Scottish Scientists Invent "Sonic Screwdriver"

Part Tricorder and part lock-pick, Dr. Who’s famous all-in-one device could handle any crisis — save deadlock seals. Now, researchers from Dundee University have replicated at least some of the screwdriver’s functionality with a machine capable of lifting and turning suspended objects.

New Hospital Alarm System Shames Smokers Into Stopping

There’s no smoking in front of Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Scotland — the sign says so — though nobody really paid attention to it. That’s why the hospital installed a loudspeaker-backed smoke alarm commanding cigarette scofflaws — in no uncertain terms — to cut that shit out.

The Ultimate Test Of Siri's Accent-Deciphering Skills: Scotland

Siri has been tested in the interpretation of accents across the country, but she meets her match with the utterly amazing dialect of the proud Scottish people. To be fair, how many actual humans would know how to respond to a request for a “jammy dodger like a f**kin jam sandwich”?

50 Tons Of Plastic Recycled Into Scottish Foot Bridge

The charming rural scene pictured above actually contains 50 tons of discarded water bottles and sandwich containers, which were blended up and refashioned into this 27m long plastic bridge.

The World's Only Rotating Boat Lift Looks Like God's Bottle Opener

The Clyde and Forth Canal and the Union Canal in central Scotland were major commercial arteries from the time of their construction in the late 1780s up until the 1930s, when economic competition from motor vehicles overtook ferry transportation.

Archaeologists Unearth Intact Viking Burial Site

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a 1000-year-old Viking in Scotland, along with his boat, axe, sword and lots of other nifty Viking stuff.

Teenager Arrested For Inciting Riots On Facebook

A 16-year-old’s been arrested in Glasgow, Scotland, for attempting to kickstart a riot via Facebook, to match England’s riots. While it’s not yet known if his/her efforts will spark any trouble, Facebook has at least taken the page down. [TheDrum]

Alleged LulzSec Top Boss Arrested In Scotland

One of LulzSec’s purported kingpins is now in police custody. Topiary, apparently a 19-year-old Scottish kid, was arrested by the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service’s Police Central e-Crime Unit today, and now en route to London. Bad news for LulzSec.

New Tests Spot Suspect Scotch

The whiskey business in Scotland is a £800 million/year industry ($1.2 billion) . With that much money flowing, knockoff brands are pervasive. But a newly developed test can rapidly and accurately tell real scotch from fake, on-site.

Jellyfish Shut Down A Nuclear Power Plant

Jellyfish invaded the cooling water at a Scottish nuclear power plant this week. There were so many of these aquatic creatures floating around, the plant had to shut down.