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Harvard's Robotic Bee Is Scary Lifelike (With A Few Important Exceptions)

Researchers at Harvard and MIT have spent the last seven years perfecting this robotic bee. The result is Robobee, a mechanical bee so lifelike it kind of makes you want to duck indoors.

This Video For Asus's ZenBo Robot Is A Little Bit Dorky

Video: Over the last few years, there’s been a trend in technology press conferences and product announcements to try and make them more human, cool, and connected to real people and reality — to give these hunks of plastic and silicon some more life and presence. Sometimes, they’re a little bit lame. Everyone is guilty of it — Samsung, Google, Samsung, or maybe Microsoft, or Blackberry, or Samsung. Now, it’s Asus’s turn.

I Wish I Could Wake Up To Robots Getting Me Ready In The Morning Like This

Video: The toughest thing about getting up in the morning (other than getting up in the morning) is realising all the things you have to do to make yourself decent to society. I’m not talking about just brushing your teeth, shaving or showering. I’m talking about having to open your eyes and walk around and move your arms back and forth. If only there were robots who could just get me ready instead. If only the technology in Meghann Artes’ humorous little short film Sleepy Steve actually existed in real life.

Toyota Is Buying Up Robotics Companies. Could Boston Dynamics Be Next?

In March, the Toyota Research Institute bought up Cambridge-based startup Jaybridge Robotics and according to Tech Insider, it may be expanding with another famous Massachusetts company: Google’s Boston Dynamics, the maker of the Big Dog and Atlas robots.

This Is The Smallest Flying Robot Capable Of Landing On Surfaces

Birds, bats and insects can’t fly forever, and neither can microrobotic drones. A new system that taps into the power of static electricity — the same principle that allows a balloon to stick to a wall — now allows robotic insects to land and stick to surfaces, greatly extending their operational life.

BB-8 Would Sound Incredibly Annoying If He Ran On Windows XP

Video: The Star Wars sound effects team does a brilliant job at breathing life into droids like BB-8 and R2-D2 using nothing but bloops and beeps. But what if BB-8 ran an operating system created by Microsoft? As Brian Elder discovered, BB-8 would be far less adorable and much more annoying if he spoke using Windows XP’s notification sounds.

A Major Law Firm Will Soon Be Using A Robotic Lawyer

An “artificial-intelligence attorney” created using technology from IBM’s Watson has snagged its first customer, but that doesn’t mean it will be appearing in the courtroom any time soon.

Watch This Remotely-Operated Robot Thread A Needle

Replicating human movement is an engineering challenge, and robots are slowly getting better at delicate movement all the time. A research team funded by Disney has constructed a remotely operated robot sensitive enough to thread a needle and move an egg without breaking it.

This Robot's Teaching Itself To Twirl A Stick

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to spin a pencil in your hand, you’ll know it takes some concerted effort — but it’s even harder for a robot. Now, though, researchers have finally built a ‘bot that can learn to do it.

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