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This Jumping Robot Is Extremely Cute... And Very Difficult To Destroy

Robots: They shake hands with politicians, perform surgery and review movies. They’re also getting pretty good at moving around without hurting themselves, as a new report in Science demonstrates.

Someone At Pixar Built The Most Adorable Peek-A-Boo Playing Robot

Apparently if you work at Pixar, everything you make has to be adorable. So Alonso Martinez, a technical director at the company, designed and built a simple robot called Mira that’s just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen when it’s playing peek-a-boo.

We All Need To Calm Down About This USA Vs Japan Robot Duel

OK, internet. Everyone just needs to simmah down, now. I know we’re all excited about the supposedly looming international giant robot duel between America and Japan. I am too. But! We should also be wary. Patient. Because it miiiight not be as cool as we think.

For The First Time An AI Machine Identified Galaxies All On Its Own

Researchers in the UK have developed a computer that can scan outer space and classify galaxy types on its own, without any human help. This image recognition AI could help develop robots that can “see” better on their own, possibly helping doctors spot tumours or airport security spot firearms.

The US Army Built A Robot To Help Soldiers Shoot Guns Better

The US Army’s latest supersolider innovation is inspired by the movie Aliens. And yes, the mechatronic arm exoskeleton is about as apocalyptic as it sounds. The arm-mounted device is literally a robot that lets soldiers shoot guns better.

Microsoft's Latest Quest Into Digital Worlds May One Day Help Robots See

Microsoft really wants to blur the line between the digital and real worlds. While HoloLens can stick humans in a bizarro universe filled with holograms and Minecraft blocks, a new program could eventually help robots and self-driving cars better “see” their surroundings.

Sorry IKEA, This Robotic Arm Prints Furniture Any Shape Or Size I Want

This robot that can spin together 3D-printed furniture could really get your creative juices flowing. And maybe eventually inspire the world to nix sectional couches once and for all.

New 'Scorpion' Robot Will Inspect Fukushima Reactor

When the 2011 earthquake in Japan damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, teams scrambled to find a robot that could go where humans couldn’t. In many ways those robots failed, and ever since, there has been a focus on creating robots that can get the job done. Enter Toshiba’s “Scorpion” robot, which will make its way inside the power plant this August.

How Car-Parking Tech Could Unearth The Ocean's Hidden Resources

Sometimes the best ideas come from thinking far, far outside the box. That’s what Nissan and Japan’s marine science agency did with their new deep sea rover. To build it, engineers used the same tech as a park-assisting car — which is now helping to give scientists a 360-degree view of the ocean floor.

9 Misconceptions About Drones That Engineers Wish You'd Shut Up About

They’re robots. They fly. They’re watching you. And they’re increasingly found everywhere: Yup, they’re drones. You may think you know exactly what they are and what they do. You don’t.

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