TPG currently stands as the second largest internet service provider (ISP) in Australia, and is a force to be reckoned with in the telecommunications industry. Its rapid growth is mainly attributed to strategic acquisitions it has made in recent years. One of those acquisitions was iiNet, an ISP that boasted high customer satisfaction and respect in the community.

A year after TPG bought iiNet, the situation looks bleak for the ISP that was once the darling of the telco industry. Most recently, iiNet's Sydney office was shut down, most of its staff made redundant. We spoke to one former iiNet employee to get the insider story on the aftermath of the TPG acquisition. We also spoke with iiNet, to get its side of the story.


Video: The advancements in consumer-level photography mean that we have a lot of good people out there giving us a fresh look at things we've seen a million times. Things like the inside of a tube of toothpaste, or a stick of deodorant, or a pomegranate. In the past, you might get a glimpse of this sort of thing in a quick B-roll shot of a feature film or a science documentary, but now you can make it yourself.


A recent interview confirms that William didn't kill Logan at the end of season one of Westworld. This doesn't guarantee he'll be back next season, but it would be great if he did return, because lots of fans keep asking for more LGBT representation next season. Lest we forget, Logan is queer.


Lots of incredible science fiction movies are made outside America, though many of those movies — like next year's French production Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets — are still made in the English language. But movie history has fielded some stellar foreign-language sci-fi films from Alphaville to Godzilla — and the last decade hasn't been too shabby, either. Here are our top picks.


Season one of Man in the High Castle threw us into a gorgeously realised alternate reality where the Axis won World War II and the United States was divided into the east coast run by Nazis, the west coast run by Imperial Japan and a neutral zone between them. Since then, the real world landscape has exploded with people wondering about what other realities look like. With season two arriving on Amazon next week, we asked the cast and producers about rising popularity of alternate realities.