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What Tear Gas Does To Its Victims

Tear gas is banned for use in warfare by the Geneva Convention. It’s allowed, however, to be used by police as “domestic riot control”, as seen in protests in Turkey, Bahrain, and now Ferguson, Missouri. Here’s what you need to know about tear gas: What it is, and what it does to the human body.

The Metropolitan Police Want to Track Londoners During The Olympics With An App

Last summer’s riots in London showed the Metropolitan Police what the combination of angry people and smartphones can do, so this time around they’re planning on being the guys with technology on their side, with the release of an official City of London Police app.

US Army Pays People To Riot

How does the US Army know if its less-than-lethal armaments are effective without being deadly? Live fire training exercises employing a mob of volunteers, of course.

Riots Delay Launch Of iPhone 4S In China

Fights have reportedly broken out between hundreds of fanboys and scalpers lined up outside Beijing’s main Apple store for the Chinese launch of the iPhone 4S. The crowd started shouting “LIARS!”, eggs were pelted, and the SWAT team were called to bring the situation under control. And here we were thinking that the midnight launches we have here in Australia were crazy.

UK Police Will Squash Rioters By Blinding Them...With Lasers

Paranoid about future unrest after this summer’s riots in the UK, the British went and developed a laser rifle which can project a wall of light and temporarily blind a pack of rioters.

How Riot Gear Has Changed Over The Years

While the behaviour of riot police may not have become any more sophisticated since they were cracking skulls during the ’60s, their equipment has.

RIM Top Exec Suspect In Blackberry Riot

Not only do they keep screwing their technology and products, but RIM executives seem determined to burn the company down. Last week, two execs got so drunk and crazy that a China-bound plane had to return to Canada.

Watch A Polish Riot Via Remote Helicopter

It’s Polish Independence Day, and like in any other country, the youngins love celebrating their country’s liberty by destroying parts of it. “Youths” butted heads with (and threw things at) riot cops in Warsaw. Check out the view from above.

Riot-Busting Backpack Scorches Your Face, Dyes You Blue

If you’re rioting/looting/celebrating the victory of your local footy squad, and you see a cop with one of these — run in the opposite direction. The Crowd Buster is well-named, firing 20 litres of pepper spray up to 45m.

UK Government Changes Mind On Idiotic Social Media Crackdown

British leadership has realised that banning citizens from using certain websites will not fix rioting, The Guardian reports. Accordingly, they’re ditching their ill-conceived, ill-advised proposal to block suspected rioters from Twitter, Facebook, BBM, and other equally stupid, pretend security measures.

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