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Photos: Inside Tesla Motors' Brand New Flagship Sydney Store

Tesla’s newest, largest and first retail-only store in Australia opens to the public tomorrow morning, with a private preview session for owners tonight. Ahead of the store’s unveiling, Gizmodo took a look at the electric car maker’s premiere location in Australia, which occupies a prime position in Sydney’s Martin Place, next door to Apple, with thousands of well-heeled pedestrians passing every day.

10 New Episodes Of Lost In Space Are Coming To Netflix In 2018

The campy, iconic scifi show Lost in Space is making a comeback. Eight months after Netflix first purchased the rights to remake the show, they have officially given the series a 10 episode commitment with an eye on new episodes airing in 2018.

American Women Sure Do Love Grooming Down There

Trimming the bushes. Vacuuming the carpet. Coiffing the cat. Whatever your choice in questionable metaphor for the act of tidying up one’s pubic hair, have it on hand, because it turns out that a whole lot of American women do it.

What Is Music, And Why Is It So Special?

Video: Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad sits down to talk about music — its purpose, its function, its meaning — with filmmaker Mac Premo in this wildly frenetic video and somehow manages to explain why music is so special. Abumrad says that unlike words, which are basically just a code or an agreement between people, music just is what it is, and the response we have is innate. Music can magically get around a person’s rational defences and is something that makes us who we are.

This Is What A Sonogram Of A Pregnant Shark Looks Like

You’re looking at the first-ever sonogram of a pregnant tiger shark. The baby sharks inside the mother shark’s belly have been highlighted in the footage below so you can see them more easily. But even without the added outline and colour, you can very clearly see the sharks’ heads and their very frightening rows of teeth. Amazing.

This Beautiful Chef's Knife Is Beautifully Cheap

Good kitchen knives are expensive. A top of the line Shun, for instance, can cost as much as $US750 ($1,008). But one knife enthusiast promises to offer the same great quality knife for a fraction of the price. So I got a chef to try out the prototype.

The Best And Worst Ideas From San Francisco's Big Homelessness Project

Even if you don’t follow any friends or businesses from the US, you might have noticed an uptick of stories about the Bay Area’s homeless crisis in your social media feeds over the last 24 hours. Dozens of news organisations worked together to coordinate the publication of stories on homelessness today — all of which are mean to specifically focus on solutions for housing the region’s homeless population.

Can We Create Artificial Gravity?

Yes, we can. We can totally create the artificial gravity seen in movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Elysium, it will just cost a lot of freaking money and require a lot of freaking resources. Real Engineering explains how centrifugal force works as artificial gravity and estimates (using maths cribbed from how much the ISS costs) the cost needed to build it: only around five trillion dollars and 10 years of the world’s total aluminium production. And that’s just for starters.

The US FDA Wants Proof Hand Sanitiser Works

Hand sanitiser is a constant presence in modern life, from your purse to your office desk to the automatic dispensers in airports and classrooms. Now the US Food and Drug Administration says that it’s looking for data on the safety and efficacy of these products.

Stephen Colbert Explains Why The Rio Olympics Could Be A 'Massive Catastrophe'

Video: It’s no secret that the Rio Olympic games, kicking off this August, are in serious trouble. There’s crime. There’s disease. There’s Jaguar slaughter, and lots of other problems. Stephen Colbert recently summed up all the reasons that the Olympics will likely be a disaster in just five minutes.

Embrace Your Inner Crazy Cat Person With This Kitty-Carrying Hoodie

Inspired by marsupials like kangaroos, Unihabitat’s new Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie comes with an oversized pocket on the front and dangling pom-poms for entertaining a kitty. It’s sure to take you one dangerous step closer to becoming the crazy cat person you’re always mocking.

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