I'm A Little Scared Of Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom seems like such a jovial fellow. He loves a laugh, digs his Call Of Duty and lives a life that can only be compared realistically to that of Tony Stark. Tonight he sits down for an Australian interview with SBS, and I think we should all be scared for the US Justice Department and Dotcom’s own brand of Jason Bourne-style revenge.

SBS On Demand Comes To iOS

In Australia, government-funded TV services do a much better job of meeting the needs of viewers. Echoing similar moves by the ABC, SBS has released an iOS app for viewing its On Demand catch-up service.

Monday Night Web Movie: My Sex Robot

Will humans want to marry robots by 2050? Maybe, but right now, a few want to have sex with them. Find out the full story in this creepy, yet wildly factual documentary, My Sex Robot.

Aussie ‘E-Waste Hell' In Ghana

This is not a happy story to start your Monday with. That TV or computer you put out for recycling, feeling all eco-friendly? It’s killing children in Ghana.

SBS Launches Video On Demand Service

SBS’ new online video service joins the ranks of ABC’s excellent iView and Seven’s slightly less sexy 7PLUS, but omits the catchy naming convention; it’s simply “On Demand”.

Video: Gizmodo SBS Interview On Steve Jobs Stepping Down

As you may have noticed, Alex Kidman is guest editing Giz for me at the moment (he’s filled in for Nick in the past, too). He got off to a flyer this morning with the news about Steve Jobs’ resignation, and just finished a TV interview with SBS on that very subject. It won’t air until the 6:30 news, but you can watch the interview in full after the jump.

LG Offering Fairfax News Through Smart TV Sets

If you like the idea of using your television to get your daily newspaper, LG has announced that it is partnering with Fairfax to offer localised news services via its Smart TVs.

Foxtel Re-Broadcasting 15 SBS 3D World Cup Matches

Foxtel iQ2 subscribers who were disappointed that they weren’t getting to enjoy the delights of the new free-to-air 3D trial channel can now take some solace in the fact that the Pay TV operator will be re-transmitting 15 of the 25 3D matches from the World Cup on Channel 200.

Mobile Foxtel Gets ABC1 And SBS Content

If you watch Foxtel on your NextG mobile phone, you might have noticed a couple of extra channels appearing yesterday, with Telstra announcing they’ve added ABC1 and SBS ONE TV content to their mobile Foxtel offering for no additional charge.

SBS Officially Broadcasting Some World Cup Matches In 3D

After last week’s ACMA announcement about its temporary 3D broadcast licence, you sort of knew SBS would be broadcasting certain key matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D. Well, last night, SBS officially announced it would be broadcasting those key matches in 3D, as well as regular 2D, live as they happen.