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Interpol Just Busted A Nigerian Email Scam Kingpin

“Mike” (portrayed above) is a real person and his email party is now over. Authorities announced today that a 40-year-old Nigerian man, identified only as Mike, was nabbed in a joint operation by Interpol and the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission. Mike was reportedly the mastermind behind a large number of online scams, and officials suspect him of swindling more than $US60 million ($79.6 million) from people around the world, including $US15.4 million ($20.4 million) from one victim alone.

Australians Losing Money To Scams On The Rise: How To Protect Yourself

Every year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) compile a report on how many Australians are getting conned by scammers, what scams are working on us and how much money we’re losing.

This year’s findings show that $85 million was reported lost to the ACCC’s Scamwatch last year, with 105,200 scam complaints. That’s a $3 million increase in money lost, and a 15 per cent rise in complaints — with the top culprits being investment and online dating scams.

Here's The Best Nigerian Prince Email Scam In The Galaxy

The Nigerian prince scam will never die. It’s lasted in various forms for decades now, but the latest iteration is downright amazing. Can’t you give $US3 million to help a Nigerian astronaut get home from his secret space mission?

Over 39,000 Cases Of Cybercrime Reported In Australia Last Year

Online fraud and scams make up 49 per cent of reports according to The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

Lumosity Has To Pay $2 Million For Lying About Its Bullshit Brain Games 

Lumosity, which created a brain game powerhouse by telling people it could make them smarter, is paying for its lies. Lumos Labs will pay the US Federal Trade Commission $US2 million for deceptive trade practices.

Popular German Dating Site LOVOO May Use Fembots To Lure Men Into Paying

After the Ashley Madison fembot scandal, this scenario sounds familiar. Internal documents leaked by whistleblowers at dating site LOVOO, which boasts 36 million users across Europe, reveal the company used bots called “promoter bitches” to flirt with men and get them to spend Euros on the site.

Don't Fall For The Facebook Dislike Button Scam

Take this survey and win a free iPad! Take this survey and win a never-ending pasta bowl! Take this survey and get Facebook’s Dislike button! Wait, what?

Sketchy Kickstarter Campaign Ordered To Pay Back The Donors It Ripped Off

Launching a shitty crowdfunding campaign just got riskier. For the first time, a Kickstarter campaign has been ordered to pay for failing to fulfil promises to its backers.

Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of Editors Who Extorted Users For Cash

Wikipedia is no stranger to scandals, but a quiet update on its administrators’ announcement board reveals a big problem. The site’s CheckUser team recently banned 381 editors’ accounts for “undisclosed paid advocacy”. In other words, these Wikipedians were secretly shilling for brands and even resorting to extortion.

These Former 'Students' Say Trump University Was A Scam

Did you know that Donald Trump used to have his own university? Well, “university” is a stretch: The unaccredited program offered courses and seminars on how to do real estate deals in true Trump fashion. But some of Trump’s former “students” are pretty unhappy about the education they received. In fact, some allege it was all a scam.

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