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The Next Alien Film, Covenant, Will Be Shot In Sydney (With Two More To Follow)

Well, hopefully two more. But definitely one, with director Ridley Scott confirming last week that Sydney would play host to Prometheus follow-up Alien: Covenant.

Neil Blomkamp's Next Movie Is A Sequel To Alien

It’s happening. It’s finally happening. District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp has a new project, and that project is a sequel to sci-fi movie par excellence Alien.

Harrison Ford Says Blade Runner 2 Script Is Best Thing He's Ever Read

Get excited! Director Ridley Scott recently told MTV that Harrison Ford absolutely loves the script for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. So much so that Ford apparently called it the best thing he’s ever read. Let’s hope he’s even half right.

This Typographic Analysis Of Alien Is Terrifyingly, Wonderfully Geeky

You might consider yourself an Alien expert. You may be able to quote the entire film, backwards, or know who was the third assistant focus-puller. But I guarantee that not even Ridley Scott has knowledge of the movie’s typography like this guy.

Ridley Scott Is Producing A Miniseries Sequel To 2001: A Space Odyssey

Great news for Arthur C. Clarke and/or Ridley Scott fans (in other words, everyone). The Blade Runner and Alien director just signed on to produce a Syfy Channel miniseries version of Clarke’s 2001 sequel, 3001: The Final Odyssey.

Alien Turns 35 Today -- You Should Watch It Right Now

Exactly 35 years ago today, Alien hit the theatres. It’s a sad truth that we’re supposed to celebrate the spawn of this spine-rattling franchise less than two weeks after the death of H.R. Giger, the surrealist artist who helped develop the film’s horrific, biomechanical aesthetic. That said, there’s no better way to celebrate the work of a genius than by spending your Sunday night staring at his creations.

Watch Ridley Scott's Aliens Animated In Just 60 Seconds

Who has time to watch a whole movie anymore? It’s winter! So in the spirit of phoning in everything once the temperature drops below 15°C, here’s Ridley Scott’s Aliens in 60 seconds of adorable animation.

Ridley Scott Working With Machinima On New Sci-Fi Short Films

Not Prometheus, thanks, Ridley. Would that be OK? Apparently it would, as he’s announced he’s working on a dozen original sci-fi shorts.

Prometheus 2 Is Happening

I don’t know about you lot, but I enjoyed Prometheus. Sure, it has plot holes you can fly an Engineer ship through, and a whole cast of one-dimensional characters, but it was a good romp nonetheless, and it looks like we’ll be romping all over again as The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the movie would get a sequel.

Prometheus Trailer: Alien Prequel Or Not, Ridley Scott's New Sci-Fi Looks Stunning

Though technically no longer a direct Alien prequel, Scott says Prometheus shares “strands of Alien’s DNA”. Is that some sort of clue? This new HD trailer definitely has a similar creepy space horror vibe. And that has to be the space jockey room I see, right?

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