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The Lumia 920's PureView Camera Passes The Russian RC Car Test

When it comes to phone cameras, the Lumia 920’s PureView is proving to be pretty awesome at low-light shots, but how good is that Optical Image Stabilization? A couple of Russians with a 920, a Galaxy S III, and an RC car ran a little experiment to find out. Turns out it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Optus Releases 4G Samsung Galaxy S III, 4G Consumer Plans [Update]

Optus has announced its new 4G offering for consumer customers, including the launch of its 4G network, a 4G dongle, portable Wi-Fi modem, and the long-awaited, 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Updated with official pricing and dates.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets A Shiny Makeover

Samsung’s Galaxy SIII is nice in blue and white, but check out these four new colours the gadget giant has planned.

HTC One S Review: The Goldilocks Smartphone

The HTC One S fits nicely into the middle of the Taiwanese handset maker’s range of flagship lettered smartphones. The One S though is not too much of a super phone like the One XL, but it’s not too basic like the One V, so is the Golidlocks-like One S something you should have in your life?

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