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How Hackers Stole A Slew Of Republican Donors' Credit Card Info

Patrons of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s merchandise, such as #NeverHillary stickers or Make America Great Again wristbands, may be in for a nasty surprise. Why? Well, there’s a pretty good chance that credit card details from these transactions are being sold online by Russian hackers right now.

Russia's Bizarre Pokemon Pop Tribute Is Insane 

Last month, a grown man in fluffy Pikachu jammies performed a manic routine from Hell on Russian state-controlled Channel 1, complete with Pokébabes and Pokéhunks dancing with giant prop iPhones, half-twerking and bouncing about on blow-up Pokéballs.

Feds Say Russia Hacked The DNC To Influence The US Election

The US Intelligence Community is confident that the Russian government was behind recent hacks against the Democratic National Committee that compromised thousands of emails from top DNC members.

Vladimir Putin Says Goodbye To Microsoft Outlook, Clippy May Be Next

On Tuesday, Moscow announced that it would begin transitioning the email software on 6000 of its government computers away from Microsoft and toward a state-run system.

Yes, That Is A Man-Bear With A Gatling Gun In This Insane New Trailer For Russia's Guardians 

Video: The last time we got a trailer for Guardians, it was bananas and weird and all in Russian. And there was a Bear-Man that came out of nowhere. Now we have some curious dubbing, a city-ruining battle and a Bear-Man tossing a man in the air and venting him with a gatling gun. Wait.

Nefarious Promobot Droid Apprehended, Handcuffed By Russian Cops

Yes, that’s right: Promobot, the escape-happy robot, has gotten itself in trouble once again. This time it’s been arrested by Russian police “at a political rally”, a story by the ABC alleges.

Russia's Blood Red River Is Worse Than We Thought

Last week, strange images of a river that had turned blood red emerged out of Russia. Now satellite images show that the red waters run much further through the area — and it’s been happening for decades.

Russian Scientists Stationed At Lonely Arctic Outpost Now Also Surrounded By Bears

While working at a remote weather station in the Russian Arctic might sound like a lot of fun, the reality is apparently far grimmer. In addition to the cold, the isolation and the possibility of literally falling off a cliff thanks to climate change, researchers have to deal with unruly locals, like the dozen or so polar bears currently “besieging” scientists on Troynoy Island in Russia’s Great Arctic State Nature Reserve.

Wikileaks May Have Withheld Key Russian Documents From 'Syria Files' Leaks

Wikileaks withheld a batch of emails showing a $US2.2 ($3) billion transaction between the Syrian regime and a Russian government-owned bank, according to a Daily Dot report. If true, the report will likely have a lasting negative impact on Wikileaks’ credibility. The report alleges that the transparency organisation betrayed its own core values of “pristine leaking” and did so in a way that protects Russia’s public image.

Why Did This Russian River Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

A river near an industrial town in Russia has turned suddenly blood-red. But it’s not an omen of something mystical wrong in the cosmos. Rather, the source of the problem is probably a leaky factory upstream.

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