Holy Cow, Another Crazy Meteor Caught On Russian Dashcam

Last night, yet another eye-searing blue meteor screamed across the dark Russian sky. Lucky for us, Russia is the land of dashcams, meaning that yet again, we get a driver’s seat view of the phenomenon. How do you say “wow” in Russian?

Monster Machines: This Doomsday Plane Is Putin's Personal Escape Pod

America isn’t the only superpower with a “Doomsday Plane” for its head of state. When Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to escape danger, he hops aboard this top-secret flying communications center.

Google Maps Stays Neutral By Only Showing Your Side In Border Disputes

Border disputes are still going on in a bunch of places around the world. That makes life difficult for mapmakers, and especially difficult for the world’s favourite online map service, Google Maps. As The Washington Post points out, Google strives to not get stuck in the middle of a territorial struggle, by showing you the border you most likely want to see based on where you’re Googling from.

Report: NASA Cuts All Non-ISS Ties With Russia Over Ukraine

In an internal memo, NASA has stated that it will suspend all interaction with the Russian government, in response to Russia’s violations of Ukraine’s territorial independence. Fortunately for US astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson, both currently orbiting on the International Space Station, the two agencies will still cooperate to transport supplies and personnel to and from the ISS.

These Time-Warp Photos Show Six Cities In The Past And Present

Cities change: skyscrapers go up, row houses are torn down, neighbourhoods gentrify, earthquakes destroy. Vintage photographs of cities can be fascinating in and of themselves, but the familiar unfamiliarity of these time-warped photographs are especially intriguing.

All About The Military Dolphins Of The U.S. (And Now Russia)

In what is easily one of the stranger twists in the military takeover of Crimea, the Russians have seized control of Ukraine’s navy dolphin fleet. Yes, dolphins. The annals of dolphin military history is actually teeming with improbable tales, so let this be your guide to the cetacean Cold War.

Russian Anti-Aircraft Gun Malfunctions Almost Killing Everyone Around

This footage shows a Russian 9K22 Tunguska anti-aircraft weapon system going out of control as it during a recent exercise firing with real ammo. Miraculously, it was reported that nobody was harmed in the incident. Some people are speculating this was filmed in Crimea, but it could have been at the recent war games near Finland.

What The Ukrainian Crisis Means For Astronauts In Space

Ever since NASA retired its space shuttle program in 2011, the only way to get up to the International Space Station is on a Russian Soyuz. That’s why the six humans currently orbiting in space — including two Americans and three Russians — might be paying attention to what’s happening on earth 320km below. As tensions run high between the US and Russia over the situation in Ukraine, geopolitics may find its way into space again.

Ukraine Is Now Being Hit By Cyberattacks

If there weren’t already enough problems in Ukraine, it’s now coming under heavy electronic attack too. Reuters reports that Ukraine’s telecommunications system has come under attack in the past two days, with “equipment installed in Russian-controlled Crimea used to interfere with the mobile phones of members of parliament”.

Russian Teen Sets Himself On Fire And Jumps Off A Building Just For Fun

We knew that Russian kids were crazy, but things are getting even more insane. Take Sanya, a teen from Barnaul, a city in the West Siberian Plain. He set himself on fire, jumped from the top of a building into the snow below, stood up and said ‘that was cool!’ Of course, the video has gone viral, so expect many other Russian kids doing the same soon.