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If You Have A 3D Printer You Can Make Yourself A Cheap Robotic Lawn Mower

A decent robot mower will set you back a couple thousand dollars, considerably more than the robot vacuum that’s patrolling your living room for dust. But if you’ve got access to a 3D printer and a bit of electronics know-how, you can print and build a robotic mower for a fraction of the cost.

Long Lost Monster Found In Loch Ness (But Don't Freak Out)

There’s bad news for Loch Ness Monster truthers, but good news for movie buffs: A recent expedition into the depths of Scotland’s famed lake has uncovered the Nessie replica used in the movie 1970 film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Ford Now Tests Its Autonomous Cars In The Dark

If you don’t enjoy driving in the dark, Ford’s latest autonomous car tests will cheer you up. The company’s announced that it’s been successfully testing its cars at nighttime, a scenario that brings its own set of fairly obvious challenges for self-driving vehicles.

A Robot That Spins 3D Webs Is Even Creepier Than A Spider

The one redeeming feature of a spider is that the webs they create are usually too small, or too weak, to entrap a human. But Festo continues to corner the market on unsettling and slightly creepy robots with a machine that can create giant webs and even 3D cocoons that could easily hold a human hostage.

Making A Stable Walking Robot Is A Lot Easier When It's Just Legs

Getting a robot to balance and walk on two feet is a massive challenge, as the DARPA Challenge revealed. But it turns out it’s a little less tricky when you focus on just the legs, as the Alphabet-owned SCHAFT’s newest bipedal creation demonstrated by confidently walking out on stage at the New Economic Summit going on in Tokyo.

Unnecessary Study Finds Adorable Robot Seals Make People Happier

I know that hypotheses need to be proven by experimentation and all, but was it really ever debatable that giving elderly patients a fluffy robot seal would make them happier?

Watson-Powered Taylor Swift Is The AI Robot From Your Nightmares

Watson Nao is a self-learning “concierge robot” powered by IBM’s question-answering computer system of the same name. During Nvidia’s GTU technology conference, we were shown a demo of Nao in action from IBM Watson’s chief technology officer Rob High. According to Hugh, one of the keys to endearing artificially intelligent robots to humans will be their ability to sing and dance authentically. We’ll let you be the judge…

This 3D Printer Makes Robots That Can Walk Away As Soon As They're Done

Bringing the world one step closer to having real-life replicators like Star Trek promised, researchers at MIT’s CSAIL lab have developed a new 3D printing technique that allows fully-functional robots to be created in a single print run. Add a motor and battery, and they’re able to walk right out of the 3D printer.

Giant Delivery Blimp Sucks Stuff Up And Then Poops It Out

It’s inevitable that one day drones will be tasked with handling deliveries, but instead of sending an expensive autonomous robot out into the world with a package in tow, Festo suggests a helium-filled blimp might be a safer and cheaper way to go.

Ultra-Precise Catan-Playing Robots Will Never Mess Up The Game Board

The worst thing that can happen in Settlers of Catan isn’t ending up with settlements that don’t yield any resources, it’s when someone accidentally bumps the board sending roads and cities flying in all directions. So maybe playing Catan is yet another thing we should leave to the robots.

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