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Here Are All The 2016 Super Bowl Commercials [Updated]

Apparently it’s Superb Owl time in the United States. On Monday, two teams of strong men wearing tight clothes and bulky armour will run into each other for four hours, but the more important thing is a bunch of advertisements. Watch them all here.

Amazon Echo Is Suddenly A Lazy Stoner's Dream

This week, Amazon rolled out three major updates to its artificially intelligent speaker, which make it a fantastic tool for stoners: You can now order a Domino’s pizza, stream music from Spotify, and hail an Uber all by yelling commands at your Amazon Echo.

Makers Of Marlboro Laying Off Workers To Invest In More Vaping

Altria Group, America’s biggest tobacco company and makers of the iconic Marlboro brand, is laying off workers to save $US300 ($425) million per year. Where are they going to put all that money? Into a true growth market: electronic cigarettes.

You Can Now Order An Uber From Amazon Echo

With pizza delivery and Spotify integration under its belt just this week, Amazon’s now adding Uber support to its Alexa-powered speaker. Starting today, you can can yell “Request an Uber,” or lots of other variations on that phrase, and an Uber you shall receive.

We're Marvelling At These Incredible Pictures Of The Night Skies

Last week, we were blown away by a photograph from Mike Mezeul II depicting a storm over White Sands National Monument. We looked in a bit more on Mezeul’s portfolio and were amazed at what we saw.

iRobot Is Selling Its Military Robotics Division To Focus On Cute House Cleaners

Robot manufacturer iRobot announced on Thursday that they would be selling off their military line of robots to Arlington Capital Partners to be spun off into a new company, in order to better focus on the growing market for home robotics.

New York's Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaking, But You Shouldn't Freak Out

Buchanan New York’s Indian Point Energy Center, a three-unit reactor power plant, reported yesterday afternoon that radioactive tritium has been detected in groundwater testing wells near the facility.

These Gorgeous Buildings Showcase The Surprisingly Innovative Future Of Wood

Wood is the future. That’s the feeling you get after looking through the 2016 award winners named by WoodWorks, the United States’ wood building council.

The British Are Coming (For Google And Facebook Data On American Servers)

The US and UK are currently holding secret meetings with the hopes of making it easier for police and spy agencies to access emails and other electronic data held by private companies on both sides of the Atlantic, the Washington Post reports.

RIP Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, The Sixth Man To Walk On The Moon

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away on February 4th, on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his mission to the moon. The Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14, he was the 6th astronaut to step foot on the moon. He was 85.

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