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US Marines Are Sending This Robotic Dog Into Simulated Combat

The battlefield can be one of the most useful places for robots. And now, the US Marines are testing out Spot, a robo dog built by Boston Dynamics to see how helpful the ‘bot could be in combat.

Japan's Friendly Robot Is Getting A Snarky C-3PO Attitude Adjustment For Americans

The Japanese humanoid robot Pepper, which sold out of its first 1,000 units in one minute in Japan this June, will get a personality makeover for the US market: it will go from cute and bubbly to snarky and sarcastic, MIT Technology Review reports.

This Company Wants To Start A New Sports League With Giant Fighting Robots

It wasn’t the sound that was so shocking. It was the air itself that hit me as I stood mere feet from the polycarbonate resin wall that separated people from the 220-pound remotely controlled battling robots inside the combat arena.

This Roomba Maps Your House So It Won't Keep Ramming Into Your Couch

It’s not going to mow your lawn, but the freshly revealed, wifi-friendly Roomba 980 can be controlled by your smartphone, plus uses a camera and sensors to create a map of your home.

This Chameleon-Like Material Could Give Robots Skin That Camouflages In Real Time

A new chameleon-inspired “e-skin” that changes colour the longer and harder you press on it could help engineers design wearables, prosthetics, and robots that are better at sensing pressure and temperature — just like human skin can.

Don't Have Sex With Robots, Say Ethicists

Robot ethicists have launched the Campaign Against Sex Robots, seeking a ban on the development of robotic sexytimes.

There's A Clever Plan To Make Robots More Useful To Astronauts

Humans only live aboard the International Space Station for a few months, maybe a year. Robots, on the other hand, don’t need food or water or comfort, and can work on the station for as long as need be. Useful! And they will be even more useful with a new method of memory storage that can store years of information. They will practically be the elders of low-earth orbit.

Drunk Guy Arrested For Kicking A Pepper Robot 

Pepper, Japan’s talking, humanoid robot that reads emotions and tells you jokes when you’re sad, sold out of its initial 1,000 units in one minute back in June. But apparently the robot isn’t beloved by everyone.

Aussie Scientists Invent Robot To Save The Great Barrier Reef

If there’s any bigger threat to the Great Barrier Reef than our own environment-phobic Prime Minister, it can only be the crown-of-thorns starfish. Spiny, toxic and all around ugly, the crown-of-thorns preys on corals in the reef, decimating the ecosystem wherever outbreaks occur. While teams of divers delivering lethal injections have been managing outbreaks in recent years, roboticists from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have developed a robot that can search for up to eight hours at a time, day or night, in any weather conditions.

Someone Hacked Open Sphero's BB-8 To See How It Works Inside

If you were lucky enough to find one of Sphero’s wonderful BB-8 toys on Force Friday and are curious how it works, the folks at uBreakiFix were kind enough to hack theirs open to explore its inner workings — so you don’t have to sacrifice yours.

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