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EB Games' Mad Monday Sales Are, Well, Mad

Looking for an easy Christmas present for the gamer in your life? Today’s the day to pick something up — EB Games is having a massive Mad Monday sale. Deals change every half hour, too, so check back here for all the details.

Kogan Expanding Online Sales To New Zealand

Online electronics seller Kogan is expanding its digital storefront to New Zealand, offering most of the same products that it already has for sale in Australia. Kogan’s own-brand products join electronics and homewares from brands like Samsung and Sony, with Kogan claiming prices up to 75 per cent lower than New Zealand retail competitors.

Windows 8 Sales: Five Questions That Still Need Answers

Windows 8, Microsoft reported yesterday, has sold 40 million Windows 8 licences in its first month of retail. That’s an indisputably huge number, outpacing even Windows 7 sales at launch. But it’s also a number that raises as many questions as answers.

Who Are The Best And Worst Retailers In Australia?

Choice has broken out its best clipboard and reviewed the nation’s best and worst electronics retailers. We want to know what you think, though. Who has the best and worst gadget sales and service in the country.

Dick Smith Employee Tells The Story Behind The Sale

The excitement of Dick Smith Electronic’s game sale yesterday was, in many ways, off-set by the anger from customers who felt that they’d lined up for nothing. The Dick Smith sale was characterised by miscommunication: from when the sale was meant to begin, to what was actually available and in stock, to how much people could buy. A Dick Smith employee who worked during the sale has offered to answer a few questions for us.

Could Dick Smith Have Handled Yesterday's Sale Differently?

Yesterday’s Dick Smith Games sale was something of an object lesson in how not to manage social media or sales. There’s definitely a case for better control of your information channels, but could the sale have been handled better?

Dick Smith Massive Monday Game Sale Leaked: Clearing Out The Warehouse

Dick Smith has now confirmed plans for a “massive $7 million gaming clearance” starting April 2nd, after leaked price sheets emerged today. The retailer hasn’t confirmed if the prices are indeed correct, but so far, it hasn’t denied them either. I’m talking about PSPs ($40), Xbox 360 250GB Slim ($100), Nintendo DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin’s Creed 2 for 360 ($5), and more.

Apple Sells 3 Million New iPads, Shows That The Future Is Here To Stay

Apple has just announced that they have sold three million new iPads since its release last Friday. It’s a staggering number. Clearly, they are unstoppable at this point. The future is here to stay, people.

World Buys More Smartphones Than Computers

In 2011, manufacturers shipped 487.7 million smartphones and only 414.6 million computers — that’s desktops, laptops and tablets. Combined. We’d heard prophecy of this day and now it may have arrived.

Lunchtime Deals: Up To 30% Off Lenovo Laptops

Who pays RRP these days? Lenovo has a three-day sale on its ThinkPad laptops that ends today, offering between 10 and 30 per cent off the recommended retail price, depending on how much the laptop costs. Considering Lenovo make some of the best Windows notebooks on the market, it’s a great chance to grab a good deal on a new machine. [Lenovo via OzBargain]

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