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In The Future, International Airline Travel Will Actually Be Fun Again

Travelling abroad is inherently thrilling — but then there’s that interminable, soul-sucking trek to get there. In the future, things might be very different.

Toyota's Cupholder Robot Could Keep You Safe On The Road

How can we make smart robots as popular and widely used as smartphones? Ploppin’ ’em in your pocket is a good place to start — or your cupholder, in this case. At the Tokyo Motor Show this week, a miniature version of the first talking robot in space was revealed. It can hitch a ride in your car with you, keeping you company while driving — and maybe keeping you safe, too.

The Annual Love And Sex With Robots Conference Has Been Cancelled

The Congress on Love and Sex with Robots was set to discuss everything human/robot from ethics to teledildonics. Then Malaysian authorities shut it down.

This Spherical Robot Can Unfurl Its Four Legs After Being Tossed

Researchers in Japan have developed a remarkable new robot that bears a startling resemblance to the Droideka of Star Wars. Called QRoSS, this throwable, sphere-shaped robot can move around either by rolling or walking on all fours. Mercifully, it’s not capable of firing lasers or engaging force fields…at least not yet.

Will Humans Love Robots More When They're Flawed? Absolutely Not.

A team of British researchers have a salacious hypothesis: People like robots more when they exhibit the same sorts of flaws that characterise humans. This makes some sense — after all, the notion of a perfect, all-knowing robot is the stuff of dystopian science fiction. But do you know what’s worse than a perfect, all-knowing robot? A flawed robot that will screw up and kill you.

Scientists Shove Robots Off Their Feet Repeatedly To Teach Them How To Fall With Grace

Humans love watching robots fall, whether for levity or the fleeting satisfaction of knowing we can do something better than machines (when sober, at least). But now at Georgia Tech, engineers are teaching robots to fall more gracefully.

War Robots Don't Have Minds Of Their Own 

War, as structured state-sponsored fighting and dying, has given rise to venerated professions to manage its risks and bound its ethical dilemmas. The nature of those professions, and the meaning of their experiences, changes when the human body is no longer present in the fight, fuelling a public debate.

5 Cities With Driverless Public Buses On The Streets Right Now

Last week it was announced that the US will be getting its first driverless bus fleet in a Bay Area office park as soon as next year. But say you can’t wait that long. You want to see the future now. So why not hitch a ride to one of these cities where you can ride in a public, autonomous vehicle in 2015.

It Took This Robot 10 Days To Learn How To Grasp Objects From Scratch

Robots are good at a lot of things, but their track record at picking up objects is poor. So just how hard is it to teach one to pick up an object on demand from a table full of clutter?

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