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A Controller So Beautiful You Might Not Care If It Actually Sucks

If you’ve been playing video games since the original NES landed over 30 years ago, your tastes have probably refined over the years. So why muck up your living room coffee table with plastic controller monstrosities when this gorgeous walnut and aluminium alternative perfectly complements all your furniture?

Engadget Says Sony's S1 Will Be Known As Tablet S

Engadget has some new details for the PlayStation-certified Sony S1 slate. Set maaaybe for release in the first two weeks of September, the gorgeous if drably-named Tablet S will now ship with Honeycomb 3.1, and will be ready for an Ice Cream Sandwich update. [Engadget]

Will Sony's Android Tablets Land In Australia Next Month?

Looks like Sony will have plenty to talk about at Berlin’s big IFA electronics show in a couple of weeks. I’ve been invited to spend some quality hands-on time with a range of gear in Sydney, including: new Sony Readers and “digital imaging equipment” — could that mean new video cameras, or those leaked Alpha cameras? But what’s really got me curious is Sony’s self-described “highlight” of a “whole new product category.” Take this with a liberal helping of salt (because Sony certainly wouldn’t confirm it), but I smell tablets.

Hands On With Sony’s Gorgeous New Android Tablets

These tablets, codenamed S1 and the S2, are why we need Sony – the Sony we love – in a world where almost every gadget of consequence is effectively a blank slate for software.

Sony S1 and S2 Android Tablets Get Lovingly Fondled

Finally! These new pics and video are the best look we’ve had yet at Sony’s upcoming tablets, especially the dual-screen S2. And Sony has its reputation on the line here: it wants to be the number 2 tablet maker by 2012. So take a look for yourself, think they have a shot?

Sony Giving Itself Three Months To Become Number Two In Tablets?

Reports are hitting the internet today that Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets are going to start hitting shelves (in Europe at least) in September. That doesn’t give the company long to become the second biggest tablet company this year, does it?

There's No Word On When Australia Will See Sony's New Tablets

Did you like the look of those new Sony Honeycomb powered tablets, the S1 and S2? Want to know when you can get your grubby Australian fingers on one? Looks like you’ll have to wait.

Check Out The First Trailer For Sony's New PlayStation Tablets

Here’s the debut trailer for Sony’s new pair of PlayStation-certified tablet computers, the S1 and S2.

Sony's Android Tablets Are Game, Music, Video Titans

Focusing on the things that matter most to Sony – style and media – their first two tablets are running Android 3.0 (yes, Honeycomb) and come in two very different form-factors. You’ll recognise the familiar shape of the S1, which measures 9.4 inches, whereas the S2 is a sort-of DS-type clamshell, with dual screens that both measure 5.5 inches.

Report: That Sony S1 Tablet Is Actually The PlayStation Tablet

Sony’s rumoured S1 tablet apparently isn’t just some design curio; according to an Engadget update, it’s also PlayStation Certified – meaning that this is a full-on PS tablet. And maybe the first great dedicated gaming slate? [Engadget]

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