Astronauts Will Grow Their Own Food For The First Time Ever

NASA is sending a really cool garden to the International Space Station on April 14, on board the SpaceX Dragon. For the first time in history, astronauts will grow their own food in space using this groovy disco box, an important step towards future long-term space travel and extraterrestrial colonies.

Robot Eyes Replace Your Blank Stare With (Fake) Human Expression

Coming across as a socially functioning human who expresses real emotions can be such a drain. If only there was a high-tech way to replace your flat, expressionless gaze with a digital approximation of human warmth. Well, search no more. AgencyGlass is here.

The Perfect Male And Female Body According To Males And Females

If you ask men and women what they think the perfect body is, you’re going to get two very different answers. It’s fascinating, really. UK lingerie company Bluebella surveyed men and women on the “perfect” man and woman using celebrity features and came up with these bodies above.

How CSIRO Is Helping Authorities In The Search For Flight MH370

This week, it was reported that the Australian Defense Vessel Ocean Shield had detected multiple signals consistent with those emitted by the underwater beacons from a flight data recorder and/or cockpit voice recorder. While work continues to definitively identify, isolate and eventually retrieve the recorders — which hopefully are from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 — Australia continues to play a major role in the search and rescue effort: this includes the nation’s own science and research organisation, CSIRO.

Stem Cell Researchers Just Figured Out How To Create New Embryos

A team of researchers from the University of Virginia just made scientific history: They figured out how to turn stem cells into full blown fish embryos. In other words, scientists can now control embryonic development, a key to being able to grow organs and even entire organism from stem cells.

Aussie Scientists Discover Potential Cancer-Blasting Drug.... In A Tobacco Plant

Australian researchers published findings this week on a newly-discovered plant compound that destroys cancer cells, but leaves healthy cells unharmed. They found it in possibly the last place you’d look for a cancer cure: the family of plants that brings us cancer’s number-one culprit, tobacco.

Where's The Most Painful Place To Be Stung By A Bee?

Pain is a subjective experience, but I think we can all agree that given the choice between being stung on one’s arm or one’s delicate bits, you’re going to go with the arm every time. But are your nether-regions really the most painful spot an insect could assault? One brave scientist decided to answer this question… using himself as a test subject.

CSIRO Infiltrates Fruit Fly Populations With Blindingly Obvious Micro-Sensors

Far from being the insect-equivalent of sci-fi hipster wear, the chip plastered on the back of this Queensland fruit fly, or Q-fly, allows CSIRO researchers to track the movements of the troublesome pests. With this data, scientists and farmers will be better able to deploy traps and other “management options” — including development of a line of infertile bugs — to help keep numbers under control.

Can You Outrun A Speed Camera? Science Says Yes

It goes without saying the dumbest method one could employ to avoid a speeding fine is to drive faster, but from a purely theoretical point of view, could you outrun these mechanical cyclopes, given a high enough velocity? Students from the UK’s University of Leicester believe so, but the momentum required is far beyond the capabilities of your humble Datsun 120Y.

Science Videos Have Improved So Much Since The 90s

This is a school science video trailer from the 90s, produced by Dorling Kindersley. It makes you wonder: how the hell did people learn anything from this stuff?