This Stamp-Sized Sensor Can Sniff Out Explosives Using RFID Tags

Detecting explosives is, obviously, an important task — but many of the sensors are large and require manual operation. So GE’s tiny and affordable new RFID sensor could help automate the process, to help keep us safe without much in the way of man power.

Kickstarter Project Finds Exciting New Way To Screw Its Backers

Here is a good idea: A coffee machine that roasts, grinds and brews all in one go — raw, green beans to a hot cup of coffee on your countertop. Hell yeah. Freshness.

Will This Watch-Controlled Smart Pistol Really Make Owning A Gun Safer?

Last week, a gun shop in California introduced a new addition to its stock: A .22-calibre pistol that only works when the user is wearing the accompanying RFID-enabled watch. It’s being heralded as the “iPhone of guns“.

Should We Really Be Tracking Our Children Like Wildlife?

Many New Yorkers are still mourning the news that the body of Avonte Oquendo, a non-verbal autistic boy, was found on the banks of the East River. To meet — and partially assuage — the grief, US Senator Charles Schumer has an idea: let’s put tracking chips on autistic children.

GM's RFID Engine Bolts Prevent Assembly Line Screw-Ups

Threaded fasteners haven’t changed drastically since they were invented ages ago. But now, General Motors has put RFID tags in the bolts used on engine assembly lines, turning simple hardware into tracking devices that make sure everything gets assembled properly. That bolt’s got a (2kb) brain!

Can Radar And RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists?

Last month, London reached a grim milestone: Six cyclists were killed within 14 days, sparking a massive “die-in” protest. London isn’t alone; 176 cyclists or pedestrians were killed in NYC last year. The rapidly rising death toll is spurring a race to build a technology to warn drivers before they hit someone on foot or bike.

Simply Shaking Two Devices To Pair Them Makes NFC Look Old-Fashioned

There’s a flood of new smartwatches and other wearable devices coming just around the corner, and every one of them will require a connection to your smartphone. Wireless NFC technology has already made things a little easier when it comes to pairing, but researchers at Disney want to make things even easier by just having you shake a couple of devices in unison.

E-ZPass Is The Best Tracking Device That's Already In Your Car

E-ZPass is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to paying tolls. Those plastic funnels you toss coins into are a close second. But E-ZPass has a bonus feature. It can be used to track you everywhere you go.

Forget Your Train Pass And Use One Of These Hip RFID Rings Instead

Train passes are annoying. They’re usually flimsy and easy-to-lose. Why not integrate a more high-tech solution into the system? And, hey, why not make it a little bit fashionable too? Well, that’s exactly what these MIT students did.

iPourIt: Who Needs Bartenders?

Tired of waiting for the bartender to simply pour your beer while he’s busy making a half dozen martinis? You’ll want this beer tap technology to make its way to your local drinking hole soon.

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