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Watching This Machine Fabricate Tiny Screws Makes Me Nervous

Those itty bitty screws that hold together your watch (or possibly your smartwatch) are infinitely frustrating to grasp, position and attach to said watch. Now imagine the precision required to make one of those screws. Seeing the process captured gives me anxiety. What if they drop it???

These Smiley Face Screws Are Wildly Impractical But Utterly Adorable

If ever there was a product designed to bring joy but ultimately destined to frustrate, it is these smiley face screws. They look beautiful, adorable, fun even. But you will shout and swear and stamp your feet every time you need to tighten them up.

Ogle These Screws Used To Hang Famous Works Of Art

What is art? Well — it’s subjective, that’s for sure, and context can have a heck of an impact on how we think about what we see. Marcelo Pena Costa decided to have a bit of unauthorised fun following the ArtRio fair earlier this year: once the show had closed down and shipped out, the Brazilian creative director snuck in and nabbed some of the forgotten screws used to hold up works that themselves were worth a fortune.

Space Invaders Have Infiltrated Our Tools

While using the Space Invaders multi-tool you may think you are the master, bending it to your will, but think again. The Space Invader is crafty and patient. Methodical. It is gathering intel. It is only a matter of time.

Sound Like A Pro: Learn Proper Bolt Names At A Glance

Amateur homebuilders take note! This handy chart will have you asking for bits, bolts and screws with confidence. Of course, what you do with them after that is where things might get a bit hairy. [Bolt Depot via Boing Boing]

Stop Panicking, You Can Still Open Up Your iPhone

Earlier, there was worry that Apple’s freaky “pentalobe security screws” would prevent us from opening up our iPhones. Turns out that we’re only $US2.35 (plus shipping!) away from tampering with our gadgets again, thanks to a wholesaler.

Apple's Making It Impossible To Open Up Your iPhone By Secretly Swapping Its Screws

Apple’s products are notoriously difficult to open and repair – surprise, they want you to buy new stuff! – but this is especially ridiculous. During repairs, they’re replacing the iPhone 4’s Philips screws with weird new ones for which no screwdriver exists.

Building Your Own White iPhone 4

If you were geeked on the white iPhone 4, but disappointed to see that they wouldn’t be shipping until late July, you could always just build your own. Engadget put together a white iPhone 4 with third-party parts and it looks, well, great. Though it’s missing an earpiece grill, lens cover, LED diffusor, and a white Home button, it’s a pretty neat mod for users who just can’t wait for the white version. There’s a Michael Jackson joke here but yeah, we’re not going there. [Engadget]


Five point security Torx, like old Nintendo carts. [Via Arn]

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