A Massive Denial Of Service Attack Against Facebook, Instagram And More Is Underway

Wondering why you can’t get onto Facebook, or Instagram, or another Web service? There’s a very good reason — a massive online attack is currently underway against servers in the United States.

Aussie PM Tony Abbott Thinks That Social Media Is 'Electronic Graffiti'

The internet had a good chuckle at the Prime Minister’s expense over the Australia Day long weekend, after he awarded Prince Philip (you know, the Queen’s husband) an Australian Knighthood. Tony Abbott cranked the Taylor Swift rhetoric up to 11 and dismissed online haters, labelling social media as “electronic graffiti”.

Pushbullet Is A Fantastic App Every Phone Should Have

Pushbullet isn’t new, but it has sneakily gotten a lot better, especially for Android phones, since I installed it maybe a year ago. And as I used it to text from my browser for the umpteenth time yesterday, it struck me how great it’s really become. So maybe you’ve heard already but let me fire off a reminder: You should download this app.

This Twitter Bot Creates Beautifully Abstract Images Out Of Your Tweets

You should tweet Lowpoly Bot a picture. Because when you do, you’ll get a wonderfully abstracted version sent right back to you.

Watch This Reflected Laser Pulse's Entire Flight Path At 20 Billion FPS

The technology available to image light as it moves through space continues to advance. Recently, we saw a new high-speed camera capture a small pulse reflected from a mirror; now, it’s possible to image the entire flight path of a laser as it bounces around a laboratory.

Lizard Squad Claims To Take Down Facebook, Instagram [Update: No They Didn't]

Overnight, reports circulated about Facebook and Instagram going dark. Now, Lizard Squad is claiming to have taken down a large handful of sites — albeit briefly.

Good Morning, Berlin

Berlin is not only one of the most vibrant cities in Europe — thanks to its food, clubs, cultural life, and the other thousand things you can do there — the city itself it’s unique. Its architecture is stunning and full of contrasts, a constant reminder of the clash between the communist and the capitalist world.

A Super-Fun Video Of The Best Sword Fights In Film History

Maybe because the idea of fighting with swords today seems so impossibly dangerous and probably because seeing steel on steel clang and cut flesh is just so damn viscerally satisfying, but there are few things more riveting to see on screen than watching two or more actors try to kill each other with a sword.

This Star Model Is Based On Nothing But Shadows

Saturn’s rings are already mind-blowingly large — about 70,000km across — but astronomers at the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands have found a much more extensive ring system. At least they think they have — all they can actually see are shadows.

Judge The Depth Of Snow By Looking At Passing DogsĀ 

Overnight, nearly a metre of snow is set to blanket the east coast. Or, if you don’t have a tape measure to gauge the fall, approximately one dog’s worth.

A Brief History Of Emergency Alerts On Your Phone

As I sit here, in my calm, non-snowpocalpysed city reading Twitter, there’s one definite theme emerging from blizzard-bound New Yorkers: alcohol is a good coping mechanism! But also, everyone is getting unsolicited alerts about the weather on their phones. Here’s why.

A Floating Artificial Reef Would Let You Walk Down Into The Ocean Deep

This month, a grim study in the journal Science reported what we’ve feared for decades: That the ocean may “be sitting on a precipice of a major extinction event,” in the words of one author. There’s a colossal amount of work to be done if we want to turn it around — including reclaiming habitats, which is the goal of this ambitious proposal by three young architects.

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