LG 55LA8600 Review: Those Are Some Pricey Bells And Whistles

With increasingly stiff competition and the threat of 4K on the horizon, television manufacturers are throwing every idea and accessory into this year’s flagship models. But do bells and whistles make a TV worth nearly three grand? In the case of LG’s new paramount LED, the answer is a strong… maybe.

There's Officially A 50-Inch 4K TV That's Cheaper Than Your TV

TCL just announced a new 50-inch Ultra HD LED television for $US1000. Holy wow, that is freaking cheap. Just a few months ago, we were blown away by Seiki’s 50-inch 4K that cost $US1500. How the hell are they making all of these beautiful, high-resolution panels so cheap?

Samsung's Beautiful Curved OLED TV Heads West

Back at CES, we were floored by Samsung’s crazy/beautiful 55-inch curved OLED television. They were an eyegasm of light-emitting diodes with a subtle but enticing cinematic bend. Secretly, we never thought we’d ever see one in real life since they just reek of CES flashiness that never turns into real-life anything. We were so wrong.

LG's World's Slimmest 1080p Display Is Impossibly Thin

With everyone racing to become the thinnest, slimmest thing in technology, LG just showed off how skinny it has gotten. Millimetres matter man! LG’s new 1080p HD display is perfect for giganto smartphones at 5.2 inches big and just 2.2mm thin. On top of that it only has a 2.3mm bezel, which makes it practically floating glass.

Your Next Smartphone Screen Will Be Able To Disinfect Itself

Your phone is filthy. Anything that’s getting rubbed by your grimy little fingers on a ridiculously regular basis is going to be far from pristine. But Corning can help. Its newest revision of Gorilla Glass is not only ridiculously resilient, it also kills pesky germs all by itself.

Westinghouse's 84-Inch 4K Touchscreen Makes Windows 8 Feel Epic

Westinghouse Digital’s “Digital Whiteboard” is an 84-inch UltraHD monster that runs Windows 8. It costs $15,000, so this is headed to the lecture halls and boardrooms of the world. Unless you’ve got dollar, you won’t see this beauty in your living room just yet, which is a shame, because using it is like touching the future.

This 39-Inch 4K TV Only Costs $US700

Earlier this year, Seiki announced a 50-inch 4K TV that went on to sell for less than $US1000. Now, the bar has dropped again — and its latest 4K set will retail for just $US700.

The Best Smartphone Display: It's Not Who You Think

A new generation of smartphones with Full High Definition 1920×1080 displays have arrived, the same as your living room HDTV, but with a 5-inch screen size — that is very impressive! But how good are these new displays, do you really need all of that sharpness and resolution, and will you be able to actually see the difference? Also, how do they compare with the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4? We’ll cover these issues and much more with in-depth comprehensive display tests and analysis that you will find nowhere else.

Panasonic VT60 Television: $3500 Of Video Perfection

When it comes to high-end HD sets, you get what you pay for. And in the case of Panasonic’s new top-of-the-line plasma set, it’s worth every cent.

Is This Miniature Instagram Projector Adorable Or Completely Stupid?

I hate everything, but I find this little projector to be the cutest and most adorable thing in the world. Projecteo is a miniature projector — about the size of a jar of Carmex — that transfers nine of your Instagram photos onto a single frame of 35mm Kodak film for you to then show your friends or whatever.