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This Robot That Runs Entirely Off A Neural Network Is Creepy As Hell

This creep machine, called Alter, runs entirely off a neural network. That means all its incoherent and erratic movements are 100 per cent free of any human control. It’s basically alive.

Build Your Own Fighting Robot Without Any Electronics Skills

With BattleBots back on TV, you’ve probably got a lot of armchair opinions on how to build a bot that would easily win the tournament. The only problem is your complete lack of electronics and engineering know-how. With the Ganker robot, you don’t even need to know how to solder to build, customise and battle your own creation.

This Robotic Crawler Helps Babies At Risk For Cerebral Palsy 

Robotics and AI often get a bad rap for the whole destroyer of the human race thing. But when you watch a motorised machine help a baby crawl, you can’t help put feel like robots aren’t so bad after all. And that’s exactly the kind of machine that researchers at the University of Oklahoma built.

Lockheed Built A Blimp-Crawling Robot That Finds And Fixes Leaks

Satellites and autonomous drones have reduced our need for cutting-edge spy planes and stealth fighters. So Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works, creators of the SR-71 Blackbird, have now built a unique robot called the Spider that can crawl over the surface of blimps to find and fix tiny pinhole leaks.

This Aussie Robot Can 3D Print A House Using Bricks

Video: An Australian company from WA has built a prototype bricklaying machine that can build a house four times faster than a human brickie, just as precisely and with all the necessary cutting and placement all done from a robot that lives on the back of a truck.

This Crawling, Climbing Worm Bot Is A Never-Ending Night At The Club

In an attempt to design robots that are as simple as possible, David Zarrouk’s latest mechanical creation takes its inspiration from a funky ’80s dance move known as the worm. Using just a single motor it’s able to scoot across the floor by undulating its flexible body up and down, which also allows it to swim, and even climb narrow spaces.

Learn More About Drones, Droids And Robots On The Go

From Pre-Schoolers to adults, here’s a handy list of some of the best resources for learning about drones, droids and robots on the go. All of these learning resources can be accessed on your iPhone or iPad.

This 3D Printed Robot Moves Using Muscle From A Sea Slug

If you’ve ever enjoyed those horror movies that involve organ harvesting, you may be pleased to know that scientists are one step closer to using organic matter to power robots. Sea slugs are getting first honours though.

We Finally Know How The Real BB-8 Model Works

What you’re seeing in the above gif is the innards of the BB-8 model that flatly disproved fan theories that the beloved droid could only exist as a CGI creation. On a panel with the animatronics experts behind The Force Awakens, we learned that there is in fact a small army of BB-8s, all purpose-built for different applications, and the remarkable engineering in the gif above was strictly for Hollywood’s red carpet.

DARPA's New Robot Is Ready To Go Submarine Hunting

DARPA’s newest Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) can travel on the high seas at speeds up to 27 knots for months on end without a single crew member.

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