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What Construction Jobs Will Look Like When Robots Can Build Things

By 2034/35, almost 20 per cent of Australians (6.2 million) are projected to be aged 65 or over. One sector already feeling the impact of the ageing population is construction. In Queensland, the number of construction workers aged 55 and over increased from 8% of full-time workers in 1992 to 14.2% in 2014. An ageing workforce is likely to increase the need for less physically demanding jobs or maybe technology might address this issue. Task automation and the industry’s innovation culture are two of the greatest areas of uncertainty for the construction industry.

Simone Giertz's New Robot Is Her Worst Yet

The queen of crappy robots is back, apparently, with a hankering for a peanut butter sandwich.

Would You Let This Surgical Snake Robot Crawl Inside You?

The roboticist behind the creepy snake robot is back with another snake robot. Only this time it’s a robot that you’re supposed to willingly let slither into your mouth. (For health reasons.)

Robot Babies Do The Exact Opposite Of What They're Supposed To Do

A teenage pregnancy prevention programme involving a baby simulator does not appear to have any long-term effect on reducing the risk of teenage pregnancy, according to the first randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness of this intervention.

In fact, the study found that teenage girls who took part were more, not less, likely to become pregnant compared to girls who did not take part. Oops.

This Conversation Between HAL 9000 and Samantha From Her Is A Little Creepy

Video: Here’s an excellent re-imagination of two of the most famous depictions of artificial intelligence in film, HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Samantha from Her. Tillmann Ohm stitched together the actual dialogue from the films to construct a new conversation between the two. It flows rather well.

Iraq Wants To Hunt Down ISIS With This Killer Robot

Military robots are nothing new — whether in reality or pop culture nightmare scenarios. But the Bagdhad Post reports that a new bot could be the first to fire its weapon on Iraqi soil. It’s called alrobot — Arabic for “robot” — and it’s a deadly machine.

Humans Will Lie To Spare A Robot's 'Feelings'

Why would they give it lips? Apparently, in order to make a robot as expressive as possible, researchers decided to give BERT2, a robot assistant, a pouty pair of lips and wide eyes with… are those eyebrows?

Researchers from the University College London and the University of Bristol, who dared to use BERT2 here to test whether a communicative and expressive robot would be better for humans to work with, are to blame for my nightmares this week. They did, however, find that a robot partner that apologises after making a mistake was able to gain a human’s trust more successfully, to the point where a human would lie to prevent the robot’s feelings from being hurt.

Dyson 360 Eye Review: A Robot Vacuum That Sucks Up All Your Dirt (And Cash)

You’d think that the first robot vacuum from a company like Dyson, who reinvented the vacuum, fan, and hair dryer, would rival R2-D2 when it came to functionality. But with the 360 Eye, Dyson instead focused on creating a robovac that did one thing very well: cleaning. It delivers as promised, but is that worth $US1,000?

An Arts Degree Might Just Robot-Proof Your Career

As the workforce becomes increasingly automated, jobs requiring creative and emotional intelligence will be the most robot-proof, according to QUT Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham.

“Parents once worried about what use an arts degree was for their kids. Now the digital creative economy is a growth area for Australia and the rest of the world. Even the usually staid Australian Bureau of Statistics claims culture is big business,” Professor Cunningham said.

M.O.P.Z. Is The Most Frantically Bizarre Comedy About A Janitor And A Robot You Will Ever See

Video: Since you probably missed Todd Rohal’s M.O.P.Z. when it aired on Adult Swim, here it is for your brain-exploding pleasure. Put very simply, it’s about a lovelorn school janitor who (tries to) invent a robot helper — and it would be weird enough even without being shown entirely in fast-forward, “because we know you’re busy”.

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