This Ghostly, Abandoned Island Could Become A Special Needs School

New York City’s North Brother Island has lived many past lives, as a shipwreck site, a smallpox clinic, a tuberculosis colony and a drug rehab facility, for starters. The 20-acre island, which sits between the Bronx and Riker’s Island, has been abandoned since the 1970s. But two architecture students are hoping to change that soon, with a proposal to build a school for autistic children on the island.

This Is News Corp's New $300 Tablet For Schools In The US

Amplify, an educational wing of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, has just announced that it’s launching a $US300 Android tablet for use in schools.

Student Expelled For Reporting Security Problem To School Officials

No good deed, huh. A student from Dawson College in Montreal, Canada, has been expelled for his involvement in the uncovering of a potentially horrible flaw in his school’s online directories. Sounds dumb, right? Even worse: Everyone more or less agrees he meant no harm.

You Can Major In Social Media At University Now

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — these are things that we use everyday! And these are things that a whole university education can be based off now. Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina, has made an entire undergraduate major for social media. You can graduate with honours in Facebooking.

These Kids Have No Idea Their Teachers Are Videobombing Them

Ugh, when you’re 16, adults are just the lamest. But these high schoolers have no idea just how cool their teachers are. Seriously, the kids are completely oblivious — as they’re interviewed on camera, their instructors are dancing around behind them.

School Expels Student For Swearing On Twitter

Garrett High School in the US has come under fire for its ridiculous policy of monitoring student tweets. In fact, police were even called to the school on Friday because students were threatening to protest after a student was expelled for swearing on Twitter when he wasn’t even at school.

Universities Going On .XXX Domain Shopping Spree

Yes, universities are snapping up .XXX Domains left and right. But no, they’re not aspiring to be future AVN award winners. Instead, schools like Missouri and Washington University are buying up domains like and to protect their names.

School To Change Its Name To Steve Jobs

Move on Lenin. Steve Jobs is in town. The town of Plovdiv, the second largest city of Bulgaria. There, kids want to change the name of their technical school from Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to Steve Jobs.

There Is Such A Thing As Jet Pack School

Eric Scott aka Rocketman is probably the best Jet Pack pilot the world has. He’s flown over canyons, performed in airshows and holds the record for fastest speed on a Jet Pack. So with that gift, he’s now teaching people how to fly in his Jet Pack school.

Experts Debate The Schools Of 2021

What will school work be like in 10 years? New York Times, do you have an answer? What’s that? You spoke with a bunch of experts and educators and asked them that very same question?

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