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Modular Chameleon Satellite Can Transform To Change Missions

Once you’ve put a satellite into space, that’s normally kind of it. There isn’t usually a lot of replanning once your technology is in orbit, meaning that if you want to change something like the broadcast frequency, you’re stuck. That’s the reason these transforming satellites exist.

The Striking Launch Of A Satellite

Dayshot: Here’s a wonderful photo from the US Navy showing their launch of a Mobile User Objective System communications satellite. The US Navy says the picture shows “a 5-metre payload fairing lifts off from Space Launch Complex-41″. I say the picture looks like it perfectly captures the idea of shooting for the stars.

NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company To Build A Magnetic 'Tractor Beam'

When Arx Pax unveiled its “hoverboard” last year, we had a hunch that this was but the first demonstration of the company’s new magnetic field technology. Why was Arx Pax really messing around with magnets? For one, to build a tractor beam.

Part Of A Rocket Engine Landed In This Guy's Living Room

Part of a rocket engine crashes through the roof of a house in northeast China’s Shanxi province early Friday morning.

If Our Eyes Could See Wireless Signals, Here's How Our World Might Look 

Our lives today depend largely on systems and infrastructure that is invisible — a hidden landscape of webs and waves that come from cell towers, routers, satellites and more.

Here's What California's Thick Blanket Of Wildfire Smoke Look Like From Orbit

NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS, records what’s happening on the surface of the Earth every day or two. That means recording dust storms, hurricanes, typhoons — and, as was the case this week, a thick layer of smoke over California.

Wildfires Have Devasted 5 Million Acres, And Alaska Is Still Burning

Alaska’s wildfires burned through their 5 millionth acre this week, making 2015 the third most destructive wildfire season ever recorded in the state, and NASA’s Terra satellite captured this striking image of the fires from above.

What's The Point Of A Fly-By When We Have The Tech To Go Into Orbit?

New Horizons’ fly-by of Pluto and its moons is the latest in a historic string of missions to objects in the solar system. But given that a fly-by lasts for just a short time, how much can we really get out of it? There’s no doubt that the mission will yield a great deal of interesting data, but surely more would be gained if the spacecraft could go into orbit for a number of days or actually land on the surface and take physical samples.

The Algerian Sahara Looks Stunning From Orbit

When you think “Sahara desert” your mind’s eye probably conjures images of tawny, windswept dunes stretching monotonously into the horizon. But satellites have a way of giving us a strikingly different, often much more interesting view of our world.

The Most Beautiful Landscapes From 10 Years Of Google Earth

Exactly 10 years ago, Google uploaded an announcement to its press page: Google Launches Free 3D Mapping and Search Product!

Google Earth turns 10 today, and to celebrate, the engineering team added 1500 new images to its great Earth View project, where it collects the most compelling images recorded by its source satellites.

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