Video: Roger Deakins is a cinematographer who's worked on films such as The Shawshank Redemption, No Country for Old Men, Sicario, Skyfall and many others that you've probably seen and loved. He has 13 Academy Award nominations for best cinematography and is responsible for so many beautiful shots and gorgeous films over the years that it's obvious that he's one of the most brilliant directors of photography ever. Just take a look at some of his work.


Your new lock screen photos have arrived, courtesy of NOAA's heavily hyped GOES-16 Satellite. The orbiter, launched in November 2016, can take high definition photos of Earth every 15 minutes and one of the continental US every five minutes, according to a press release. Its combined speed and resolution will help scientists make more accurate forecasts, and allow them to spot severe weather earlier.


Did Carl Sagan really warn about a time in the future when manufacturing jobs would slip away, when the average person would have virtually no control over their political lives and when we would all cling to superstitions? Yes, Sagan did predict just that. The screenshot you may have seen floating around social media is real. And plenty of people are worried that Carl was talking about our era.


Last week, Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd acknowledged that the negative response to the extremely graphic show's seventh season premiere caused them to tone down on the violence for the following episodes. This week, two other executive producers deny that happened. So someone has to be lying.


We report on a lot of projects when they're first announced. Often, however, there's a long stretch between the initial news and the project's actual release. Sometimes, it's long enough for you to completely forget about them; sometimes, it's long enough that Hollywood probably forgot about them. Let's check in on some projects that haven't heard much from for a while.


The Expanse is one of our favourite shows on TV. And while we wait for its return, we have some gleeful news: Thomas Jane, who plays the Syfy show's oddly-coiffed but deeply-determined detective, Miller, has joined the cast of The Predator, Shane Black's franchise reboot. This is ideal, and awesome.


For 15 years, pickle makers from across the US East Coast have gathered to celebrate brined vegetables at New York City's Lower East Side Pickle Day. Last year, 30 thousand people squeezed in lines beside white tents that stretched over 400m. A word appeared on some of the sauerkraut tents: "Probiotic." Several of the pickle makers were bragging about the bacteria in their salt-soaked spears. As it turns out, hundreds of web pages tout the benefits of pickles as a source of probiotics. How did the ancient pickle somehow get tied to an emerging health food trend?


Gin is always going to be a love/hate thing.

While some have a certain appreciation for the subtle flavours and aromas that make gin unique, others are repulsed at the drink they always associated with bitter sips of Gordon’s gin and Schweppes Tonic Water they got from their parents.

At the same time though, the world of Gin goes so far beyond this, and in terms of the way it’s made, few spirits rival it for the real skill it requires to create and finesse.

It’s no wonder then that a slew of artisan distilleries are making it their mission to put Australia well and truly on the world map of spirit production, through the medium of gin.


When I was in Year 10, our major school trip was to Hill End - a dusty, ex-gold mining camping spot with a lot of flies and little else. That was it.

Guess where the 18 kids from Kent Street High School in Perth get to go this week? They are going to fly over the South Magnetic Pole. Nope, I'm not bitter. Not bitter at all.


I’m all for doing idiotic experiments with cars. I think it’s a fantastic use of one’s time and resources, and furthers the advancement of humanity in general. I’m not even sure I’m kidding. Here, we have a valid experiment – what happens if you jam your car into reverse while driving – I’m just not certain I’m down with the methodology.