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Guy Gets Chromecast To Work On Vintage TV, Results In Great Fun

Good news for the basements and attics of the world: bulky old cathode ray TVs are no longer useless! And turning them into a retro streaming device is easier than it looks.

Giant Faces Stare Back In Nathan Smith's Series Of Retro Oil Paintings

They’re enormous: giant faces that peer at you over the horizon or from under ocean waves. They’re the subject of Nathan Smith’s fantastic series of oil paintings, which call back to the classic covers of sci-fi paperbacks.

An Atari Cartridge Game Boy Lets You Play Retro Games Without A Console

The electronics powering the Atari 2600 were even simpler than those found in the original Game Boy. So why are recreations like the Atari Flashback 2.0 so big? There’s no reason they have to be, as lovablechevy proved by squeezing them into a old Atari video game cartridge.

How To Send An Email In 1984

Personal computing has changed a lot in the last 30 years, as this episode segment from 80s tech show Database will no doubt prove. For example, what the heck is the Micronet?

Free Emulator Lets You Play Classic 8-Bit Nintendo Games In 3D

Video: 3D TVs may have gone the way of the Dodo, but as the Oculus Rift has proven, a third dimension can make video games far more immersive. That even goes for the 2D Nintendo classics you grew up playing, thanks to a new emulator with a intelligent algorithm that automatically converts those games to 3D.

There's Never Been A Transforming Voltron As Impressively Articulated As This One

Voltron was one of the original ‘cool transforming toy robot sets that combined to make a bigger, awesomer, toy robot’ but given the restrictions of ’80s manufacturing techniques, the giant robot had some limitations when it came to posability. But Toynami’s new Ultimate Voltron EX doesn’t.

Retro Gaming Console Coleco Chameleon's Launch Is Date Being Delayed Indefinitely 

The Coleco Chameleon is a video game console promising to take a stand against downloadable content (DLC) by shipping non-upgradeable cartridge games just like systems from the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, the Chameleon may never see the light of day.

The Box Art Alone Makes These Retro Masters Of The Universe Figures Worthy Of Your Lust

Mattel has its own line of Masters of the Universe figures available over on, but do they come packaged on cards featuring the brilliant artwork of Jason Edmiston? They do not, but these retro MOTU figures from Super7 sure do.

Recreating Commodore 64 Tunes On These Tiny Synths Requires Blazing Fast Fingers

Video: Using three of Teenage Engineering’s tiny Pocket Operators all playing at the same time, YouTuber tubesockor masterfully performs a near perfect recreation of the sountrack to Delta, a legendary Commodore 64 game that dates back to 1987. But what’s more impressive than how authentic the rendition sounds, is how quickly tubesockor’s fingers have to fly across those little buttons.

Coleco's Chameleon Is A Retro Gaming Console Every '80s Kid Will Love

The brand new video game console, Coleco Chameleon, made its public debut at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. Although the system spent most of the convention behind a glass enclosure, it easily ran through short demos of old classic games and new retro-style games created by indie developers.

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