This Australian Video Is A Satirical Glimpse Of Earth's Dystopian Future

Video: Made by Duncan Elms, this video imagines a future where Earth has been ravaged by wars, cyclones, food shortages, destructive weather and horrible humans and turned into areas of uninhabitable zones. And yet cities would still make bids to host the Olympic Games, even if they’re during a nuclear winter.

Code Dicks Parody Site Is Your Equal Opportunity Answer To Code Babes

It was only a matter of time. Just a few days after the internet got good and outraged over the wildly absurd, porn-based learn-to-code site Code Babes, we present to you its satirical, equal opportunity cousin. Say hello to Code Dicks.

The Onion's Useless App Pitch Is Perfect

The Onion’s TED talk parodies return with the reveal of a remarkable new app called PicSong that turns your countless photos into music — for anyone who might want to do that for some reason.

Satiregram Is The Only Instagram Account You Need To Follow

The best Instagram that everyone should go follow right now, Satiregram, doesn’t have any pictures at all. Or well, that’s not completely true. It obviously has pictures but all of its Instagram pictures is just text captions describing terribly cliche pictures you always see on Instagram. It’s riot-inducing hilarious because it’s absolutely true.

Tony Abbott And Skrillex Actually Make A Good Pair

I love the internet. You never know what some genius is going to build to make us laugh from one day to the next. The best thing on the internet this morning is Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s “ums” and “ahs”, mixed in to Skrillex’s second-album dubstep hit, Bangarang.

The MinusIQ Pill That Makes Smart People Dumber Would Be Fun To Take

Do you ever feel like the rest of the world is so dumb? And it’s not that you’re especially smart, it’s just that people are just so dumb. Do they enjoy being dumb? Have they ever thought about being smart? Of course not! Because being dumb is fun.

The Onion Reveals Facebook's Secret History

The Onion’s Extremely Accurate History of the Internet rolls on, this time shining a light on social networks, YouTube and Hitler. Yep, that sounds like the internet!

The Onion Explains Social Media More Accurately Than Anyone Has Before

The Onion’s TED parody series rolls on with what may be the best — and most scathing — round yet. The target this time? Social media, a joyous place where ideas are a waste of time, and talent is irrelevant.

The History Of The Internet, According To The Onion

From the first microbial ooze to your most recent Facebook poke, the internet’s history is as vast and varied as any major civilisation. Since a subject of this importance deserves only the most stringent satirical savaging, The Onion has — thankfully, blessedly — turned its gaze towards the bits and bytes that have been our ruin and salvation.

Louis CK's Crap Electronics Store Experience

Clearly retailers have plenty of problems that are out of any one person’s control. But the fact that the incredibly unpleasant employee interaction at Louis‘ store is so guttingly familiar sure speaks volumes.