Report: Samsung Is Planning A Klutz-Proof Version Of The Galaxy S4

Rugged phones are nice, but they are almost invariably crap. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is making a move to kick that trend with an upcoming waterproof, dustproof Galaxy S4.

Bear Grylls Likes The Kyocera Torque, Doesn't Take Sh*t From Other Smartphones

Bear Grylls, tough-guy of many words uttered in a gruff, pee-drinking, yet hopeful voice is endorsing a smartphone. Let’s be real here, if he says it’s waterproof, dirt-proof and drop-proof it probably is. But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

These Rugged Pocket Drives Keep Your Data Locked Up Safe

There are plenty of external drives floating around at CES, but Rocstor offers up a rugged casing and secure encryption in a surprisingly sleek package.

Here's Your First Look At Monoprice's Cheap Action Camera

So this is crazy. Monoprice is coming out with a $US100 action camera next month. Yeah, the company best known for its ridiculously cheap and awesome HDMI cables sells a bunch of other high-quality gear, like the MHD Action Camera.

Can Panasonic's A100 HD Action Cam Muscle In On GoPro's Turf?

Panasonic claims its new wearable HD camcorder will be perfect for adrenaline junkies and recreation-seekers alike — but can it compete in a market that’s already dominated by GoPro?

What It Means When DSLR Cameras Say They're 'Freeze-Proof'

High-end cameras are often sold with the proud claim, amongst many others, that they are “freeze-proof”. But is it really that impressive?

The Best Action Camera

It wasn’t so long ago that we rounded up the best action cameras and put them to the test. Just half a year later, and the biggies all have new versions out. They’re all better, but there’s only one best. Round Two: Fight!

Drift's New Action Cam Packs In The Features

When we last took a look, the Drift HD came in last in our action camera battlemodo. It had a lot of features that we really liked, but image quality wasn’t up to snuff. The new Drift Ghost, however, promises even more features, not the least of which is a new set of optics.

The Best And Worst Gear For Nine Days In A Dust Storm

This year I acted as an embedded reporter at Burning Man — a place of extreme temperatures, high winds and white-out dust storms. The ultra-fine alkaline dust is hell on gear — so it should be a good opportunity to test a few rugged gadgets, right?

Contour+2 Review: Sweet Images, Sloppy Mounts

Think of an action cam, and the name GoPro probably comes to mind. But there are a lot of alternatives to consider, as a recent action cam Battlemodo proved. One brand, Contour, has always been just a step away from gaining GoPro-style notoriety. The recently announced Contour+2 might change that.

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