So This Is What A Terrifying Quadcopter Tornado Looks Like

We’ve covered the remarkable work that researchers at ETH Zurich have been doing with robots and quadcopters before, but did you know its facility has a dedicated Flying Machine Arena where they tether drones to poles and make them fly in circles at terrifying speeds? It’s even more amazing than it sounds.

Were It Not For A Bad Motivator, This Droid Could Have Been A Superstar

As one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe, R2-D2 owes at least some of his fame to a forgotten droid named R5-D4. If you remember, after being sold to Uncle Owen by the Jawas it broke down with a bad motivator, allowing Artoo to steal the spotlight. It’s a tragic tale with a happy ending now that Sideshow Collectibles is releasing this nine-inch tall tribute to R5-D4.

Bio-Inspired Gel Could Create 'Graceful' Robots That Move Like Humans

We’ve put efficient robots to work in industries from factories to emergency situations, yet machines’ bulky, blocky bodies seriously limit their range of motion. But what if the soft androids of the future could move like humans?

10 Of The Craziest Robot Fights In Movie History

Robots vs robots. Transformer vs Transformer. Terminator vs Terminator. Robot fights are awesome spectacles that are packed with blinding explosions and rumbling sound effects and unbelievable special effects that they’re perfect to watch in a big, loud and dark movie theatre. Here are 10 of the craziest robot fights in movies.

If Apple Made Star Wars' BB-8 Droids, They'd Be Adorable

JJ Abrams’s rotundly adorable new BB-8 droids are already primed to steal the spotlight in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But if you were wondering whether the droids could get any cuter, the answer is, yes, if Apple got involved.

Ex Machina's Biggest Villain Hunts You Too

It’s hard to figure out who the villain is in Alex Garland’s sexy robot thriller Ex Machina. That’s what makes the film so, well, thrilling. But as a new featurette called from the studio called “God Complex” makes painfully clear, the real villain is the one you can’t see, the one that’s ever-present, always watching and terribly Orwellian. It’s data.

Transform Paper And Glue Into A Robot That Actually Transforms

If the thought of spending hours with a hobby knife, glue and more patience than a saint doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend an evening, you’ll probably want to move along. Because it’s completely up to you to turn the six pages in this papercraft kit into a robot that actually transforms into a paper car.

Simple Robot Arm Is Hilariously Efficient At Packing Up Bolts In A Box

Video: This robot is so dumb and goofy but also very, very decent at its very, very simple job: it packs up bolts in such perfect alternating orientation that it would make any factory worker jealous. In fact, with the soundtrack that the video is set to, I almost wish that I will come back as this robot arm in my next life.

I'm Not Putting My Arm Anywhere Near This Blood-Thirsty Needle Robot

It promises to make having blood drawn or getting injections far more comfortable and stress-free, but outside of a few testers (who are probably being well-compensated) who among us is willing to give a robot like the VenousPro a taste for human blood — specifically your blood?

Inside The Experimental Robotics Lab Where Machines Are Getting Softer

Last week, an artificially intelligent robot scared me to death. The next day, I travelled to Carnegie Mellon University where I met a lab full of robots designed to do the exact opposite. Big, soft and inflatable, these robots are Disney characters in real life. Your grandma’s going to love them. That’s the idea.