Apple Halts Online Sales In Russia Due To Seesawing Rouble

The wildly fluctuating worth of the Russian rouble currency has lead iPhone makers Apple to halt online sales in the country, as the tech giant cannot set stable prices for its wares.

Close Encounters With Russian Warplanes As Tensions Rise In Europe

Things are not looking good over the Baltic Sea. Poland has announced that Russian naval and air force activity in the Baltic Sea region is “unprecedented”, with Sweden being the most affected country, which have resulted in numerous close encounters.

The Gates Of Hell Just Opened In Russia With This Massive Sinkhole

A potash mine in the Perm region, Russia, has collapsed, leaving behind a gigantic sinkhole in the middle of an abandoned town. It’s scary but that’s not the real bad news: a connected mine just few kilometres away sits right underneath a town full of people and houses and experts say it may collapse too.

Mysterious Huge Flash Illuminates Russian Skies, Puzzles Scientists

This is really, really weird: Multiple sightings and dashcam videos of a gigantic yellow flash that covered the skies of the Sverdlovsk region, in Russia, have been reported on the night of November 14. Scientists and local authorities still don’t know what it is or where did it come from.

Here Are The Russian Warships Headed For Brisbane

There are four Russian warships heading towards Brisbane, presumably because of Tony Abbott’s schoolyard challenge to Vladimir Putin. In the interest of national security, we thought it best to analyse the four vessels, and calculate their chance of success in any possible conflict.

Luckiest Guy In The World Today Survives Road Crash Against All Odds

Video: I never get tired of these videos in which someone is standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time yet survives a major crash against all odds. Like this Russian dude, who was standing on a road when some idiotic car driver decided to turn left while a truck was coming down the opposite lane at full speed.

This Is How ATMs Get Hacked In Russia: Using Explosives

Forget super-skinny card skimmers and clever malware attacks. In Russia, many of the attempts to illegally obtain cash from ATMs are rather more crude — because they involve explosives.

Holy Crap, Watch These Crazy Russians Catch A Lightning Bolt

Video: Not having enough with hanging from buildings and just driving through their Mad Max roads, the crazy Russians now spend their days playing with high voltage electricity. Here you have them emulating Benjamin Franklin and catching a lightning with a kite, filmed in slow motion.

Report: The White House Hacked By Russians

The Washington Post reports that computers at the White House were hacked recently by people possibly working for the Russian government. The NSA and FBI are investigating the attack, which we only found out about thanks to information from an “ally”.