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This Is Zedtown: Training For The Zombie Apocalypse, With Nerf Guns

Our ragged group of survivors shifts nervously, ready to cut and run at the first sign of danger. A horde of zombies ambles slowly towards us, a distraction from the lone runners slipping around the sides to try and catch us off guard. “Hold the line!” someone shouts, but we all know that if it came to it, we’d turn on our fellow survivors if it helped us get out alive. This is Zedtown.

NBN Will Roll 'Fibre To The Curb' To 700,000 Homes Around Australia, Abandoning Optus Cable

The rollout of Australia’s NBN will abandon almost all of Optus’s HFC cable network that it paid $800 million for back in 2011, with up to 700,000 homes around the country instead being connected to the NBN through fibre to the distribution point — a new technology that brings many of the advantages of fibre to the premises to a fibre to the node-style construction method.

Picky Typist Builds A Custom Keyboard Out Of Concrete

Is there anything worse than having a flimsy, lightweight keyboard sliding all over your desk while you type? Probably a lot of things, but not for Redditor ipee9932cd, who couldn’t find a keyboard case they liked so they went the extra obsessed mile to make their own using rock-solid concrete.

John Williams' Superman Theme Makes Supergirl Even Better

Video: There’s about to be a new television version of Superman on the CW’s Supergirl show. Inevitably, someone’s thrown the classic 1978 Superman score behind the already released preview footage, but the results are brilliant.

Giant Rockslide Slams Into Park Just Days Before Opening

Just days before it was scheduled to open, a park in Rizhao, China, was severely damaged when the north slope of the mountain right next to it suddenly collapsed.

Warner Bros. And Toho Are Teaming Up For A Live-Action JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Movie

Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell, the ever-present threat of the chance for a western Akira movie… we’re living in an age of big anime-to-live-action-film adaptations. And now the zany shenanigans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are joining the bandwagon, courtesy of Warner Bros. and Toho.

VR Experience Makes You Feel Like A Rampaging Giant Stomping Around Cities

The real appeal of monster movies like Godzilla is that they let you experience what it would be like to be a giant rage-filled monster stomping around a big city. But instead of just sitting in a theatre as a witness to the rampage, a new virtual reality experience lets you experience it firsthand — minus all the destruction.

Let's Stop Talking About Stranger Things Season Two Before We Ruin It

Stranger Things hit Netflix in mid-July and has since become a pop culture phenomenon, spawning breakout characters, quotable lines, memes galore and cosplay. Naturally, it was renewed. How can we possibly keep the magic alive for the show’s infinitely anticipated second season? Easy: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Which Supporting Character On The Simpsons Has Spoken The Most Words?

If you include the main cast, it’s fairly obvious who has the most lines: It’s Homer, by hundreds of thousand of words, followed by Marge, Bart and Lisa all bunched up pretty close together. But what if you just count the words spoken by the supporting cast from season one to 26? Which supporting character do you think has spoken the most lines on the show then? Is it Flanders? Moe? Krusty?

This Blooming Flower Isn't What It Seems At All

Scientists have been working on materials that change shape for a while now. But as New Scientist points out, these metamorphoses usually require external stimuli to get going — until now. New research published in Nature Communications shows that some non-living substances can be made to transform all on their own.

Apple Is Moving Into An Abandoned Power Plant In The Middle Of London

You might recognise the four chimneys of London’s iconic Battersea Power Station from Pink Floyd’s Animals album cover or from Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight — but you may soon begin to associate them with Apple’s brand new London offices.

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