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Driving The World's Most Iconic Roadster On America's Greatest Road

Rear-wheel drive, six speeds, a drop top and 150km of curves along the Pacific Coast. This is what driving a car can be.

Watch How Tesla Uses Robots To Paint Cars

Electric car maker Tesla — famous for the amazing Tesla Roadster electric sports car — is days away from delivering its first all-electric sedan, the Model S. This week, Tesla is giving us a look inside its factory, demonstrating the almost completely automated process it uses to paint cars.

Tesla Roadster Production Is Powering Down

The Tesla Roadster will soon be charging into the sunset to make way for the new Model S. How soon? Like, two months soon.

Watch A Tesla Roadster Get Charged Wirelessly

Imagine pulling into a parking space that charges your EV wirelessly while you go and pop a pill for dinner. The eCoupled induction charger for electric cars is one car-related doo-dad showing at CES this week. The future’s now, apparently.

Funny, My Licence Says "WHERE2CHRG"

For only $US101,500 plus the cost of a custom plate, you too can laugh at the thought of using gas to run your Tesla Roadster. Just make sure the celebratory drive isn’t longer than 400km. [Reddit]

Tesla's Roadster 2.5 Electric Car Now Has Touchscreen, Rear Video Camera

Overhyped and overpriced it may be, you’ve got to smile at Tesla upgrading its lusted-after electric Roadster car with iPod/iPhone compatibility and a 7-inch touchscreen, which is supported by a rear camera for parking problems.

Just How Much Electricity Does An Electric Car Use?

So if you were impressed with Internode founder Simon Hackett’s world record drive in his $160,000 Tesla Roadster last week as part of the Global Green Challenge, then you’ll be even more blown away by the final figures from his 3000km roadtrip.

Simon Hackett Breaks EV World Record For Distance On A Single Charge

While taking his Tesla Roadster for a leisurely drive from Darwin to Adelaide as part of the Global Green Challenge, Internode founder Simon Hackett just happened to break the world record for the longest distance travelled by an electric vehicle on a single charge. Way to go Simon!

Internode's Simon Hackett Driving His Tesla Roadster In The Global Green Challenge

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia for you – Internode ISP founder Simon Hackett bought himself Australia’s first Tesla Roadster, and this week he’s driving it from Darwin to Adelaide as part of the Global Green Challenge.

Daimler Buys 10% of Electric Car Maker Tesla

Tesla, which makes an electric Roadster and is hoping to make an electric Sedan, just sold 10% of itself to Daimler.

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