Behold The Awesome Nebulae Flybys In This New In Saturn's Rings Teaser

Our friends of In Saturn’s Rings have a new teaser for their incoming 4K IMAX grand tour of the Universe, made using millions of high definition photographs taken by telescopes and spacecraft. There are no 3D models in these videos. Just photos, animated by 67 volunteers from all over the world.

Cool History Of Evolution Turns Lifeforms Into Robots

Video: This ad for the German technology store Saturn makes as much sense as a Transformers movie: Zero. But I like how it tells the evolution of life on Earth making a parallel with the evolution of human technology.

Saturn's Hexagon Unlikely To Be An Alien Base... It's Far Too Windy

Saturn’s hexagon-shaped “storm” is really a base for the Illuminati. No, wait, actually it’s an alien space base. Erm… would you believe a gateway to Hell? Alright, let’s stop with the conspiracy theories and hear what science has to say, thanks to Discovery News.

You Get Three For One In This Striking Image Of Saturn

Briefly: You get three-for-one in this striking image of Saturn: its north polar vortex and hexagon along with its expansive rings. It was captured by Cassini’s wide-angle camera earlier this year. [NASA]

The 50 Most Amazing Images From A Decade Of Orbiting Saturn

Cassini entered Saturn’s orbit on July 1, 2004. And ever since, this NASA-ESA-ASI collaboration has delivered stunning images of the crown jewel of our solar system. The following 50 images were chosen from thousands of similarly great photographs from a full decade of exploring the sixth planet and its iconic ring system and moons.

NASA's New Smell-O-scope Experiment Sniffs Saturn's Moon Titan

Good news, everyone! NASA has came up with an interplanetary smell-o-scope experiment, processing data from the Cassini spacecraft and reproducing the smell of another world right here on Earth: Saturn’s moon Titan. (Spoiler: It smells like farts mixed with gasoline.)

Hubble Sees High-Speed Dancing Aurora On Saturn

This GIF shows a fast-paced light show on the north pole of Saturn, as captured by the European Space Agency’s Hubble Space Telescope in April and May of 2013. The images was just now released by the ESA.

Saturn Will Be Visible Over Australia This Week, Here's How To View It

Everyone’s favourite ringed planet – the magnificent Saturn – is well worth some extra attention in the coming days. This weekend, it reached opposition, shining at its very best and brightest, directly opposite the sun in the sky, and it will still be visible tonight! Here’s how to see it.

Colourful View Of Saturn's Rings

NASA has released this beautiful image of the Saturn rings, looking straight down — the outer portion of the C ring and the inner portion of the B ring. According to NASA, “the general pattern is from “dirty” particles indicated by red to cleaner ice particles shown in turquoise in the outer parts of the rings.”

A Beautiful Photo Of Saturn Taken Last Monday

Our friend Val Klavans sent us this beautiful image of Saturn in approximate true colour, taken on May 5 by Cassini. This is how your eyes would see it if you were there looking down from a high angle, at approximately 2,957,013km away from the planet.

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