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This Family Dinner Of The Future From 1981 Looks Depressing As Hell

What will the family dinner of the future look like? According to the 1981 kids’ book Tomorrow’s Home, it’s filled with robots, computers, and tasty synthetic foods. Except upon closer inspection, everybody looks depressed as hell.

This Roomba Maps Your House So It Won't Keep Ramming Into Your Couch

It’s not going to mow your lawn, but the freshly revealed, wifi-friendly Roomba 980 can be controlled by your smartphone, plus uses a camera and sensors to create a map of your home.

Here's What The Roomba For The Sky Will Look Like 

We’ve known for a long time that Helen Greiner, who co-designed the original Roomba and co-founded iRobot, was building a drone. Now, we know that drone looks pretty awesome.

Astronomers Are Furious About The Roomba Lawnmower

What could the makers of Roomba and astronomers possibly be arguing over? This is the story of how an obscure slice of the electromagnetic spectrum become the object of one bitter fight.

Gift Guide: 6 Gifts To Turn A House Into A Smart Home

The number of connected home devices has skyrocketed in the past dozen months, and your loved ones might feel a little left out if they’re not controlling appliances with a phone. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Roomba 880 Review: All Hail The Most Powerful Robot Vacuum Yet

You want a clean home? Sure, who doesn’t. Too lazy to clean it yourself? Absolutely. iRobot’s Roomba 880 — the latest in its series of robot vacuum cleaners — was made for you. It’s the Rolls-Royce of highly motivated cleaning appliances, and it can take care of some serious dinge. Although it’ll cost you some serious cash.

Beer Fetching Robot? I'll Drink To That!

Yet somehow, they failed to call it Bender. Instead, it’s Brewster, the Frankenstein-ish combination of a robot arm and a Roomba.

Samsung NaviBot Corner Clean Review: I Welcome My New Robot Butler Overlord

For the last two weeks, I have had a polite, good-looking, quiet robot move around my house and clean it for me. I for one welcome my new robot cleaning overlord.

This Game Lets You Experience The Exciting Life Of A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If the likes of Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator can take the world by (extremely slow) storm, then surely there’s a place for the poor old robot vacuum cleaner? One developer, by the name of Stolidus Simulations, is on the case and if you’ve ever felt the need to live the life of your automated debris sucker, then Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is for you.

IBM Uses Hacked Roombas To Hunt Down Overheating Data Centres

To ensure the cooling and ventilation systems in the company’s data centres are running at peak efficiency, IBM now employs autonomous temperature-monitoring robots built on the iRobot Create platform to hunt down problematic areas. Fitted with a 2m tall pole laden with temperature and other sensors, the robots wander collect data on temperature and humidity that can later be mapped in 3D to determine cold spots where cooling is being wasted, or hot spots where ventilation needs to be improved.

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