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Russia's Newest Data Center Will Be Nuclear Powered

Russia’s newest data center will also be its largest, with a capacity for 10,000 racks. With that much power draw, it of course makes sense for the facility to be built next door to an existing nuclear power station.

FBI Links A Single Hacker To The Theft Of 1.2 Billion Stolen Log-Ins 

The FBI has managed to link the theft of a frankly staggering 1.2 billion log-in credentials to a single hacker, after finding a Russian email address within reams of data obtained by security researchers.

Russian TV 'Accidentally' Leaks Footage Of Classified Nuclear Torpedo Design

During a meeting of military officials in Sochi, Russian TV crews captured footage of a document not intended for public consumption. The supposedly “secret data,” which was subsequently shown on Russian television, revealed details of a “nuclear torpedo” designed to inflict “assured unacceptable damage” to enemy coastal installations.

IT Contractors That Let Russians Write US Military Code Will Pay $US12.75 Million 

Not that you need another reminder that government cybersecurity is screwed, but here we are: After a four-year federal probe, contractors will pay a combined $US12.75 million in civil penalties to settle a suit alleging that they let Russian programmers write military code.

Watch How Supersonic Russian Bombers Drop Their Giant Cruise Missiles

The Russian Air Force’s Tupolev TU-160 is a gorgeous-looking plane with sweeping wings and the capability to reach supersonic speeds. It’s also a scary powerful bomber aircraft with the ability to launch the frightening KH-555 cruise missile, an air-launched missile that can be equipped with a nuclear warhead and has a 3500km range. Here’s training footage showing how those missiles are unleashed.

Blowing Up A Pool With Firecrackers Is Definitely The Awesomest Thing

Video: Have an outdoor pool that you don’t want to drain? Need to get rid of the portable pool but don’t want to do any work? There’s a much better and infinitely more fun alternative solution: blow that mother up with firecrackers. It creates an explosion that looks like a mini atom bomb and spreads the water everywhere.

Report: Russian Government Has Been Running A 7-Year Malware Campaign

According to a new report by security researchers at F-Secure Labs, hacking groups funded by the Russian government have been a running a large-scale malware campaign that’s hit the likes of NATO and U.S. government institutions.

Russia Just Banned PornHub

In Soviet Russia, porno was a big no-no. And while the land of Putin has loosened up in recent years, it’s still very much frowned upon. Case in point: Russia has banned PornHub and ten other sexy websites.

Head Of NASA: Congress, Stop Paying Russia To Send Americans To Space

In an open letter to Congress today, ex-astronaut and current NASA head honcho Charles F. Bolden Jr shared some choice words: Quit wasting money and start sending US astronauts to space aboard US spacecraft.

Here's An Early Look At Russia's New Manned Spacecraft

While NASA and its commercial partners try hard to develop several new American spacecraft in order to get American astronauts into Earth’s orbit and beyond, Russia is working on its own new craft too.

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