1440 x 2560 LG G3 Proves You Can't Have Too Many Pixels

The day your smartphone has a higher resolution display than your desktop PC is fast approaching (or for some, has already arrived), with LG’s upcoming G3 looking like it will sport a 1440 x 2560 panel, or WQHD if you’re not too keen on raw numbers.

Report: Australian Pricing For The Samsung Gear 2, Neo And Fit

Luke’s various encounters with Samsung’s new line of Gear wearables last month indicated the company could be onto a good thing. We’ve just been missing a critical piece of information — price, though it now looks like we have some ballpark figures.

Rumour: Samsung's 2nd-Gen Smartwatch Might Come In Two Flavours

Noted leaker Evleaks tweeted an image this morning purportedly showing two versions of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The image indicates Samsung might add a “Neo” version, possibly a budget model along the lines of the iPhone 5C. That’s not a guarantee (this is, after all, merely a leak), but perhaps this is what we’ll see at Samsung’s “Unpacked” event next week.

Sony's Xperia G A 'Flagship Design With Mediocre Specs'

At least according to ViziLeaks, the Twitter account that recently posted photos of what it claims is Sony’s unreleased Xperia G. Essentially, it looks to be a mid-range device in an upper-class chassis, which isn’t surprising given the announcement of the high-end Z1 Compact last month.

Windows 9 May Be Closer Than You Think

Rumour has it Windows 9 (codenamed “Threshold”) will be revealed at BUILD 2014, with a target delivery date in April 2015.

BBC Has Reportedly Found Even More Missing Doctor Who Episodes, This Time From 1964

It’s almost like the forces controlling fate know it’s the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. First, the BBC uncovered a bunch of lost episodes in Nigeria, of all places. Now, all seven instalments in “Marco Polo”, a Doctor Who serial featuring William Hartnell as the First Doctor, have reportedly turned up.

Is BlackBerry Getting The Android Google Play Store?

I think at this point we can pretty safely say that BlackBerry’s BB 10 relaunch was a bit of a disaster for the once-mighty Canadian smartphone makers. I mean, you don’t give your CEO the boot for nothing right? And it now seems the company is ready to fully capitulate to its Android rival.

Apple Reportedly Working On Two Big iPhones And A Curved iPhone For Whatever That's Worth

There is a long, proud lineage of Apple product rumours, reaching back to before the original iPhone. Some come true, most do not. The latest, from Bloomberg, seems likely to split the difference: Two new, gigantor iPhones being developed in some Cupertino subbasement, ready for release this time next year.

Is This Nokia's Lumia 2520 Tablet?

Nokia’s will-they-won’t-they relationship with the tablet form factor looks to finally be coming to an end, with the Finnish company getting a big old “THEY WILL” badge, if news of the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet is to be believed.

Report: These Are Sony's New 24 And 36 Megapixel Alpha Cameras

DigitalCameraInfo has reportedly gotten a hold of the specs and images of two of Sony’s new Alpha digital cameras, the A7 and the A7R. We don’t know how they shoot yet, but they sure look nice.