Video: Inside The Fiery Inferno Of A Rocket Launch

Here’s an awesome view of the fiery power that is a rocket. A GoPro camera is strapped inside this rocket test so that rocket scientists can get a view of what’s going on inside. It’s pretty amazing, the fire burns so hot that you can almost feel it through the screen.

Watch Jeff Bezos' New Rocket Take To The Skies For The First Time

Yesterday, Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle ventured out on its first developmental test flight. The Jeff Bezos-founded organisation reports that the launch was a success — though it didn’t manage to recover the propulsion module as it hoped.

This Is NASA's First 3D-Printed Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part

It may look like some kind of ancient urn, but you’re looking at something rather more advanced. In fact this is the first full-scale copper rocket engine part made by NASA using 3D-printing techniques.

World's First Battery Powered Rocket Could Slash Launch Costs

The world’s first battery-powered rocket not only sounds like something straight out of science fiction, it could very well upend the space industry by ushering in a new wave of frequent and low-cost rocket launches.

Matchstick Rockets Captured At 2500 FPS Look Like Tiny ICBMs

If you’ve never wrapped aluminium foil around a match to turn it into a miniature rocket you’re missing out on a really great childhood experience. The one thing most of us didn’t have as kids was access to a high-speed video camera, but thankfully the Slow Mo Guys do, and they filmed this tiny launch at 2500 FPS.

This Is The Rocket Booster That May Put Humans On Mars

This is the most powerful booster ever built by man, and it will be the driving force behind NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), the vehicle that will one day put humans on Mars. This engineering marvel will have its first major ground test tomorrow.

What Being Strapped To A Rocket Launch Looks Like (Hint: Awesome)

This is just awesome. A camera was strapped onto a GoFast 2014 rocket — an amateur rocket that set the record for highest and fastest rocket ever launched into space — so that we can see the entire launch from the rockets point of view. The initial burst and thrust into the air is epic and then the world starts spinning and then we see space.

The Rockets Of The World In One Cool Graphic

Briefly: I’m a sucker for rockets and technical illustrations, which is why I love this poster of rockets of the world drawn to scale by Tyler Skrabek, a clean, updated version of a 1995 classic by professor Peter Alway, published in the book Rockets of the World.

11 Stunning Images Of Rocket Launches

That trail behind the Empire State Building is a Minotaur V rocket taking a spacecraft to the Moon. The photo was taken by Ben Cooper from Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, 430km away from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Here are 10 more phenomenal launch photos from Mr Cooper.

Crazy Spinning Giant Thai Rocket Is The Awesomest Thing

I don’t really know what’s going on in this video: It starts out with a group of people gathered around an object which then cuts to people fleeing the circle because mad men are lighting the object which then turns into a thick smoke monster threatening Earth and then out pops the coolest rocket thing ever, screwing itself into the air.