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How News Of The World Hacked Everybody's Phones

For a while, leaving your phone unattended seemed like the biggest threat to phone security. But this recent business is a reminder that there are savvier ways someone can violate your phone – without even touching it.

LulzSec's UK Sun Hack, Explained

The Guardian has the lowdown on how LulzSec’s primetime hack of the UK Sun went down. It happened in two phases: one was discovering an exploit in the “contact us” section. The other was the discovery of a retired server.

Rupert Murdoch Attacked At Hearing

Someone just accosted Rupert Murdoch during his testimony before Parliament, apparently in an attempt to throw a pie in his face. He doesn’t appear to have been injured. His wife Wendi played bodyguard, catapulting herself toward the attacker with arms and nails flailing. His son James just stood there.

Stephen Colbert Is Really Concerned About Hacking

The News of the World phone-hacking; the Citibank hacking; the hacking cough of cold and flu season fast approaching… oh yes, Colbert is worried about them all.

Rumour: Rupert Murdoch May Resign As CEO Of News Corp

Whoa, all that scandal and hacking must have taken its toll on Rupert Murdoch. CNBC Breaking news suggests the News Corp CEO is thinking of resigning his postion and turning over control to COO Chase Carey. [Twitter]

LulzSec Hacks The Times With Brutal Murdoch Death Notice

Well, seems like Anonymous has moved beyond DDOS attack! Not content to merely shut down one of Rupert Murdoch’s paper’s websites, the hacking group has instead planted a bizarro-Onionesque account of the mogul’s death-by-palladium on a Times redesign page masquerading as The Sun. Well played, #AnonSec.

If The News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal Were Made Into A Movie...

The phone-hacking scandal that saw Rupert Murdoch close the UK’s News of the World newspaper and several high-profile resignations has reached a crescendo. Thankfully there’s a faux movie trailer to make light of the situation. [Thanks, Petah!]

In Defence Of Sleazy Journalism

As delightful as it’s been to watch Rupert Murdoch’s British fiefdom slowly drown in a foul swamp of wickedness and criminality, it’s worth remembering that all good reporters are amoral monsters and that without a lot of highly questionable behaviour on the part of sordid hacks around the world, we wouldn’t know half the things we need to know.

News Of The World Probably Tried To Hack 9/11 Victims' Phones Too

And now for some news that probably won’t shock you: According to a report in the Daily Mirror today, reporters from Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World asked a former NYPD officer who was working as a private investigator to access the phone records of British 9/11 victims.

News Ltd Outlines Its Paywall Pricing For The Australian

If you enjoy The Australian‘s even-handed journalistic approach to topics such as the NBN, then you’re soon to begin paying for the privilege. News Limited today announced its paywall structure for the newspaper, with plans for the Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun to follow at a later date.

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