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Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Review: This Psychedelic Mechanical Keyboard Made Me A Believer

I’m by no means a hardcore gamer — whatever that even means in the growing world of esports and Let’s Plays. I’m not travelling to competitive tournaments or staying up nights, bloodshot and caffeinated, playing the latest and greatest RPG or MMO. Yet I do log a considerable amount of Steam hours, and in my amateur pursuits of gaming glory, I’ve mostly stuck with keyboards included on gaming laptops (small New York apartments abhor gaming rigs). I’ve used plenty of mechanical keyboards before, but for my gaming needs, nothing ever felt substantially better than what was already attached to my laptop. But after two weeks of toying with Razer’s new Blackwidow X Chroma, I’m starting to rethink my position.

The Best Lenses For iPhone Photography

We considered 40 iPhone lens attachments and tested nine models in a variety of scenarios and settings (including backpacking through the Cascades) to find the best iPhone lens add-ons. Depending on your needs and budget, we have best overall picks for telephoto and wide-angle lenses, a high-quality (and expensive) kit for more versatility, and also a cheap starter pack for playing around with.

You Haven't Lived Until You've Watched Daredevil On LG's $US12,000 G6 OLED TV

The jump to colour from black and white, to high definition from standard — even the unmitigated failure that was 3D — those were moments in TV history. What we’ve currently got are gentle, natural leaps in picture quality: wider colour gamuts and HDR.

Reviewed: Our Favourite Laptop Backpacks

We hold our backpacks to the same high standards as everything else we review and buy, and while we’d like to pick a “best backpack,” we know it’s impossible to make one pick that fits everyone’s style, budget, body type, and carrying needs. So we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite laptop-backpack models and brands: bags for the workplace, a jack-of-all-trades, a weatherproof commuter, and a single bag for work and the gym.

The Smaller (9.7-Inch) iPad Pro Review: Yes, You Want One

Tablets haven’t had a great time lately. In the last two years, sales have plummeted and production has slowed to a crawl. While a lot of that is due to the fact they don’t have the manic upgrade calendar of traditional computers or smartphones, it’s also because they’re really all about consuming the internet. You don’t need the latest processor or most whiz bang GPU to do that. You need something that’s good enough. And for most consumers the tablet they already own is “good enough.”

Apple iPhone SE Review: Short On Ideas, But Not Short On Performance

It isn’t quite fair to review the iPhone SE as a new device. Despite being the first iPhone to step away from Apple’s number naming scheme, and despite being the first 4-inch iPhone in two years, it isn’t a product of innovation, but rather one of stagnation.

HTC Vive Review: A Beautiful Machine Waiting For Games

The HTC Vive is the most advanced VR system ever sold. Its headset is ridiculously powerful, so you can look around in all directions without a hitch. Its wireless controllers make it easy to interact with objects in the virtual world. Even cooler than all that, the Vive lets you walk around in the game — which sets it apart from every other VR headset ever made.

Razer Nabu Review: Smart Features Made Stupid 

“For gamers, by gamers” is the kind of motto that sells liquid-cooled spec-obsessed towers, headsets, rumbling lounge chairs, and ergonomic mice with more buttons than a double-breasted suit. Razer, however, has these words stamped into the back of its wearable Nabu, which it’d like to remind us is not a smartwatch, but a watch with smart features.

One Year Of Kickstarter Purchases, Reviewed

The formula for inventing a new gadget used to be simple: have an idea, set up shop in your parents’ garage, eat only ramen, and eventually create a multi-billion dollar company. Crowdfunding has changed all that. Promising ideas go from a web page to million-dollar production runs in no time. But is it really working?

Nextbit Robin Review: A Great Smartphone With Its Head In The Clouds

Smartphones can be boring. These tiny machines of glass-and-metal have fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another, but they also look incredibly similar. You do a slight upgrade here, more powerful silicon there, all tied up in a familiar rectangular body and suddenly you’ve just made The Year’s Best Smartphone.

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