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Suicide Squad May Be Doing Reshoots To Add More Humour

That Suicide Squad trailer is so fun, right? Dark, but exciting and funny? Well, apparently, that’s not the movie director David Ayer made. He made something much more serious and, after the success of the trailer, rumour has it reshoots are taking place to add some levity to the movie.

A Ultra HD 4K 'PlayStation 4.5' With VR-Focus Is Apparently Being Developed

Sony is reportedly working on a version of its PS4 games console– but it isn’t the PS5. According to our mates over at Kotaku UK, an in-development console currently known as the PlayStation 4.5 could be set to follow the PS4 — or potentially even augment it in the form of an upgradeable component. It’s said to offer 4K gaming capabilities, increased graphical power, and plenty more.

Everything We Know About Apple's New 9.7-Inch iPad Pro

While almost everyone in the universe is convinced tablets are dead, destined to be replaced by some hybrid laptop, Apple remains committed to the product category. If rumours are true, Apple is doubling down on its insistence that we all need new tablets. The company is rumoured to be working on a brand new, ultra-slim iPad Air 3. Or maybe it’s a smaller version of the iPad Pro. Whatever it is — it’s bound to make a splash.

Every Apple Product That Is Probably In The Works

Everyone always wants to know what Apple is up to, and Apple is always trying to hide what they’re up to. Luckily, we have the internet, which is chock full of rumours and obsessive analysis from Apple fanboys.

Canon EOS 1300D Specs And Photos (Unofficially) Revealed

It’s the internet, so of course we’re going to hear about the next instalment in Canon’s popular EOS series before the company gets around to doing it officially. Providing the details today is Japanese camera blog Digicame — we even photos of the thing.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Be Light On Pre-Installed Software: Report

If you were expecting more news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, well, you picked the right horse. According to sources in touch with Talk Android, the S7’s physical design isn’t the only thing that’s gotten some attention — it’ll be slimmer in the software department too.

Smartphone Leak Roundup: Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One M10 And LG G5

The smartphone leaks have been coming thick and fast this month, though impending releases can have that effect. The hot devices right now — thanks to the Mobile World Congress — are the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC One M10 and the LG G5.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours: Everything We Think We Know

Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones have been the most popular Android phones for years. They’re fairly easy to use, have a bright Super AMOLED display and recently ship with a pretty decent camera. This year’s Galaxy S7 won’t stray far from that familiar strategy.

The New 4-Inch iPhone Doesn't Even Exist Yet, And I'm Already Over It

The iPhone 6c? Naw. Maybe it’s the iPhone 5e? Nope. Apple rumour machine 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman is going with “iPhone 5se” for Apple’s rumoured 10cm iPhone, supposedly coming this March. It makes me want to punch something.

iPhone 7 Rumours, Release, Leaks, News: What You Need To Know

With Apple reportedly slowing iPhone 6S production, now’s as good a time as any to gather up the best iPhone 7 rumours swirling around the high-tech aether, as the Cupertino phone king gets ready to leave its chrysalis and show off another new form.

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