Russian Space Agency Regains Control Of Rogue Lizard Sex Satellite

According the Russian space agency Roscosmos, control of the Russia’s lust lost lizard-sex satellite was regained on Saturday night. Presumably the love-struck lizards were no help.

A Russian Lizard Sex Satellite Is Out Of Control In Orbit

It began as just another chapter in humanity’s ongoing fascination of sending weird shit into space, then things spiraled out of control. Right now an orbital satellite filled with geckos flies more than 320km above our heads. But this isn’t a slapstick preamble to some clever car insurance commercial, these geckos are in space for only one thing: To. Get. It. On.

NASA Made An Underground Water Map To See Just How Bad The US Drought Is

News about the drought that has engulfed most of the western United States continues to get worse. But how do we know how extensive the current megadrought is? We actually can measure from the sky, but not in the way you think.

Tiny Changes In Earth's Gravity Can Help Predict Floods Months Away

When the Missouri River spilled over its banks in a catastrophic 2011 flood, we could have seen it coming — from space, that is. There’s more to the story than meets the eye: the satellites don’t take photos of snowpacks or rivers, but rather, they detect tiny changes in gravity over the Earth’s surface to track water.

US Satellites Are Now Cleared To Take Photos At Mailbox-Level Detail

The US Department of Commerce just lifted a ban on satellite images that showed features smaller than 50cm. The largest satellite imaging firm in the US, Digital Globe, asked the government to lift the restrictions and can now sell images showing details as small as a 30cm. A few centimetres may seem slight, but this is actually a big deal.

Monster Machines: This Six-Minute Satellite Studies Star Nurseries

Not every scientific exploration of the cosmos requires a multi-year, multi-billion dollar effort a la the Hubble Space Telescope Program. In fact, sometimes all it requires is a reusable sounding rocket, an ultraviolet camera, and six minutes in space.

NASA's Lost Satellite Just Made Its First Contact With Earth In 17 Years

It’s official: ISEE-3, the 36-year-old satellite that NASA left for dead over a decade ago, is back in touch with humankind. Today, a group of citizen scientists who raised almost $US160,000 to fund the process of taking control of ISEE-3 announced that two-way contact has been established with the little satellite that could. So what’s next?

NASA Is Letting Citizens Commandeer A Long-Lost Satellite

Yesterday, NASA officially granted permission to a group of scientists and enthusiasts who want to do what NASA can’t afford: make contact with a 36-year-old satellite called ISEE-3 that’s still capable of taking directions for a new mission. It’s the first agreement of its kind — and it could hint at where the space industry is going.

A Giant Ball Of Fire Fell From The Sky In North Queensland

Yesterday evening, residents of Townsville in north Queensland looking out their windows would have seen a massive fireball in the evening sky. A meteor, or possibly a chunk of an old satellite, falling to Earth made for an impressive twilight light show.

Monster Machines: This Cold War Test Bed Irradiated Satellites Before The Soviets Could

How do you ensure that fancy new military satellite is tough enough to withstand an orbital EMP attack by the Soviets? By shooting it with your own nuclear bomb using this massive, movable test chamber, obviously.