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Though 2017's Alien: Covenant is technically a sequel to 2012's Prometheus, the first poster doesn't show it. The poster very, very specifically points to the later films in the timeline. The originals that featured a badarse Sigourney Weaver and an unforgettable villain.


I've always wanted to go to Mars. I don't have the brains or the endless cash reserves of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, though. What I do have is PlayStation VR. That, or a HTC Vive, is all you need to play a 30-minute interactive cinematic vignette from Ridley Scott's The Martian on your PlayStation 4 or gaming PC.


Video: Alien's xenomorph is just plain cool. But why exactly do we love this grotesque monster so much? YouTube's kaptainkristian explores that exact question, delving into the delightfully creepy mind of Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger and exploring the nuanced cinematic genius behind this otherworldly parasite.


A tale of scientists creating a monster isn't quite a tale as old as time, but it is a familiar one. Director Luke Scott — second-unit director on father Ridley's The Martian and Exodus: Gods and Kings — uses his expertise to turn Morgan into a gorgeously shot film, but unfortunately it's one that doesn't break much new ground with its story.


Ridley Scott's last Alien film, Prometheus, ended with Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the head of cyborg David (Michael Fassbender) flying off to continue the story. So it was a surprise when the sequel, Alien: Covenant, was announced and Fassbender, but not Rapace, was in the cast. Now it turns out she is.