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SpaceX Has Finally Won A US National Security Contract

SpaceX has been making good money sending all sorts of non-classified things into space, and has also been making some fantastic highlight reels of the crashes on return. But things have taken a turn for the serious now that SpaceX has won its first contract for a US military launch.

Watch This Compilation Of SpaceX Launches For The Crashes

Video: Yes, we could watch that gif of the Falcon 9 rocket landing itself on a drone ship all day long. But, after watching this string of the last four years of SpaceX’s rockets hurtling through the air, it turns out there’s one thing that’s even better: crashes.

It Takes A Serious Structure To Test The World's Most Powerful Rocket

Before any of NASA’s rockets can fly up to space, there’s a lot of testing to be done. Marshall Space Flight Center’s Building 4619 houses the structural testing, but to accommodate NASA’s upcoming Space Launch System, it needed a few upgrades.

The Next 6 Milestones In The Commercial Space Race

It’s an exciting time to be alive if you’re keen to watch humans get off this planet. A private space race is taking off, opening new pathways to orbit while sparking a burst of technological innovation. Even better, thanks to the magic of internet live streaming, we’re watching history unfold in real time.

Watch SpaceX Land Its Rocket In Glorious 4K

SpaceX has released high def footage of yesterday’s historic rocket landing, and it’s incredible to behold. We could watch this all day.

Here's Blue Origin's Rocket Coming In For Its Third Landing

Yesterday, Blue Origin launched their rocket for the third time, bringing it in for a successful landing.

NASA's Expandable Space Hab Looks Super Cool

Image Cache: The ironic thing about living in space is that you spend all of your time crammed into a tiny tin can. So the brave men and women at the International Space Station are probably stoked about what’s headed their way next month: a spare room.

Watch NASA's Space Fire Experiment Launch Live

Video: Normally, space and fire don’t mix well, but NASA is deliberately going to cause a “large fire” inside a Cygnus resupply vessel just to see what happens. The rocket’s launching tonight, and as always, you can watch live.

Asteroid Hunters Around The World Just Spotted Something Incredible

If an asteroid were closing in on our planet, we’d know about it quickly thanks to a dedicated network of astronomers. But this week, the Near Earth Object Coordination Center (NEOCC) had its eyes fixed on something else: two Mars-bound spacecraft attempting to escape Earth’s gravity well. And they did a bang-up job capturing the event in real-time.

North Korea Fired Missiles Into Sea Hours After UN Imposed Tight Sanctions

South Korea has announced that its nearest neighbour in the North has fired six short-range missiles into the sea, just hours after tight UN sanctions had been imposed upon the country.

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