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Watch The Birth Of Six Adorable Baby Scorpions

Video: The video starts slow, just a magnified view of the belly of a female scorpion. Be patient. Something amazing is about to happen. Slowly, as you watch, she’ll push her first baby out of her genital opening into the embrace of her “birth basket” — made by flexing her front two pairs of legs.

Watch A Scorpion Sting A Guy In Painful Slow Motion

The beauty of slow motion is that it lets you see and analyse every detail of anything in a much more digestible package. Explosions become a dance, athletic achievements become more thoughtful, life becomes even more interesting and idiotic behaviour gets more hilarious. Watching a guy get stung by a scorpion in slow motion? Yeah, that’s hilarious.

Burning Man: The 1360kg Fire-Breathing Robot Scorpion Roving The Nevada Desert

Burning Man, despite its reputation, is not just some low-fi hippie party in the middle of nowhere. The place is bursting with unique technology. Some of it blows out your eardrums, some helps you survive in a hostile environment, and some just inspires wonder, awe, and a little bit of fear.

'Scorpion Skin' Armor Could Help Protect Machines Against Sand Damage

As anyone who’s been to the beach can tell you, sand has an uncanny ability to work its way into the most obscene places. Amusing for people, sure, but for machines, sand is a killer — penetrating gears, clog pipes, and causing general havoc with moving parts. A new surface based on a scorpion’s hide, however, could prevent that.

'Sting' Scorpion Casemod is Glowing With Digital Venom

I don’t know how well this “Sting” casemod works as an actual PC (if it works at all), but it sure does look purdy—and menacing.

Transforming Flashlight Looks Like It Sings, Dances, Kills You at Night

For $US10, this Wild Planet LiteFormz Transforming Flashlight–that goes from regular torch, to walking funny man, to menacing scorpion–seems like a total bargain. Too bad it’s not an actual robot. [Buzzillions via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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