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This Beautiful App Lets You See The Mobile Towers, Wi-Fi Signals, And Satellites Around You

You’re aware that your mobile service comes from mobile towers. And that your mapping app is made possible by GPS satellites. And that Wi-Fi signals deliver your fail videos. But the sight of that invisible world is breathtaking.

The Painstaking Business Of Road Tripping With A Satellite

Gently now. Gently.

As a piece of hardware, a satellite is a paradoxical mix of super-strength materials and utterly fragile components. It needs to withstand the heat, cold, and g-forces of space travel — but still be able to take super-sensitive readings from hundreds of carefully-calibrated components.

A Swarm Of Satellites Will Soon Keep Us Safe From Fires

The GIF above, created by NASA, may leave you wondering why the US government is building a planetary shield. Something you’re not telling us, NASA? According to the space agency, NASA’s shield plan has nothing to do with intergalactic threats — it’s protection against a danger on the ground. The space agency wants to build a global network of fire-monitoring satellites.

Find Your House On This Map And Watch The Satellites Passing Above You

There are more than 2250 satellites orbiting the Earth right now. But that abstract number didn’t prepare me for the shock of watching a Soviet-era rocket body whipping over my house in real-time.

A Satellite Mishap Is Allowing Physicists To Test Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? That, at least, is the motto the European Space Agency seems to have embraced with respect to two wayward satellites, which are being re-purposed to provide the most accurate assessment yet of how gravity affects the passage of time.

How NASA Tests A New Weather Satellite Using Mules And Sensors

When you launch a new satellite, how do you know for sure that its measurements are accurate? It’s a lot harder than you’d think — and NASA is heading to the Pacific Northwest to do it. Pack animals are involved.

Now We Can Track Our Food Supply From Space

Satellites: Is there anything they can’t do? From studying our climate to investigating archaeological mysteries, it feels like we’re learning as much about our planet from orbit as we are from the ground. The latest thing we’re better off doing in space? Tracking our global food supply.

Modular Chameleon Satellite Can Transform To Change Missions

Once you’ve put a satellite into space, that’s normally kind of it. There isn’t usually a lot of replanning once your technology is in orbit, meaning that if you want to change something like the broadcast frequency, you’re stuck. That’s the reason these transforming satellites exist.

The Striking Launch Of A Satellite

Dayshot: Here’s a wonderful photo from the US Navy showing their launch of a Mobile User Objective System communications satellite. The US Navy says the picture shows “a 5-metre payload fairing lifts off from Space Launch Complex-41”. I say the picture looks like it perfectly captures the idea of shooting for the stars.

NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company To Build A Magnetic 'Tractor Beam'

When Arx Pax unveiled its “hoverboard” last year, we had a hunch that this was but the first demonstration of the company’s new magnetic field technology. Why was Arx Pax really messing around with magnets? For one, to build a tractor beam.

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