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Finger-Guiding Invisible Screen Protector Is The Best Way To Cheat At Pokemon GO

Now that Niantic has taken a lot of the fun out of Pokemon GO, you have even fewer reasons to feel guilty about finding out-of-the-box ways to improve your game play (translation: Cheating). A clunky 3D-printed smartphone case is one solution, but a finger-guiding invisible screen protector is a much better way to go.

Australian Consumers Are Getting Savvy On Screen Protection

Plastic screen films, tempered glass, privacy covers, anti-glare screens — no matter how high or low tech, screen protectors are generally seen as a must-have for anyone who’s just sunk $1000-plus into a shiny new smartphone. While clear plastic screen protectors are a dime a dozen, it turns out that overprotective phone owners are increasingly turning to the pricier, but safer, options on the market.

Genius Screen Protector Makes iPhone 6 Easier To Use With One Hand

Using the iPhone 6 one-handed isn’t easy, but reaching the top corners of the screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is nigh impossible with regular-sized hands. So PureGear has created a new glass screen protector with a set of shortcuts to the top corners of the screen positioned next to the home button.

Watch This Phone Screen-Protector Handle A Drill And Knives With Ease

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a deep gouge on your new phone’s screen. Still, it can be hard to bring yourself to put on some stupid-looking screen protector. Unless it’s as tough as this one that we attacked with a hammer. And a drill.

Fingerprints Magically Fade Away On 3M's New Screen Protectors

If you’d rather spend your time actually using your touchscreen tablet, instead of wasting hours buffing away fingerprints, 3M’s new “Natural View Fingerprint Fading” screen protectors might be just up your alley since — like an old soldier — fingerprints will just fade away.

Watch This Grandma Blow Bullets Through MacBooks And iPhones

This completely ridiculous video of an elderly lady shooting a loaded rifle at a hoard of pristine Apple gadgets will make you feel many emotions: confused, horrified, sceptical, surprised, amused and more.

Watch This iPhone Screen Protector Shrug Off A Hammer Blow

You may never have to use your iPhone as a nutcracker, but it’s good to know that Buff Labs’ screen protectors will keep your iPhone’s display intact if you happen to crush almonds with a hammer on it.

New Screen-Protecting Film Repairs Itself

Toray Advanced Film Co Ltd (mouthful!) has developed a new self-healing film that protect the glass screens on our phones, tablets and computers. The film can repair itself in just 10 seconds at room temperature, and while it won’t withstand the incision of a knife, it is very durable against the dings and bangs incurred as we tote our gadgets around in everyday life.

How To Apply A Dust-Free Screen Protector

Lift and restick. Lift and restick. You’ve been trying to get that screen protector on for over an hour now only to be repeatedly foiled by an errant speck of dust or pernicious air bubble. Bugger that. This new roll-on cover promises to apply it right, the first time.

Smearing Goop All Over Your Screen Seems Like A Bad Idea

Screen protectors are fine for those who want to keep their displays in tip-top shape, but using this chapstick-style applicator seems… ill-advised. The people behind “Nu-Screen” promise a “shiny appearance”, a “richer” display and “natural ingredients!” But what is it?

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