This Gorgeous Stained Glass Landscape Is Actually A Rice Field

Who knew growing rice on a mountain could be so beautiful? The Ailao Mountains in Yunnan, China, have been carved into thousands of gradual steps, each a paddy growing red rice. The rice terraces stretch out over some 400 square miles of mountains and valleys.

The Most Important Ingredient In Your Next Phone Battery Could Be Rice

We all know how a bowl of rice can save your phone after an unexpected swim, but that’s not all it can do. Before you know it, rice could be a very important ingredient inside all your devices’ batteries.

Eating Rice Oozed From A Tube Sounds Efficient And Delicious

Taking some inspiration from the sucker-in-a-sleeve known as a Push Pop, Takara Tomy’s Smart Han bento lunchbox lets busy office drones enjoy sticky rice lunch extruded from a large tube. It’s not unlike the Sushi Bazooka, except that this contraption is designed to pump the food directly into your mouth.

McDonald's Miracle-Flavoured Rice Will Be Deliciously Disgusting

The creativity that went in inventing McDonald’s Miracle-Flavoured Rice is so beyond my little human brain that I’d have to be high as a kite to understand the magic. But oh the magic. The culinary geniuses at RocketNews24 cooked rice with a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, sauce and coke to deliver what has to be the most delicious flavour of rice ever.

High Radiation Levels Found In Fukushima's Rice

For the first time since the tsunami-induced meltdown at a Fukushima power plant, Japanese health officials have discovered excessive concentrations of radioactive caesium in rice harvested from the region.

Researchers Squeeze Blood Proteins From Rice

Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is a protein commonly used in vaccines and often administered for serious burn injuries and liver disease and commonly in short supply due to a lack of donors. That’s why researchers from Wuhan University have figured out how to grow it–not in people, but in rice.

Hey You! Why Everyone Should Own A Rice Cooker

Don’t take it from me, a guy who was basically birthed, then incubated inside a rice cooker, take it from Roger Ebert, whose love of the rice cooker translated into a full-length book on why everybody needs one.

Feed This Machine Rice And It'll Spit Out A Fresh Loaf Of Bread

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If you want to make delicious bread out of rice, you normally have to get rice flour and work from there. But with the Sanyo Gopan rice bread machine, all you have to do is pour in handfuls of rice.

Rice Bra: The Only Logical Deterrent To Food Shortages

Before you dare think this idea is even remotely sexy, I want you to consider something: There are hundreds of billions of microorganisms in a handful of soil… and a lactating rice paddy can only be worse. [NYDailyNews via Gawker]

Accidentally Take Your Gadget Swimming? Rice Is Your Friend

Who hasn’t accidentally left a phone, camera or MP3 player in a swimsuit pocket and gone swimming? It’s a harrowing experience, but there’s hope: Dunking the gadget in rice is a somewhat surprising yet very effective drying method.