Archaeologists Unearth Intact Viking Burial Site

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a 1000-year-old Viking in Scotland, along with his boat, axe, sword and lots of other nifty Viking stuff.

Teenager Arrested For Inciting Riots On Facebook

A 16-year-old’s been arrested in Glasgow, Scotland, for attempting to kickstart a riot via Facebook, to match England’s riots. While it’s not yet known if his/her efforts will spark any trouble, Facebook has at least taken the page down. [TheDrum]

Alleged LulzSec Top Boss Arrested In Scotland

One of LulzSec’s purported kingpins is now in police custody. Topiary, apparently a 19-year-old Scottish kid, was arrested by the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service’s Police Central e-Crime Unit today, and now en route to London. Bad news for LulzSec.

New Tests Spot Suspect Scotch

The whiskey business in Scotland is a £800 million/year industry ($1.2 billion) . With that much money flowing, knockoff brands are pervasive. But a newly developed test can rapidly and accurately tell real scotch from fake, on-site.

Jellyfish Shut Down A Nuclear Power Plant

Jellyfish invaded the cooling water at a Scottish nuclear power plant this week. There were so many of these aquatic creatures floating around, the plant had to shut down.

A Beautiful Building For The Scottish War Blind

Blind veterans in Scotland have a new place they can hang out and not hurt themselves.

The Worst Typist In The Universe Is A Scottish Cop

If someone were filming me at work, I’d be sure to do all sorts of cool stuff, like put my feet up on the desk and wear sunglasses. But if I had to use my computer, I’d be sure I didn’t type like it was the first time I’d ever seen a keyboard, as appears to be the case with this Scottish officer.

How To Survive A 300m Fall

British climber Adam Potter fell 300m down the side of a mountain in the Scottish Highlands. A helicopter crew found him half an hour later, standing on his feet reading a map. How did he survive?

Prisoners Hacking PlayStations For Charging Mobile Phones

Honestly, I’m beginning to think prisoners have been receiving some sneaky electricians’ training, such is the quality of rewiring skills they possess. From rewiring PlayStations into tattoo guns, Scottish crims have gone a step further down the sparky route.

Every Day Is A Fairground Ride For Wind Turbine Engineers

As you stagger into work and slump over your desktop like one of last night’s zombies, engineer Ross Kennedy is having an exhilarating ride atop a 100m-high wind turbine with the best views of Scotland. I’m not jealous… much. [Daily Mail]