Scientists To Sequence Lil Bub's Genome

A team of geneticists is ready to unlock the secrets behind Internet celebrity cat Lil Bub’s unique appearance. Lil Bub, whose full name is Lillian Bubbles (her friends call her Bub), may be the most recognisable cat on the Web. Although Bub is an adult now, she still looks like a kitten, with wide green eyes and short legs and her tongue sticks out, giving her a perpetual happy-go-lucky expression.

Hardcore Recycling: Using Old MRI Magnets In A Physics Lab

Dayshot: When magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners reach the end of their lifetime, hospitals have to deal with a large piece of electronic waste, stuffed with potentially dangerous parts. Unless a physics lab can make use of them.

Three Important Things You Probably Don't Know About Diabetes

When we think of diabetes, we tend to think of rich people with poor lifestyles. A chronic disease linked with obesity, heart disease and worse outcomes for some infectious diseases, diabetes tends to be associated in our minds with wealth, excess and over-consumption.

This Is The Star That NASA Has Nicknamed The 'Nasty One'

While this star was discovered decades ago, it’s the first time researchers have seen it up close — and it’s brought with it some surprises. But none of that explains why NASA chooses to call it Nasty One.

Here's What Sharks Do When You Give Them Cameras

Fisheries biologist John Shepherd once said that “counting fish is like counting trees — except you can’t see them and they move.” This can make animal behaviour research extremely difficult. And while increasingly advanced electronic telemetry tags can tell us a lot, there’s just no substitute for seeing a behaviour on video.

Ancient Asteroid Impacts Boiled The Oceans And Made Life On Earth Hell

Roughly 3.3 billion years ago, Earth’s early life forms were plunged into an unimaginable hell, when a series of massive asteroids smashed into the young planet, vaporising the oceans and scorching the skies.

Viagra Could Be A New Way To Fight Malaria

Viagra was famously discovered when researchers testing a high blood pressure drug found it had a curious side effect: erections. The pill may have another unexpected benefit too: A new study in human blood cells finds that Viagra — or drugs like it — could be used to prevent the transmission of malaria.

Feast Your Eyes On This Old-School Weather Model

Video: Weather forecasting has come a long way, as the video below of a mid-century climate model illustrates. And if you’re into vintage computer graphics, it provides some pretty nice eye candy too. The footage, recently published by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, shows the first global general circulation model constructed by physicist Chuck Leith on the lab’s supercomputers in the late 50s.

This Is What A Mouse Brain Looks Like When It Rewires Itself

The function of neurons in a mouse’s brain isn’t as fixed as you might think. When they’re young, neurons can switch role, literally rewiring the brain — and in this image of a slice of brain, the yellow spots are neurons that have done just that.

Aussie Opal Miner May Have Accidentally Discovered A New Dinosaur

Science can be beautiful. A picture of a nebula. A microscope image of a cell. The fossilised remains of a dinosaur, captured in the frozen lustre of Lightning Ridge opals. OK, so that last one is oddly specific, but very much a thing. A rare find by miner Bob Foster 25 years ago, the smashed-up remains could represent the discovery of a new Australian-roaming sauropod.