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These Cute Robots Fix Problems In Nuclear Reactors

Video: Unsurprisingly, humans and nuclear reactors don’t mix well. So what do you do when you have to maintain the inside of an experimental fusion reactor? Deploy Wall-E’s more competent cousin, of course.

The World's Simplest Drone Has Just One Moving Part

Last year’s DARPA challenge proved that the more complex something is, the more ways there are for it to fail. This applies to drones just as it does to robots. With that thinking in mind, the creators of the Monospinner took a different approach to drone design, building a controllable craft that flies with just a single moving part: its propeller.

Jonathan Nolan: 'Nothing That I Have Done Prepared Me' For The Challenge Of Westworld

We’ve been anxiously awaiting HBO’s Westworld for what feels like forever. Originally, we hoped Westworld would arrive in 2015, then we heard 2016. And then production was shut down, and we heard it might be 2017 instead. What’s going on? We talked to showrunner Jonathan Nolan, and he filled us in.

Johnny Five, Our One True Robot Hero, Might Soon Be An Official LEGO Set

Twenty-two years before WALL·E’s sermon about over-consumption hit theatres, an even better movie robot had already saved the day. Every child of the ’80s wanted Short Circuit’s Johnny Five as their best friend, and now that we’re all grown up, that might actually come true with a little help from LEGO.

This DIY Robot Is Better Than You At iPad Games 

Piano Tiles 2 is a touch-based mobile game that’s lots of fun, and also maddeningly difficult. A normal person probably plays for a few weeks, gets frustrated and uninstalls it. Thankfully, YouTuber DenverFinn is not normal.

Anyone Can Be A 3D Printing Artist With The Help Of A Robot Arm

Handheld 3D printing pens seem like a cheaper alternative to those giant autonomous boxes, but they require more patience than most of us can muster, and a decent level of artistic capability. This robot arm can help with the latter, by controlling where the pen can move to ensure better results.

This Adorable Robot Can Help Children To Program

Getting kids to code is a great idea — but it’s not always easy. Now a team of researchers from Harvard has developed this little robot, called Root, that’s designed to make writing code a more tangible experience.

Why Asimov's Three Laws Of Robotics Can't Protect Us

It’s been 50 years since Isaac Asimov devised his famous Three Laws of Robotics — a set of rules designed to ensure friendly robot behaviour. Though intended as a literary device, these laws are heralded by some as a ready-made prescription for avoiding the robopocalypse. We spoke to the experts to find out if Asimov’s safeguards have stood the test of time — and they haven’t.

This Segway-Based Robot Inventories An Entire Store In Less Than An Hour

Stock-taking is one of those awful jobs that robots are primed to take. A Toronto-based company is working hard to make that happen, with a Segway-based robot that rolls down the aisles, scanning as it moves.

The Dinosaurs At Every Museum Should Do What Melbourne Museum's Do

You can pretend you’re there to marvel at the Egyptian antiquities, but deep down the only reason anyone visits a museum is to check out its dinosaurs. And while a towering T-rex skeleton is impressive, the Melbourne Museum just opened a new exhibit featuring shockingly life-like animatronic dinos.

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