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There's a New BBQ Sheriff In Town

Lighting a BBQ can be done with a match. But, as any NRA member can attest, it’s a job best left to a gun.

US Soldier Explains Why He Uses a Rifle Stock to Shoot Photographs

When we recently posted a Vietnam-era Bolex camera with a rifle stock attached, we thought the concept was a little nuts. Then Army Reserve Staff Sgt. and wartime photographer Jeffrey Duran set us straight.

A Chainsaw Bayonet Strapped to an AR-15 Rifle is the Ultimate Zombie Killing Weapon

No doubt inspired by games like Gears of War and countless zombie killing scenarios in popular culture, a weapons enthusiast on the AR-15 forum has managed to modify his rifle with a chainsaw bayonet. There isn’t much as far as details are concerned, but the video after the break complete with maniacle hillbilly laughter is all you need.

Neon Scarface Rifle Lamp Threatens Consequences Beyond Tackiness

You may be tempted to buy the Neon Scarface Rifle Lamp, and you may even notice that it has an affordable $US67 price tag. But we don’t recommend the purchase because somewhere, deep beneath the Earth’s crust, there lives a little mole-like man who keeps a very large list, and people who buy things like this lamp, Elvis plaques and fart detectors go on that list. While no one knows the ramifications of having one’s name written on the sacred paper, we’re pretty certain that it has nothing to do with free ice cream and puppies, or spontaneous fornication with aspiring models. [Budk Catalog via Nerd Approved]

Once Again, We See That Girls Mature Faster Than Boys

No kids, she doesn’t think that your iPhone is cool. [via Danger Room]

ST-2 Indoor Shooting Simulator Is Duck Hunt on Steroids

For the ultimate game of Duck Hunt, Marksman Training Systems is offering the ST-2 shooting simulator–the first on the market for shotgun and rifle shooting. Co-developed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the simulator is so accurate that its used by Russian and Slovakian national clay shooting teams as a way to practice before the Olympics.

Gun Unsafety Video Shows Exactly How Not to Fire a Gun

We don’t go too nuts about real guns here on Giz, and over at Geekologie they found this video that shows why: there are some very dumb people out there. People who should never go near a weapon, let alone own or try to fire one. It’s a compilation of clips, some you’ll have seen before, some perhaps not… but put them all together and it’s horrifyingly fascinating blooper reel. My prize goes to the poor guy in the test range who suffers again and again… and again. [Geekologie]

Ultra-Powerful Sniper TV-B-Gone Rifle with LED Aim

TV-B-Gone + 30 infrared LEDs + mineral crystal lens + blue LED laser-like precision aim + PVC tubes + black paint = Judgement Day. And this time it’s personal, punks. [hacked gadgets]

Kitty Corner Shot Rifle: If You See Toonces With an Unusual Glint In His Eye, Run

Weapon tech fans or Ghost Recon fanatics will remember the corner shot rifle. This mod has the same camera, LCD and hinge that lets a soldier shoot around building edges without getting in the line of fire. But this one is wrapped up in a cat suit, just like the one that used to drive the car in Saturday Night Live. It makes a somewhat cowardly weapon even more pussy. So if you see an unusually tall cat peeking around corners in your local war zone with what looks like a muzzle coming out of his mouth, I’d say catnip is not going to get you very far. [Geekologie]

Halo 3 Toy Weapons Have Realistic Light, Sound, Recoil, and Vents When Overheated

Playing make-believe Halo 3 with your friends in the backyard is fun enough with cardboard boxes for helmets and aluminum foil for guns, but what if you had a real replica plasma rifle? Jasman Toys is bringing its line of Halo 3 Covenant (bad guys) weapons with Laser Pursuit technology to Comic-Con this week. Each weapon will have an infrared beam that registers hits on an LCD counter, lights, recoil, and a heating vent that opens up when the thing “overheats”. Very awesome, until you come to the MSRP of $119 for the Plasma Rifle and $79 for the Plasma Pistol. We’ll train our kids to use their imagination. That’s free. [ActionFigureInsider via Xbox360Fanboy]

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