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Turn A Broken 1986 Macintosh Plus Into An Amusing Rubbish Bin

Here’s a great way to enrage the Apple fans in your life who put all of the company’s creations on a pedestal. Someone who goes by the handle hahabird on Imgur converted the shell from a classic 1986 Macintosh Plush into a rubbish bin, complete with a spring-loaded screen flap.

We Just Reached Peak Hipster With A Cassette-Playing Turntable

Are you happy now, hipsters? Instead of walking away from your fashionable fad at its peak hipness, you’ve let it linger long enough to become a consumer commodity. Not only is hipster-beloved brand Urban Outfitters thriving, it’s now spawning unholy consumer electronics like this cassette-playing turntable.

Madballs Are Almost Back, But Now You Have To Call Them MondoBalls

Gross and disgusting was one of the hallmark toy trends of the ’80s, and because almost everything from that decade is cool once more, Madballs are ready to make an appearance again. Except now they’re being produced by Mondo, who wants everyone to call them MondoBalls. Seriously?

The Directional Pad On This Retro NES Bluetooth Speaker Really Works

8Bitdo is probably best known for its Bluetooth gaming controllers, including the NES30 that paid homage to Nintendo’s original 8-bit console. But the company is now expanding its catalogue with a new Bluetooth speaker that longtime gamers will find equally hard to resist.

Getting A Games Console For Christmas Was The Best Thing Ever

Christmas 1992. I was 11 years old. I had literally stayed awake all night.

Why? Because I knew that, wrapped underneath the Christmas tree was a brand new Super Nintendo with Super Mario World, Street Fighter II and Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

That day was legit one of the greatest days of my life.

Old-School Video Game Maker Coleco Is Making A New Cartridge-Based Console

If you were a gamer in the early ’80s, you’ve no doubt played ColecoVision — the short-lived console that brought arcade games to your living room. Well, get ready for a nostalgia hurricane, because Coleco is back on the scene with a new home console — and it will play actual game cartridges.

Forget A Clear Backed Smartphone, I Want This Clear Plastic Apple Newton

A few days ago we were all oohing and awing over a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that was modded with a clear back panel revealing some of the components inside. But it can’t compare to the nerd lust some of your are probably feeling over this incredibly rare Apple Newton.

110-Year-Old Electric Car Sells For $135,000

Teslas might be ‘practical’ and ‘fast’ and other useful things, but they’re also a little nouveau riche. If you want real electric-car class, you’ve got to hark back to 1905, and this very expensive vintage golf cart.

The World's Largest Arcade Cabinet Makes Anyone Feel Like A Little Kid Again

Those of us considered adults now didn’t grow up playing video games exclusively in the living room. We often travelled to far away rooms called arcades that were full of giant one-game consoles. And if you think back to being a little kid, Jason Camberis’ over 4 metres tall arcade cabinet is probably exactly how you remember them.

A Nixie-Powered Wall Clock Is The Ultimate Hipster Timepiece

Before dot-matrix displays took over the known world, Nixie tubes — glass lightbulbs containing light-up tubes for the digits 0-9 — were the best way of displaying changing numbers. One designer had the bright idea of taking the Nixie tube technology (and bulbs), and building a surprisingly beautiful analogue clock.

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