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Meet The 25 Most Viral People On The Internet

Sometimes a story or idea goes viral because it’s too big to be ignored. But more often it’s because a single human being passes it along to an audience that’s either massive, highly influential, or both. There aren’t too many people who can do that.

How Roger Ebert Found His Voice Again

Roger Ebert remains one of the most influential voices in film, but when a failed surgery related to thyroid cancer left him without the ability to eat, drink or speak, he had to reinvent the way he communicated with the world.

Roger Ebert: Don't Watch The New Harry Potter Flick In 3D

Roger Ebert dropped his review on the final Harry Potter movie, and guess what? He likes it! But there is one thing he doesn’t really like: the 3D.

Facebook, Why Would You Take Down Roger Ebert's Fan Page?

Roger Ebert pissed off more than a few people with his comments yesterday about Ryan Dunn’s death (allegedly, the Jackass star was drink driving). Apparently enough people complained (or trolled) that Facebook took Ebert’s page down.

Roger Ebert App Lets You Know What Movies Are Worth Seeing

Whatever you think of Roger Ebert, his movie reviews are well-respected and spot on more often than not. Now you can keep his insight in your pocket with his just-released Great Movies app.

According To Roger Ebert, It's Hard To Find A New Voice

Roger Ebert spoke at this year’s TED conference about his quest to find the perfect artificial voice to give life to his words, his second “voice” he found on the internet, everything he’s endured in between. And, in typical Ebert fashion, it’s pretty entertaining.

Roger Ebert's New Chin

A battle with cancer left film megacritic Roger Ebert without much of the lower half of his face. But he will appear on his new TV show looking quite like his old self. How? A meticulously sculpted prosthetic chin.

Watch The YouTube Video That Ebert Deemed Oscar-Worthy

It’s a deceptively simple concept: man takes camera and tripod out into the NYC blizzard and shoots what he sees. But there’s enough beauty and craftsmanship in this three-and-a-half minutes that Roger Ebert thinks it should win an Oscar.

Ebert On Tron Legacy - Plot Is 'A Catastrophe'

Movie critic Roger Ebert has completed his review of Tron Legacy. He says the 3D action sequences are great, but you might want to bring a phone or beer bottle label along to amuse you during the plot bits…

Ebert: "I Was A Fool" To Disrespect Video Games On The Internet

In a huge 1800-word apology on his Sun Times blog, critic Roger Ebert admitted it was stupid to complain about games not being art – as he wouldn’t review a film without at least sitting through the first 45 minutes.

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