Specially-Developed Plastic Runners Let This Sled Slide On Sand

It might not provide the same technical challenge as skiing or snowboarding, but it’s hard to argue that sledding isn’t one of the best ways to take advantage of the winter. But what about those other snow-free seasons? Wouldn’t it be fun to sled all year round? Of course it would, so Germany’s KHW has developed the world’s first plastic sled that works on sand instead of snow.

The Artist Making Beautiful Snow Art With Simple Maths And Footprints

You’ve probably seen Simon Beck’s masterpieces floating around the internet. Up close it looks like an army has marched through the snow. But when you step back — way back — the texture turns into an extravagant design. Some look like snowflakes, some like elaborate fractals. They’re all made with just a compass, Beck’s feet and some simple maths.

Sand Thieves Are Destroying The World's Beaches To Make Concrete

Sand — humble, measly, regular old sand — is a hot commodity these days. As construction booms in Asia and the Middle East gulp up billions of tons of sand each year, beaches thousands of miles away are getting robbed and turned into rocky, pockmarked versions of their former selves.

These Sand Castles Are Actually Castles Carved On Grains Of Sand

Anyone can build a castle with sand, but can you build a castle on sand? Artist and photographer Vik Muniz collaborated with MIT researcher Marcelo Coelho to engrave a castle onto a single granule of sand.

Snapshots Of Sand In Mid-Air Look Like Otherworldly Explosions

Armed with a shovel and a camera with a super-high shutter speed, photographer Claire Droppert made her way around a series of Dutch beaches and created these crazy Sand Creatures. The airborne formations look like the Sandman’s brethren caught in the act of transformation.

Scientists Flattened A Desert With Bulldozers To Study Sand Dunes

Six years ago, a patch of land in the Inner Mongolian desert became unnaturally flat. Researchers, for the sake of science, had razed 40 acres — or the equivalent of eight city blocks — of desert. Then, for three and half years, they set up cameras and watched as small piles of sand grew and grew into full-fledged sand dunes.

Four Stepper Motors Can Make Beautiful Sand Art

There are challenges to making art in any medium, and with sand the issue is clearly accuracy. How do you keep everything in place while you’re working? David Bynoe, a kinetic sculptor in Calgary, Alberta, created this drawing machine for the elus Spark Science Centre to solve that problem.

Colourful Desert Ruins Consumed By Waves Of Sand

Photographer Romain Veillon recently travelled to the deserts of Namibia, where he photographed the abandoned village of Kolmanskop, an extraordinarily evocative collection of old wooden houses now filled with waves of sand.

This Mug Screws Into Soft Ground To Stay Upright

If you’ve ever struggled to keep your drinks in their receptacle at the beach, this concept will have your pretty excited: Screw Cup is a mug that can be driven into the ground to help it stay upright.

How Star Wars Just Inspired A Real-Life Scientific Discovery

The real-life Tatooine may not have two suns — but it has unlocked the secrets of a geomorphic mystery. Close to Tozeur, Tunisia — George Lucas’s stand-in for the barren planet — there’s a wilderness of sand that’s permanently changing.