of our planet. Except that it’s not a single picture. It’s a mosaic of 3150 satellite images mashed together to form one giant image.

Japan's Decade-Long Mission To Mine An Asteroid

1999 JU3: It doesn’t sound like a very noteworthy name. It’s just one of more than 5,000 Apollo-class asteroids. But 1999 JU3 could become a household name if Japan succeeds in mining it — a mission that JAXA has struggled with for decades, often disastrously. And on Sunday, it revealed the probe that could redeem it.

Terrifying Dash Cam Video Shows What It Is Like To Be Inside A Tornado

Video: According to the Youtube description, this video — published yesterday in Reddit but shot last year — captures the moment when a tornado violently hits a village in Bashkiria, Russia. The hair-raising footage was taken from a car’s dash cam that stayed on even when the tornado was passing right over it.

Sydney Morning Herald Defends The Use Of Comic Sans On Its Front Page

“Comic Sans was the right choice.” That’s the line that the Sydney Morning Herald‘s executive editor Matt Martel has gone with, and that’s the one he’s sticking to. The internet’s most hated font appeared on the front page of the paper this morning, and the internet melted down.

Here's A Shockingly Easy Way To Skirt iCloud's Two-Factor Verification

There’s a major flaw in the way that Apple’s iCloud syncs photos that makes it laughably easy for a hacker to get all those naked selfies that you never want the world to see — and it’s possible to exploit even if you have two-factor verification enabled.

Uber Is Currently Fighting The Battle That Jitneys Lost 100 Years Ago

The mid-1910s saw an explosion of people driving unlicensed cabs. They were called jitneys (slang for a nickel, which was also what they typically cost) and cities across the US scrambled to regulate them. Today, cities around the world are struggling to regulate modern-day jitney coordination companies — ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. But unlike the ragtag cabs of a century ago, the modern day jitney company is well-financed, and plans on throwing plenty of money around to make sure it’s not regulated out of existence.

Here Are The Most Iconic Shots In Film History

You can recognise these shots even if you only saw them for a second. Because they have been spoofed and parodied, referenced and homaged, spliced into our brains through pop culture, recreated in conversation so many times that these iconic shots are what we’ll remember even when we forget everything else.

Finally, A Drill You Can Charge From A USB Port

It only requires assembling a single piece of IKEA furniture to realise why an electric screwdriver is a worthwhile investment. So if you’re in the market for one, Black & Decker’s new 4V MAX Lithium Pivot Screwdriver could be a great choice for the sole reason that you can charge it from the same USB adaptors you use to top off your smartphone or tablet.

A "Private Photo" Mode For Your Phone Is A Great Idea

There are still too many unknowns about the hack that launched a thousand (well, a dozen or so) celeb nudes over the weekend; how it happened, what’s being done to keep it from happening again. But one thing has become more clear than ever: the need for a “private photo” mode on your smartphone.

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