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Donald Trump Just Asked Russia To Hack Hillary Clinton's Emails

During a news conference in Florida today, Donald J. Trump — a man who is running for what is arguably the most powerful job in the world — challenged Russia to hack into opponent Hillary Clinton’s email.

There Will Be No Blanket Ban On Russian Athletes At The Rio Olympics

The trainwreck that will likely be the Rio Olympics is almost here and it was possible that Russia, an entire nation with a huge presence at Olympic games, wouldn’t be able to participate due to allegations of widespread doping before, during, and after the Sochi games in 2014.

New Report Confirms That The Russian Government Ordered Olympic Doping

In May, a slew of allegations emerged accusing Russian athletes — with involvement from government officials — of doping during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. An independent investigation from the Worldwide Anti-Doping Agency, released today, has now confirmed these broad accusations.

Chair Of US Propaganda Arm Booted From Russia

Jeff Shell, an executive with NBCUniversal, was detained in Moscow last night when he tried to enter Russia. After hours of confusion, he was ultimately told that he couldn’t enter the country. Was the Kremlin still angry about Evan Almighty? Probably not. The New York Times mentions that Mr Shell is also the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The part they kind of gloss over? The BBG is the propaganda arm of the United States.

VPN Pulls Out Of Russia Due To New Data Retention Laws

The Russian Government has passed a new law that mandates that every provider must log all Russian internet traffic for up to a year, and as a result VPN provider Private Internet Access (PIA) has immediately discontinued its Russian gateways and will no longer be doing business in the region.

Russian Hackers Reportedly Stole Donald Trump Opposition Research From The DNC

Russian hackers were able to snatch all of the Democratic National Committee’s opposition research on Donald Trump, according to US officials who spoke to the Washington Post. The hackers were able to read emails and instant messages as a result of the breach.

When Past And Future Collide: Russian Takes Out Drone With Spear

Flying a drone can come with some unforeseen hazards: hawks have taken out drones on more than one occasion, but now, there’s another hazard for pilots to take into consideration: Spear-wielding Russian re-enactors.

Report: Russia Led A State-Run Doping Program For The 2014 Sochi Olympics

The New York Times published a blistering exposé today, detailing how Russian Olympians engaged in a state-run doping program in order to win as many gold medals as possible during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. At least 15 medal winners were reportedly involved.

Renaissance Festival Actor Spears A Historically-Inaccurate Drone Right Out Of The Sky

Video: You have to be careful when attending a renaissance festival. Some of those in attendance take historical accuracy very, very seriously. Whipping out your smartphone could lead to a night in the stocks, and trying to film the festivities with a flying drone will incur an even worse fate for your quadcopter.

These Bus Stops Left Over From The Soviet Union Are Wonderfully Bizarre

The Soviet Union. The USSR. The Iron Curtain. The Eastern Bloc. Lenin. Stalin. The Communist Party. The KGB. The Cold War. And awesomely designed bus stops? Apparently, and bizarrely and awesomely, that’s one of the legacies of the Soviet Union. Photographer Christopher Herwig’s excellent photo book Soviet Bus Stops documents the design of local bus stops across the former USSR, and they’re all so impressively weird and out of place that it doesn’t really make any sense. But it is so fun to see.

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