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A New Technique Makes GPS Accurate To A Centimetre

GPS is an utterly pervasive and wonderful technology, but it’s increasingly not accurate enough for modern demands. Now a team of researchers can make it accurate right down to a centimetre.

Terabit-Capacity Satellites Will Bring Space Internet Up To Speed

Satellite internet is a viable solution for anyone living out in the sticks, provided you don’t mind slow speeds and awful ping. ViaSat’s latest class of satellites hopes to solve the speed problem, thanks to satellites with more capacity than all the existing solutions combined.

Physicists Discover A New Kind Of Crystal Inspired By Satellite Orbits 

The very definition of a crystal relies on the notion of symmetry: the atoms line up in highly ordered, repeating honeycomb patterns, and that symmetry should be evident whichever way you look at it. Now physicists have stumbled upon a new type of crystal inspired by the orbits of satellites.

An Army Of Mini Satellites Will Scour Asia For Natural Disasters From Space

Natural disasters seem to be more plentiful and powerful than ever. But an alliance of Asian countries and universities is coming to the rescue. The plan is to launch a flock of small satellites to help monitor destruction as it unfolds on Earth, providing emergency responders with critical information faster than ever.

The Quest To Build A Satellite That Can Destroy Itself  

Satellites are built to endure decades in the most inhospitable conditions in the known universe. Paradoxically, engineers are now trying to figure out how to design them so that they do melt — planned obsolescence at 322km above the Earth.

The Project To Monitor Bridges And Infrastructure From Space Is Growing 

A few months ago, the European Space Agency and the University of Nottingham described a new project that would use satellites to monitor ageing, at-risk piece of infrastructure was at a given moment, right down to the centimetre. Now, more countries want in.

Virgin Galactic Announces New 'Cosmic Girl' Mothership That Could Help It Compete With SpaceX

Space cowboy Richard Branson and his company, Virgin Galactic, have shown off a 747-400 aeroplane that could launch rocket payloads from the air straight into orbit.

This Beautiful App Lets You See The Mobile Towers, Wi-Fi Signals, And Satellites Around You

You’re aware that your mobile service comes from mobile towers. And that your mapping app is made possible by GPS satellites. And that Wi-Fi signals deliver your fail videos. But the sight of that invisible world is breathtaking.

The Painstaking Business Of Road Tripping With A Satellite

Gently now. Gently.

As a piece of hardware, a satellite is a paradoxical mix of super-strength materials and utterly fragile components. It needs to withstand the heat, cold, and g-forces of space travel — but still be able to take super-sensitive readings from hundreds of carefully-calibrated components.

A Swarm Of Satellites Will Soon Keep Us Safe From Fires

The GIF above, created by NASA, may leave you wondering why the US government is building a planetary shield. Something you’re not telling us, NASA? According to the space agency, NASA’s shield plan has nothing to do with intergalactic threats — it’s protection against a danger on the ground. The space agency wants to build a global network of fire-monitoring satellites.

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