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Apple's (Rumoured) 'Dark Black' iPhone 7 Looks Hot As

A few days out of Apple’s (almost certain, but not guaranteed) iPhone 7 launch, a last-minute image of a new iPhone colour has surfaced on the ‘net. And you should forget rose gold: this dark black finish is the new hotness.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Shots And Details Leaked Ahead Of Release: Report

It won’t be long before Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III is upstaged by the newer, fancier Mark IV. If you’ve been wondering exactly how newer and fancier, we now have what appear to be official product images and specifications for the DSLR, which could arrive as early as next week.

Photos Of Rumoured ZenWatch 3 Look Pretty Steampunk: Report

ASUS is gearing up for another smartwatch release to follow up on last year’s ZenWatch 2. Rather than go down the common path with a sleek and futuristic design, these photos suggest the ZenWatch 3 will embrace a retro aesthetic.

Google Is Working On 'Fuchsia', Its Own, Non-Linux Based Operating System For 'Modern' Devices

Google has never shied away from building operating systems — just look at Chrome OS and Android. The thing is, they’re both based on Linux and while it’s open-source and incredibly flexible, it might not be up to the task for Google’s future conquests. Enter “Fuchsia”, a new, non-Linux OS the company appears to be developing.

This Is What The iPhone 7 Will Probably Look Like

Why bother with 3D renders when we have the technology to put together mock-ups of upcoming gadgets? Marques Brownlee got his hands on a faux iPhone 7, based on all the bits and pieces currently floating around about Apple’s next iteration on its mobile line. And well, it looks pretty darn good.

We Can Finally Stick A Name On iRobot's Rumoured Lawn-Mowing Robot

Your lawn is a money pit that requires ungodly amounts of water and labour to keep it green and trim. We’ve known for sometime that iRobot, the Roomba company, has been on a mission to put your landscaper out of a job with a robot. Thanks to a trademark filing reported by Robotics Trends, there’s a pretty good chance this lawn chewing beast will be called… “Terra”?

iPhone Rumours: Don't Expect Any Big Changes This Year

While it can easily be argued that iPhone evolution is largely incremental, Apple does have a history of taking bigger strides in design in alternating years. One year we will see a rejuvenated design, and in the next we will see updates to the features on that design.

Although this year was slated to be a “rejuvenating” year, reports are claiming it’s not going to happen, with the next iPhone design being pretty much the same as the iPhone 6.

Google Could Be Considering A 'Chromebook Pro': Report

In computing, the word “Pro” is synonymous with Apple. And Microsoft. And a bunch of other gadget and software companies looking to give their products a premium edge. This includes Google, which may be investigating the demand for a “Chromebook Pro”.

Android Pay's Australian Launch Includes Just One Of The Big Four Banks: Report

Android Pay’s debut in Australia has been in the works for months and if rumours are to be believed, the service could begin trials as early as this week. Somewhat surprisingly however, just one of the big four will be involved in the launch.

iMessage For Android Would Change Everything

As is tradition, some last-minute rumours are sneaking their way into the news before Apple’s big reveal on Tuesday morning in San Francisco. We already have a good idea what of what we think is coming, but this latest bit that says iMessage is coming to Android is very intriguing.

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